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919 - Classic Bite Commentary: January 28th, 2008

(2016 Update: Replacing an old, removed video post with a classic Bite commentary from 2008 and that's what I'll be doing for the remainder of these old Collection slots.)

So I'm just minding my own business visiting some sites, checking out the new AVGN and Irate Gamer videos, when I get Messengered by a friend of mine. The following conversation actually happened, I promise...

So my bud's first message was "Dude, did you hear Heath Ledger just died?"

"Who?" I replied, not immediately knowing who he was talking about.

"The Brokeback Mountain guy?" he emphasized

It took me a while before I wrote "You mean the guy from A Knight's Tale?"


"Damn. That sucks."

And then in a long pause, he added. "So what happens to Batman?"

Unfortunately, that seems to be the first thing I read whenever I visit a message board and read a thread about the star's death. So out of respect, we won't mention the kick-ass Dark Knight trailer, because it just seems out of place at the moment. RIP Heath.

(True story: I am one of the few people who have yet to see Brokeback Mountain to this very day. No real reason I'd want to anyway; it just doesn't interest me, that's all.)

It's just too bad that a potentially hot actor with a great future had to die due to a possible drug overdose while we're stuck with the walking carcasses of shit such as Britney Spears, who practically defies all logic with her destructive (and often overhyped) lifestyle and yet still manages to contribute to life pollution on the planet with her decaying presence. And then there are all the tabloids that decide "Hey, let's see how Britney fucks up her life this week! Our worldwide EXCLUSIVE on this development! WHOO-FUCKING-HOO!"

Yeah, whoo-fucking-hoo indeed. Like that idiot on the Internet cried, leave Britney alone. Please. I'm begging you... not for her sake, but for mine. It absolutely pisses me off when I read a periodical and there has to be this one sideblurb about Britney shaving her head or her armpits or whatever the fuck she does. She's past the point of anyone giving a shit about what she does these days. I assure you that when SHE dies of a possible drug overdose, I will be holding a huge party... bigger than the one Data held for Geordi LaForge's (fake) funeral on that one episode of Star Trek. Either that, or it'll make the 2008 in Review currently in progress.

(Holy crap, was I morbid. And certainly less restrained... then again, nothing has changed much, has it?)

With having been said, here's another Bite commentary for the month - the first one for 2008, I reckon. Hope everyone has had a nice holiday period and that the new year is treating them well so far. I still have a nagging cough and whatnot, but all in all, things have been pretty solid so far. This month's edition is going to be short and sweet. Not that I don't enjoy speaking to you people, but I just don't have much to rant on this month.

So many people can say that they've got the hottest new video game console on the market, whether it'd be the Wii, XBox 360, or even the Playstation Grill. Since I'm not one of those folks, I'll just say I got a Gamecube for thirty bucks, thus granting me possession of three of the four consoles of the previous generation (the last missing system being the Dreamcast, but I'm not going out of my way to find one because I have no bloody room to stock pile these consoles).

(Later that year, I eventually got my hands on a Dreamcast. Go figure.)

Along with the Cube, I also managed to proquire a Game Boy Player, which allows you to play Game Boy games on TV. This came about roughly a week after I had picked up the Super Game Boy peripheral for SNES, which works fine on the spiffy FC Twin console. Oh well. More retro stuff for me, I suppose.

Okay, so against my better judgment, I picked up the latest Smackdown vs. Raw game (PS2 version - no way am I forking hundreds of dollars on the Playstation Grill or the Red Ring of Doom 360) for about forty bucks as a result of boxing day (thing sells for about $50-$60 CDN). I'd have to say that I enjoyed this entry more than I did the 2007 version. Don't get me wrong - the control scheme pisses me off, but somehow I can get into it a little better.

Also seen Tim Russ' Star Trek pic, Of Gods and Men. I mentioned this on my Lookback on 2007, so I'll just repost that here: Former Star Trek actors got together and did something many thought impossible: they made their own Star Trek fan film. And having seen the trailer (but not the movie itself), it looks like a nice little flick. Unfortunately, after having seen the first part of their three-part series, they should have tracked down a couple former Trek writers to come up with a good story. This story made no sense whatsoever and even after repeated viewings, I still have no clue as to what's going on here. It's just crappy. Hopefully, the next two parts will be better... otherwise, expect this entry in the 2008 In Review article.

It's being suggested that former ECW World champ Bobby Lashley (the guy most people refer to as Black Lesnar) is seeking a release from his WWE contract due to his growing frustrations with the company. Yeah, good luck with that, pal. They may do nothing with you, but they'll do whatever it takes to keep you from making appearances at other wrestling or MMA groups. Just ask Brock about the suits and headaches he had to put up with.

But in all seriousness, it's kind of sad that Lashley has been relegated to nothing more than an afterthought, especially considering that he was one of WWE's top stars on the rise just before he got hurt last summer. But then again, there hasn't been much talk about Lashley in past weeks, especially since he's supposedly "cleared" to return... I make no assumptions, I just say what's been posted.

Not much in terms of opinions, so might as well hit on a couple projects:

Webstation - expect a fresh launch anywhere within four to six weeks. The site design is somewhat different from the past couple designs (different interfacing or something) and is more old-schoolish in its functionality. There's also some fresh new (old) content in the works. However, as of late, I've been pretty lazy and thus work on the new site has been slow. But expect some consolation update to the existing shell site soon.

(The fresh launch... hmmm... lunch.)

Video Reviews/Commentaries: I'm considering doing some "quick" video reviews of ancient video games, a process that I'm sure has never been done before. These videos will consist of some gameplay video while I droan over it in either depressed, angry, or somewhat pleasant moods... all within a ten-minute period. Yeah, if you've seen one of these on the Net, you know exactly what these constitute, but these will be... somewhat different. Don't know exactly when these things will start up or when the first video will be posted, but I'll let you know.

(Yep, because that's a totally original concept! And yet eight years later...)

That's it for now.


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