Sunday, July 29, 2012


Someone decided to do a "dark and gritty" MMPR clip... I'll let the tags speak for themselves.

Update Jul-30: A friend of mine suggested that I do a quick commentary on this video. No clue why anyone would want to hear me ramble about a 30-second clip, but if there's any interest...


  1. I can't comment or rate on the video...

    1. That's okay. You can always comment on their Facebook page!

      Don't know why you'd want to.

  2. Good things: dragon shield looks better here than the TV show version (the cloth one), what little of Zedd you see looks decent if nothing else... dramatic music

    Bad things: shit costumes, blonde Kimberly (is that even supposed to be Kimberly?), stock special special effects, lackluster acting, cheap title card, Zedd sounds like he's gasping for air... too much of a tease with its running time


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