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946 - MMPR: The Eighth Coin (2012 Final Cut) - Part 5

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Disclaimer: The author of this document would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

Zedd's Palace
Earth moon (Luna)
Moments Ago...

Goldar walked through the dingy halls of the palace and into the processing center, where many of Zedd's Putty Patrol soldiers were being produced. He looked around at the several fresh stock created, helping out in adding more numbers to their army. The Titan didn't understand the meaning of this, but he knew it had something to do with Lord Zedd's master plan and that would be a one-way battle. Goldar realized that the processor wasn't just processing a large number of Putty stock, but the remaining stock. And there was more than two thousand Putty soldiers that could be produced out of this remaining stock. It would surely be a quick battle that will overwhelm the Rangers.

The Rangers... the mere thought of the human warriors also brought up Goldar's worries of his master over the obsession of an eighth Power Coin. While he had heard of such an instrument, he had always considered it to be nothing more than folklore. Even if such a coin exists, the Titan found this as an opportunity to accomplish a grand-scale assault and earn the respect of his masters. Renewed by newfound goals, Goldar approached the lead putty.

"I want you to select several monsters from the tubes and attack the city," he told the lead putty, "We need to draw out the warrior with that coin."

The putty nodded and joined its brethens, who have scattered about to cause as much havoc as they can. All the while, Goldar looked on, a sinister smirk creeping on his blue-skinned face.

And if the Rangers happen to show up, he thought, All the better.


Angel Grove Inn
Earth (Terra)
Five minutes ago

Gillian laid on the small bed in her rented apartment and pondered about her initial encounter with the Rangers. A part of her felt that it could have gone over better than it did, but if they were after the coin she possessed, she couldn't take a chance with them. Then again, it is possible that they never came across someone they can't instantly identify as either a "good guy" or "bad guy." Simple-minded, but their hearts were in the right place... even if their heads weren't.

Shouldn't underestimate them. They could have put up a fight.

Most of what she knew of the heroes were through second-hand accounts from the bartender she befriended; their heroic exploits, the honors bestowed upon them by the city, and other anecdotes. However, she also gained awareness of the people behind the mask; people she never met before, and yet was able to match names with faces. Perhaps it was more of the coin's doing... and if one of those Rangers were right, if her coin was part of the same set that they possessed, is it possible that she might have attained some connection that hadn't been thought of before? Why hadn't she known about these coins before?

Ugh, thinking too hard. Not a good idea.

Gillian took the coin off from her neck and stared at it for a moment. Its power was constantly flowing into her body by means of which she can't understand. In some agonizing way, the coin was doing something to those around her mentally that's causing them to be obsessive over the relic. Or maybe she was the one being obsessive, she couldn't really tell. But since no one on Earth had heard of the Eighth Coin, she felt somewhat safer, but not by much.

Her train of thought was disrupted with a slight rumbling noise. The light shaking that followed didn't startle her, but the huge explosions in the distance did grow some concern. She looked on as she noticed a giant Titan warrior roaming around the city, shooting laser beams from his eyes, causing much havoc in the city. She had remembered what Anthony the bartender told her about these monster attacks being a constant thing, but the situation seemed much more serious than a mere attack.

He must be looking for the coin too. Why?

She placed the coin on her palm and soon began to cover the coin with wrappings, making sure to apply the wrappings firmly so that the coin wouldn't just fall off. Even without willing the power, she could feel the sudden surge of power flowing through her body. It was nothing she couldn't handle, considering how long she had been in possession of the coin. But even Gillian didn't know what this thing possessed – it was the first time that it had surged with this much power. She raised the window and leaped out, extending her arms outward. As she fell, two medium-length swords formed in her hands, each blade colored a slight tint of green.

When she landed on the surface, a shockwave of wind occurred that flung all sorts of fallen debris to many directions. The debris didn't cause too much damage, but it would have scared a bunch of people close by. Gillian surveyed the streets and looked up at the massive monster, who was slowly approaching her. Again, instinct was telling her not to provoke a battle with this monster, so she decided to flee. But before she could run, she was quickly surrounded by clay creatures she recognized as putties. There were about twenty of them, all of them running at her. She pulled out her and ran at the approaching storm of putties.


"Rangers!" Alpha shrieked as the Rangers materialized in the Command Center, where the klaxons were blaring louder than they usually did. "Goldar is attacking downtown Angel Grove and there is a growing presence of monsters in that same area."

The Rangers turned to see the viewing globe as the images shifted from Goldar marching and destroying buildings with his eye lasers to Putty Patrollers and various fish monsters of the past wrecking havoc in the city streets as people ran away screaming in terror. The Rangers quickly turned to face their mentor.

"This is the fourth attack from Lord Zedd since yesterday," Zordon observed. "It must be a major offensive maneuver to weaken your strength, but I cannot determine for what diabolical purpose."

"It's more than that, Zordon!" Alpha shrieked, "Look at the viewing globe!"

The Rangers turned towards the viewing globe, where they saw a girl in unfamiliar clothing dash at the growing army of Putty Patrollers and various fish monsters. It didn't take long for anyone to realize that the girl was the hunter they met at the tavern mere moments ago. Tommy clenched his fists and stared on as the realization of this attack's true purpose was; to drive the bearer of the coin from hiding.

"It's the girl with the coin," Kim said aloud, "They must be after it too."

"We cannot let Rita and Zedd get that coin under any circumstances," the sage warned, "To do so will grant them an enormous source of power that can destroy us all."

"You guys go after the girl," Tommy ordered, "I'll handle Goldar with the Tigerzord."

"You sure about that?" Rocky asked.

Tommy nodded. "Positive, man. Let's do it."


For a short while, Gillian managed to effectively hold off the Putties with the two blades in her hand. However, the larger fish creatures, whom later showed up along with the rest of the Putties, proved to be more than a challenge. Things were going smoothly until one of the fish creatures managed a lucky shot that shattered one of her swords, leaving her with one sword. She held the remaining sword two-handed and soon her attacks were more ferocious that the creature couldn't keep up and was destroyed as a result. When the numbers were slowly steadying against her, she managed a backflip that easily covered several feet away from the bulk of monsters. When she landed, she continued to sprint away from the creatures until she cross an intersection.

Gillian turned to face the approaching army of monsters and extended her sword overhead. The blade soon began to glow in shifting colors and with a buildup of energy so massive she could no longer contain it, Gillian swung the blade and marveled as a energy blade formed from it, growing with each passing micro-second. The blade Gillian swung was normally two feet long, but the energy blade that extended from it covered several miles, which was enough to take down the entire putty army and few of the fish creatures in one slash. The second, somewhat shorter slash finished off those that weren't already destroyed.

Just before she could retreat, she was met with several bolts. She turned her attention towards the source, the blasters of the five Power Rangers. She stared ahead as the five disarmed their blasters and did their battle poses. Gillian looked on as a rage built within her. Her eyes began to glow a faint purple, startling the Rangers and forcing them to take a step back. Momentarily sheathing the sword back into place, Gillian held both hands together, where streams of blue energy slowly began to build up within. When enough energy rested between her palms, Gillian flung it towards the rangers. Before any of them could react, the fireball exploded and knocked all the Rangers to the ground, their armor bursting flames at certain points. Gillian swung the sword again, causing another energy blade to take down the Rangers. The blow obviously wasn't strong enough to take out the Rangers, who were slowly regaining their footing and Gillian held the sword firmly overhead, undaunted by the challengers before her.

"Idiots!" she bellowed, "What did I just tell you?!"

"Calm down!" Blue Ranger called out, "We're not your enemy!"

"The hell you're not!" the coinbearer spat as she sent a beam from her sword at the Rangers. The beam was enough to knock all five to the ground without much effort. Rocky was first to recover and leaped at Gillian, but when he landed, he found that she was missing. A second later, Rocky turned and felt the full-brunt of a energy burst from the hunter, enough to send him crashing through the side of the building.

Gillian was soon side-tracked by several bolts fired from the Black Ranger's Power Axe. Most of them missed the hunter completely and the ones that did hit bounced off her body, devastating a nearby building's wall. Gillian fired several of her own bolts at the Black Ranger, who dodged most of them and leaped at the hunter. The hunter leaped at the Ranger and both collided with each other while airborne. With sword in hand, Gillian struck Adam across the chest, sparks flying from the cut area as the Black Ranger crumbled to the ground.

All that stood before Gillian were the remaining three Rangers, who quickly summoned the Power Cannon. Gillian dropped her blade and extended both arms ahead. A bulky weapon, comprised of other weapons, formed in her hands, much to the surprise of the other Rangers, all of whom quickly recognized what the hunter was holding in her hands. A weapon that needed five people to hold it in balance.

"How did she get a Power Blaster?!" Aisha blurted out in surprise.

She didn't get an answer, but she did manage to narrowly dodge several beams coming from the blaster. Billy narrowly escaped the blast, but Kim wasn't so lucky, taking a full blast that knocked her to the wall. Having Kim down was bad enough, but Billy noticed that the blast was enough to cause her Ranger suit to vanish, leaving her in civilian clothes. Instinctively, Billy ran at Kimberly to check on her, but when he got there, he saw that the demorphed Ranger was unconscious. Billy looked as the hunter clashed with Aisha, who was having a hard time.

That's it, he thought, we're in trouble.


It didn't take long for Tommy to summon his Thunderzord and just as quickly as it emerged from its hiding place, the White Tigerzord marched through the city streets to meet up with the giant-sized Goldar, who turned to face his old adversary for a moment and turned away. The Tigerzord shot a couple of tigerbolts at the Titan, which had little effect. Tommy then implemented the stronger bolts by inserting the Tigerorb behind him into the slot. The stronger bolts didn't phase Goldar, but they did get his attention and Goldar replied with several eye beams. Tigerzord marched through the exploding bolts unphased and summoned its sword.

"Go away, Ranger!" Goldar growled. "I have no time to deal with you!"

Tommy laughed. "You should have known better than to cause mayhem in my city, monkey-face."

Tigerzord began its approached, but before it could extend its sword, the Tigerzord froze. It did not go back to a standing position, tumble downward, nor did the failsafe security measure kick-in, where the Zord would fade away and return to its hiding place. It just stood there with the sword firmly in the zord's hand, no signs of moving or creaking. Goldar was dumbfounded by this occurrence and was almost hesitant to strike at the Tigerzord, thinking it to be an elaborate baiting strategy on the White Ranger. But then he dismissed the thought and found pleasure in the fact that perhaps his enemy has lost control, leaving him open to whatever intention the Titan had in mind.

In the cockpit, White Ranger desperately tried to figure out what happened. Anything he tried had no effect. When he peered towards Saba's control port, he saw that his enchanted saber was missing from the command port. Without Saba in the port, the Tigerzord cannot and will not function. White Ranger would attribute this to faulty memory, but he did remember inserting Saba into the port. Before he could think of anything else, Goldar struck Tigerzord with a quick swipe of his sword. Tigerzord did not flinch however, but it did tumble to the ground, smashing a nearby building into smithereens.

"Alpha!" White Ranger spoke through his communicator. "My zord's out! I need help!"

Goldar saw the incapacitated White Tigerzord with a certain sense of pleasure. Whether the fate smiled upon the Titan with this event was an afterthought at best. He had his long time foe right where he wanted him, and now he had the chance to finish off the cancer called the White Ranger.


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