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953 - MMPR: The Eighth Coin (2012 Final Cut) - Part 6

Disclaimer: The author of this document would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

White Ranger tried everything he could think of to bring some semblance of life back into the motionless Tigerzord, but to no avail. Without Saba in the command port, nothing on the zord functioned. It wasn't long before Goldar delivered a mighty kick across the Tigerzord's chest, causing heavy damage to vital systems. The Titan continued his stomping, each blow causing massive explosions across the impact areas of the Tigerzord, but none of them could knock it out of its still state. After a minute of stomping, Goldar stopped and took a step back. He took his sword with both hands and raised it overhead, ready to deliver the killing blow.


Goldar dropped the sword as soon as he heard the voice of his master and looked up to find a translucent image of Lord Zedd in the blue Terran sky, looking over the Titan like a god. Goldar felt like trembling, but managed to maintain his composure before the fleshman lord.

"My emperor," Goldar bowed, "I am close to triumphing over the White Ranger!"


"But Master," the Titan whimpered pleadingly. "This may be our only chance to finish off..."

"I said forget him! The Coin is all that matters now!" With that, Zedd's ghostly image disappeared from the sky as quickly as it had appeared.

Goldar stared down at the Tigerzord and took a step back. "You are lucky that Zedd is interested in that coin, White Ranger. Because I would have destroy you right without restraint!" Upon saying those last words, the Titan vanished in a heap of flames.

Tommy let out a sigh of relief, but he was still stuck with a non-functioning Tigerzord. As his mind pondered to what else he could try out,

"Are you alright, Tommy?" Zordon asked over the communicator.

"Barely," White Ranger replied, "Saba's missing. One minute he's in the command port and the next minute, he's not there."

"I know," the sage replied nervously, though Tommy didn't notice. "I cannot properly explain it other than that it has something to do with the Eighth Coin."

Tommy decided to change the subject. "What about the others?"

"The Rangers are fighting the hunter on Main Street," Zordon answered, "Things aren't looking good, Tommy. The hunter is manhandling the Rangers like putties. She is proving to be a formidable opponent. Your presence might be needed posthaste."

Tommy sighed, mouthing profanity without actually saying it. "I'm on my way, Zordon. But the Tigerzord's a sitting duck without Saba. We need to haul it back somehow."

"Alpha will take care of it," Zordon stated, "Good luck, White Ranger."

Tommy nodded and with a flick of his belt buckle, teleported out in a flash of white light.


The fight had been fierce. With Rocky and Adam knocked down from previous attacks and Kimberly knocked out completely, only Billy and Aisha stood against the hunter Gillian, who had pulled out everything from their old Power Blaster to their individual weapons. From the distance as he slowly regained his senses, Rocky was clearly frustrated at the way things were going. This enemy seemed almost unstoppable, as any distanced attack was deflected and any close-up attack was quickly blocked and countered. There seemed to be no weakness.

Rocky shook off his thoughts and pulled out his Blade Blaster, pushing the setting to maximum power. Frantically, he fired several bolts from his blaster. None of them hit Gillian or the two Rangers she was fighting, but it did get her attention. She tossed aside the Power Sword and summoned another saber. Behind the Red Ranger mask, Rocky's eyes widened as he saw the enchanted saber Saba in her hand... not a replica, but the real deal.

With little time to react, Red Ranger was instantly bombarded with beam blasts that Gillian had shot out. Rocky counted his lucky stars that Saba's beams weren't as powerful as Zordon boasted them to be or he would have surely been dead right there. Immediately, he summoned his own Power Sword and began deflecting the various beams with it. He was able to keep up easily, but the barrage of laser beams from Gillian would soon overwhelm him.

Behind him, Billy and Aisha regrouped with Adam, who had regained his bearings. The three soon formed the Power Cannon and inserted their respective charges. With the Cannon aimed at Gillian, the Rangers fired a powerful energy pulse at the hunter. Much to their surprise, Gillian was knocked away by the blast for the first time since the battle with the Rangers had begun. Just when the Rangers were starting to get the upper hand, they would soon be outnumbered by a considerable number of Putty Patrollers led by Goldar.

No warnings given, the three Rangers found themselves tackling with Putty Patrollers while Goldar turned his attention towards Gillian, who stood up and regained her senses. She looked up to the Titan as he unleashed a barrage of laser beams from his eyes. Instinctively, Gillian quickly deflected each beam with Saba efficiently, but each beam that was deflected would collide with a side of building, causing explosions and pieces of debris to shower the streets below. Rocky surveyed the battle between the two, wondering about how to strike first. He immediately tossed his Power Sword at Goldar, striking the Titan on the chest with sparks flying. The Titan turned his attention to the Red Ranger and fired several shots from his eyes, all of which Rocky was able to dodge. He then leapt at Goldar and landed a flying fist across the Titan's damaged chest armor, knocking Zedd's high warrior to the ground. Red Ranger turned to face Gillian, only to find that the hunter was no longer there.

Where is she? Rocky thought.

Rocky's momentary lapse had given Goldar a free shot at the Red Ranger, who was struck with several eye beams from the Titan. Before Goldar could attack further, the White Ranger flew in and knocked Goldar down with a flying kick. Immediately, he rushed to Rocky, who was stood back up.

"You guys okay?" White Ranger asked.

"Oh, sure," Rocky answered sarcastically, "other than getting our butts kicked, we're doing just fine." His voice grew more serious. "Kim's out of it. One blast knocked her unconscious."

Tommy cursed, surveying the situation quickly. "Zordon was able to break through the interference. We'll need to regroup quickly though so that we can get back to the Command Center."

Rocky nodded in agreement, but before he could say anything else, he saw Tommy instinctively rushing at Goldar. As per usual, the two warriors fought while Rocky rejoined the other Rangers (sans Kimberly, who was still unconscious) in taking on the Putties. Each of them knew that they were essentially fighting a losing battle; not only because of the overwhelming odds, but because of the fatigue from two earlier conflicts. This was most evident in White Ranger's attacks against the Titan, which were slow and sloppy as opposed the lightning-quick attacks he was accustomed to. Only adrenaline and desire to win were keeping him from collapsing from the massive drain.

The Black Ranger managed to eliminate several Putties, but more kept appearing and kept piling on top of him without end. The Yellow Ranger kept mostly airborne, taking out several Putties with her Blade Blaster. Despite being an effective strategy, it was taking a heavy toll on her and she knew she couldn't keep up. The Red Ranger masterfully fended off against the Putties that attacked him, but he too was expending more energy than he could muster. The Blue Ranger had summoned his Power Lance to keep various putties at bay, clearing a path as he ran towards the White Ranger, who had successfully destroyed several Putties.

"I hate to say this, Tommy," Blue Ranger shouted, "but we need to get out of here!"

"You're right, Billy," White Ranger replied begrudgingly, "Get Kim and tell Alpha to get us out of here-"

Tommy yelped when he felt his back explode with pain and slowly turned to find several monsters shooting energy beams of various colors. Tommy forcibly took Billy's lance and started deflecting various shots, moving the long staff swiftly and with relative ease. Billy knew that Tommy had slightly more stamina left than the rest of them, but knew that the White Ranger's power would not be enough to keep him here for long.

"Get the others and get out of here!" Tommy yelled, "I'll cover you!"

"No!" Billy argued, "We have to stick together!"

"JUST GO!" White Ranger ordered as he continued to block energy beams.

Billy hesitantly left Tommy behind and managed to reach the side of the building where he kept the unconscious Kimberly out of harm's way, clearing the way of putties as he got there. He looked behind his back as the other Rangers were trying to deal with the onslaught of putties, but knows the battle is growing futile as more monsters dropped in like flies. He peered to one more look at the battle-ravaged White Ranger, who dashed at the plethora of attacking monsters with intense ferocity. With no other options, Billy immediately reached for his wrist communicator and activated the comm switch.

"Alpha!" he cried frantically, "Get us out of here! NOW!"

On cue, Billy and the other five Rangers immediately vanished in colored light. Enraged that they had escaped his grasp, Goldar tossed his sword to the ground and growled a beastly roar, which was followed by a mass teleportation of all the soldiers back to their home base on the moon.


Gillian tended to the few wounds she had managed to suffer during the battle. Other than a few minor bruises, she didn't feel much pain and almost rejuvenated after only coming back to her rest room at the inn just moments earlier. After some time, she took off the wrappings of her hand to reveal the coin that she hid on her person from the others. The coin let off a small hint of colored energy as Gillian's eyes were affixed on the shifting of colored light caused by the coin.

"What is about you that everyone is fighting over?" she asked, annoyance evident in her tone. "It's almost I'm holding the grail or something."

Her mind quickly flashed back to the battles she has had since acquiring the coin. From the two guards she had slain at the temple to her recent battles with the Power Rangers, Gillian looked back at all the battles she had over the coin. However, her mind soon flashed to battles that does not directly involve her - a battle that she somehow knew was raging on right now. In her mind, she saw the White Ranger fight off against an army of monsters and was close to defeat. Of all the images her mind had produced over the past ninety seconds, Gillian was only able to sum up all she had seen - much to her ignorance - in one word... or rather one name.



Over the mountain terrain and desert, six teleportation beams flew across the blue sky in a single direction towards an ominous structure in the background. The colored beams of light were consistent with each other, never veering off-course. This would quickly change when a quick energy projectile collided with the white teleport beam and soon the beam broke off course from the others and crashed onto the ground with a sickening thud.

From the fallen beam materialized the White Ranger, looking worse for wear as its suit suffered many scorch marks as a result of the ambush attack. Tommy slowly shook off the dizziness and regained his bearings when he got up and found himself surrounded by several monsters and twice as many Putty Patrollers of both the old types and Z-types. In a split-second, all the monsters fired energy beams that Tommy was able to dodge. One lucky shot struck him in the back, furthering damaging the back of his armor plate which had been struck by earlier barrages. Tommy leaped at one of the lizard creatures and tackled him to the ground, only to find several other monsters piling up over him.

From high above the mountains, Goldar smiled gleefully as he watched his greatest rival be defeated. Beside him, the fleshman lord Zedd materialized from red lightning and stood by the Titan, looking below as the battle raged.

"What's going on?" Zedd roared, "They were supposed to be preparing for the assault on the Command Center."

"One of the monsters shot down the White Ranger during teleportation," the Titan reported proudly, "They are currently delivering the final death blows. In the meantime, we still have thousands of monsters standing read for assault." He paused a moment before bringing up another point. "But sire, I do not understanding the reasoning behind an attack of this magnitude. I have seen this hunter fight the Rangers. It is quite obvious she had no allegiance with them."

Zedd nodded. "True, my loyal fool. Bare in mind that the girl still retains the Eighth coin and its mere presence in such close proximity has caused an imbalance in the Morphing Grid. This means that the Command Center's defenses are in the fritz and the Rangers' powers are surely weakened from the battles that have come to pass earlier in the day. Zordon will suffer his greatest and final defeat, then I will rule this miserable planet with an iron fist and the bones of my enemies by my feet."


In the Command Center, Alpha performed various checks on the fallen Kimberly, who was hooked up to a life-support bed. Things did not seem as critical as originally expected, but Alpha determined it would take some time before she regained consciousness. On another console, Billy performed a wide-spectrum scan for Tommy as well as any evidence of what would disrupt his teleport. On the side, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha each paced around the center, anxiously wondering what the next move would be. Their thoughts were immediately answered when the alert klaxons blared through the center.

"What's going on, Zordon?" Rocky called out.

Zordon hesitated before replying. "Rangers, there is a great disturbance several klicks from the Command Center. Observe the viewing globe."

All four Rangers turned their attention towards the viewing globe. All four Rangers' jaws dropped at the sight of several monsters gathering beneath the shadow of the mountains. Billy frowned as the viewing globe shifted from one group of monsters to the next, with occasional images of an overview pan, which showed a moderately-sized army of enemy monsters positioned several kilometers from the main Command Center structure.

"There's over a hundred unique monsters and five hundred putties approaching the Command Center," Alpha commented, "And most of them are fully powered."

"Damn," Rocky spat, "we'd never fight them all off at full strength, let alone with two out of commission."

"But there's no way those monsters can get in the Command Center without a Power Coin," Aisha pointed out uneasily, "Right?"

Zordon bowed his head lightly, knowing that the Rangers won't like what he has to say. "Unfortunately, due to the sudden appearance and power insurgence of the Eighth Coin, the Command Center's defenses have been completely compromised."

"We can't take this much punishment, not even for a second," Billy cautioned. "Right now, the Command Center is completely defenseless because of the fluctuations caused by the Eighth Coin. If any one of those monsters get in here, who knows what could happen?"

"None of them are getting in here," Rocky vowed, gripping onto his battered Power Sword, "Not if I have anything to say about it."

To be continued...

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