Wednesday, May 23, 2012

897 - For Curious Folks Who Wonder...

Since I am nowhere close to finishing the pre-requisite In-FAQ page that contain such information, I will post this info here for anyone who may wonder about such things...

I have a Facebook page that I no longer use and would rather forget about, actually.

I have a MySpace page that I've long since forgotten about.

I have no Twitter account and have no plans to get one anytime soon.

I have a closed off website on some obscure free web hosting service that is long abandoned.

And I also have a PSN account that I rarely use because I'm rarely on my PSP.

Anything that I am actively participating in or keep track of on a semi-regular to regular basis is listed on the side of the blog under the Other Web Stuff By Me tab. All that, along with this blog and the Formspring thing that nobody uses, is where my web presence resides, most of the time.

Hope this clears everything up.


  1. Dude, is there even a reason why you're posting something like this?

    Setting aside the fact that we're friends here, I would think that the tab on the side that features links to your other web stuff would be clear indication as to where your presence lies.

    1. Someone asked a few posts down... and mentioned something about brain-dead loser posts... I think it was the post about the weather. I don't recall.


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