Wednesday, June 27, 2012

959 - Boldly Fleeing...

The trailer for TGWTG's 4th Anniversary special... To Boldly Flee, it's called... it's come out... and anyone who has followed this blog or seen my past videos on their prior efforts know how critical I've been...

Well, they say third time's a charm... technically, it's the fourth time, but I choose not to count the 1st Anniversary Brawl since that was more low key and stupid fun. You know what? This looks like it could be better than the prior efforts from Channel Awesome... Admittedly, that's not really saying much when the prior efforts were about as depressing as those Seltzerberg parody films... but apparently, they might be going a different direction with this one, apparently a character study on Doug Walker's Nostalgia Critic character... and if that's the case, then this might have a chance at being the first genuinely GOOD feature project that Channel Awesome has put out since... well, ever.

This might even be one that would be enjoyed by even casual viewers such as myself. I'm actually interested... genuinely interested, that is... in seeing how this one turns out. And not just to see how much of Spoony is kept in the movie since his controversial departure from the site.

And if this turns out to be another dud to round out the trilogy of duds from Channel Awesome... well, there's always The Proxy. That one turned out pretty good.

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