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917 - Classic Bite Commentary: October 21st, 2007

(2018 Update: An old post replaced with an even older commentary. This one is a bit short, but has some noteworthy tidbits circa 2007 at least.)

Welcome to the third weekly Bite in a row. Good lord, when will the misery stop?! Not much to say this week, so let's get to it.

According to, the role of James Tiberius Kirk will now be assumed by actor Chris Pine. Don't know a lot of about him, but I'm sure it's fuel for the Shatnerites to cry foul because ol' Billy boy isn't in it. I've already said my piece on the subject and won't waste my breath to do it again, so don't tempt me.

Last week, I had mentioned that I had picked up a sleek FC Twin console, which allows you to play all your old NES and Super NES game cartridges. I already stated how I felt about the NES functionality on last week's commentary, but having sold off my old SNES along with games (but no controllers - so the joke's on the bastard who bought it and swindled me) years ago, I had no SNES games to test the system. So I picked up a couple SNES games a week later (Super Mario World and Super Castlevania IV - amazing that I found the 'Vania game). Anxious to try out my new purchases, I head home and plug up my FC Twin, slapped in 'Vania IV into the SNES slot and turned on the console to the 16-bit position.


So I blew the cartridge and tried it again. Nothing. Blew the connectors in the console. Nothing.

Then I looked at the console itself and noticed that the green light (which indicated the 16-bit mode is active) doesn't turn on. The 8-bit light (red light) turns on and the games work, but the green light doesn't. It was then I realized that my spanking new console was defective. Funny how this works, because this was something I've never heard happen when reading up on the console.

So this past Wednesday, I brought it back to the shop I bought it from and explained my plight. The shopkepper's (a different one from the guy who sold me the unit) first reply was "Did you blow the cartridge?" Blow the cart, you say? Why, that's a WONDERFUL idea! I never knew that in order to get the green light to work, I needed to simply blow the cart. Unfortunately for the genius, I told him I did, but the light didn't come on. Fortunately, I got my replacement unit... along with a used copy of Wing Commander. Now I got a fully functional FC Twin with both NES and SNES slots working fine. From what I can tell, SNES games run fine here without much problem. Wing Commander played pretty smoothly despite my initial fears that it would run slow due to the crappy intro (which tries to recreate what was done on the PC but fails miserably) and I am able to play Castlevania IV on a TV screen. Yay. Now I'm truly satisfied with my purchase. I'll probably post a review of the console in the near future.

Capcom recently announced a Street Fighter IV and showed off a fancy video to promote this fact. Apparently, it'll be another fifteen years before they learn to count to V. Can you blame them? They had such a hard time counting to three.

So let's touch up on some updates for the Webstation. The Comics page, as you know by the burnt link, has been taken down and replaced with a generic blank page. Let's be honest, in the whole time, the Webstation has been here in this format, the page was rarely (if ever) updated and there's no reason to keep it up. It might come back some day, but for now, it's gone and out.

Okay, that's wraps it up for this week.


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