Tuesday, May 22, 2012

891 - And They Want To Make Three Hours Of This Shit Weakly?

Gave RAW another watch and decided to go with proper "points" to this mess of a show.

- Once again, it's Big Show vs. John Cena at the next PPV. I honestly don't give a shit. Seriously, how many times have I seen this thing? Far too many and the sad part is that every feud comes out to the same thing... OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Everybody knows Cena is winning this one. He always wins this one. What the fuck does it matter?

- Chris Jericho: best in the world... at choking. Maybe he should change his name to Jeri-Choke. Unless it's his intent to portray a loser deluded as being the best at what he does... if it is, I want my stake in anyone who uses Jeri-Choke.

- Daniel Bryan whines because CM Punk apparently tapped while pinning Bryan. If this means another rematch at the next PPV, then I'm fucking sold. These guys put out a great match at Over The Limit and didn't put me to sleep.

I've got nothing else... this show has nothing... and I will say again: how the fuck do these jokers expect to fill THREE HOURS of this crap? They can barely fill two!

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