Monday, June 25, 2012

955 - Classic Bite Commentary: March 30th, 2008

(2018 Update: Replaced an old post with an even older Bite commentary. This one is considerably shorter than usual, so it's a quick and painful read.)

Hey look! It's Wrestlemania 24! It's another short and useless Bite commentary. Let's get started! VERY little to say today, as I just did my best ranting a couple weeks ago in the last Bite commentary, so forgive the shortness of this reply. Also, I want to get started on finishing up some new stuff for the site.

Since I'm not one to talk politics in Canada - much less politics in the US - I guess this should be considered historical in a sense. Unfortunately, for anyone expecting comments on the current primaries... fuck no. I want to talk about the skank who downed the former governor of New York. Apparently, she's getting deals from Hustler, Penthouse, some porn studio, and a couple other places totalling close to five million dollars. FIVE MILLION BUCKS. That ought to be a really inspiring message to all the women out there. Need an extra buck? Fuck a Gov and destroy his career in the process while making a name for yourself. Only in the USA. Thank fucking God. I'm more than happy with our own controversies involving secret deals between former prime ministers and aging German arms merchants, as well as Mounties tasering Polish immigrants to death. They have more accurate negative reactions than the titty parade that seems to occur in the States every time a state official "gets some".

One half of the original Screwattack crew, Handsome Tom, has left Screwattack, taking Liz and the Screw-A-Dog with him. Craig gave his side of the story on the March 12 edition of the Sidescrollers podcast and Tom told his story via a post on the Healing Touch blog site. I care not speculate. It's been a great time for Tom. Hope he moves on to bigger and better things... whatever that may be. And I'm sure some dick will ask me "What about Craig or Screwattat? Blarg!" Craig'll be fine and so will Screwattack - so long as they continue to put good stuff and not stuff that seems to rip off Scrubs or any other lame sitcom out there. They'll live on in a bold new Tom-less era - with GOOD stuff about video games and fun. Once the Nerd leaves, however, it's ALL OVER.

Speaking of the Nerd, James Rolfe posted his 200th film, which is a documentary of how he makes movies throughout his life. Nice little behind-the-scenes look at what makes the Cinemassacre tick.

Man, I just love it when legit sports guys take a random pot shot at wrestling whenever they're doing a piece like this. I guess when you have a league full of big, tough guys jacked up on steroids and painkillers, it's okay to call it a legit sport. And then people wonder why I can't follow that crap. Football may not be scripted, but I doubt it's anything but legit considering the amount of drugs being spread around. Wrestling doesn't have a decent drug screening process either, but you can't tell me that football or any other sport does either.

Like I said, not much to say today so let's end it.

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