Monday, June 11, 2012

934 - Slammiversary - Not a great anniversary show, just a great show

Slammiversary was not a worthwhile celebration of TNA's 10-year history; it's just a really solid wrestling show with a bunch of good matches, lively crowd, brief flashbacks, and some cool moments, such as James Storm ending Crimson's streak and Bobby Roode actually retaining the title without dropping it back to Sting. A really well-rounded wrestling show all-around, but not quite a celebration of ten years. Quite frankly, that's just fine.

TNA made one good decision when they turfed Russo this year; the end result is a product that is entertaining to watch and really well done as well... despite the inclusion of Hulk Hogan's she-male of a daughter and Uncle Eric's pride and joy.

Still looking for that first ever PPV.

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