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892 - ECW's December To Dismember 2006

Yeah, it's my brief musings on the infamous ECW December to Dismember 2006 PPV, the sole PPV entry by WWE's short-lived third brand (unless you count the two One Night Stands that took place prior, which I don't.) This report doesn't include full card results, because quite frankly I don't care enough about the rest of the show to include them. If you want full results, here's the Wiki page.

(2013 Update: My recent acquiring of a DVD copy of this PPV means that I might do a more complete musings of this thing... it'll probably be a new posting rather than an update to this one, however.)

2006 Pre-Show Introduction
So in a rather hideous move, I've decided to spoil the landmark 375th post of the Blog with predictions for tonight's ECW PPV. Now at first it seems it's hardly worth the effort doing any sort of extended predictions, since there's only two announced matches on the PPV and not much else going for. But since I haven't done Survivor Series predictions (reason being that despite all my anticipation for it, it was haplessly forgotten), I'd figure I get this out of the way.

Now for those of you who have been reading my rants, blog posts, or other articles as it relates to the "New Breed Unleashed", you'll know that I have a rather negative opinion of ECW. For those who haven't been keeping up with months of my bitching about the product, here's a brief version: ECW was revived for a one-time deal in June 2005. The "success" of the PPV, along with good sales of the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD (which is a good set by the way, and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't already), had prompted Vince McMahon to revive the name as a third brand to WWE. Earlier this year in June 2006, ECW made its debut on the Sci-Fi Network, a mindfuck of a decision if there was one... but as it would turn out, it was only the beginning of various decisions made.

Promoted as the new breed unleashed, there were hopes that while it wouldn't be the same as the ECW of old, it would at least be different enough from WWE that it would actually be considered a different alternative outside of TNA or other wrestling organizations out there.

Alas, ECW on Sci-Fi ended up being the same as RAW or Smackdown, only with less talented stars, an hour shorter, a restricted work environment, and even stupider booking than what is present on the other shows. The ECW experiment still looked promising early on in spite of these setbacks, but eventually dwindled down as wrestlers got suspended or, in the case of Kurt Angle, left outright to join the competition. While there are bound to be some fans of this new ECW, they are outweighed by those who hate the product flat out and reflect these opinions on various message boards, internet sites, or in my case, blogs.

ECW is a failed experiment that simply refuses to die. While the impression seems that nobody in WWE seems to care about the company, the fact that they're going along with the poorly-booked PPV is a sign that they're willing to give it a chance. We'll just have to see how the PPV does in the long run before determining the future of the ECW brand.

Now about the PPV... as stated, there's only two matches announced. There may be more matches added for the PPV, but for now, I'm only to discuss the two announced matches and of course, declare the predictions. These'll be short and sweet unlike my opening monologue.

Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. MNM
So the first undercard match to be booked for the PPV is between two teams who aren't even on the dwindling ECW roster, which really goes to show how strong that brand is. Then again, having seen some episodes of the TV show, it's actually not much of a surprise that they would actually do this, seeing how they get guys from the other two shows to compete for the World Title... which goes against the new breed aspect they were aiming for since we've seen those matches already, but whatever. In any case, this'll be a really interesting match-up. Too bad there's no interest or any remote build-up for this match to happen: it's just a quick, poorly-conceived gimmick match added on because there were no other worthwhile matches to put together without having to book John Cena or Batista taking another pasting.

Prediction: Hardyz take the duke.

Winners: Hardyz took the duke. Not much to say. 1-0.

Elimination Chamber Match for the ECW World Championship
Your participants in the latest offering of the Elimination Piece of Crap are Big Slow, RVD, Sabu, Test, Lashley and CM Punk. They're billing this as an EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER match, but the only thing that's extreme about it is the fact that there are weapons. Woo-hoo, now we can combine the worst of two brands of garbage wrestling into one inconvenient package. Big Slow is slated to drop the strap due to his impending retirement in a few months (although this is speculative at best), so it's a matter of who gets the strap.

Prediction: Lashley will probably take the title. It's a long shot, but certain backstage reasons make him the most likely.

Winner: Lashley won the title. 2-0.

Hey, look. Both predictions turned out true. Go figure.

If you want full card results, check elsewhere.


2012 Reflections On ECW December To Dismember 2006
The infamous December to Dismember PPV from 2006, the sole PPV outing of WWE's controversial ECW revival... there were so many things wrong with this show, from the below-minimal pushing of the show to a paltry two matches announced a week before the PPV was supposed to air. And then the show itself... oh dear.

I was only able to watch the show a couple months back when somebody loaned me the DVD. I remember the show not holding my interest all that long. Between the two announced matches, you had shitty matches that wouldn't even be fit for Sunday Night Heat, stupid sketches, and a series of backstage segments that took Sabu OUT of the main event and replaced him with Hardcore Holly... because when I think EXTREME, I think Hardcore Holly.

The chamber match itself... dear lord, what a piece of shit. Just atrocious. And on top of that, it resulted in Bobby Lashley winning the ECW Title; the one guy who was LEAST SUITED for ECW. Hell, I'd buy TEST as a believable ECW champion than I would Lashley. All body, no charisma.

The sad thing? Lashley would eventually drop the title to Vince McMahon, who would hold it for a month or two before dropping it back to Lashley. Lashley himself wouldn't last long in WWE, leaving the company some time later to try his hand in the MMA circuit.

Big Show would eventually get his rematch, lose, and depart from WWE for a short while before returning in 2008 to feud with Floyd Mayweather. Big Show is still employed by WWE today.

CM Punk would dwindle in the ECW ranks before eventually winning his first ECW title in 2007. He would go on to win multiple World championships in the following years and is still employed by WWE today.

Why is this turning into a "Where Are They Now?" segment all of a sudden?

So yeah... back in 2006, this show sucked. Not quite the worst wrestling show I've ever seen, but not far off.

Six years later, nothing has changed.


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