Saturday, May 19, 2012

883 - Random Thoughts on... PGSM

Before anyone asks... YES, this is a post about Sailor Moon. Bite me.

I remember watching some Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon back when it was airing in 2003; mostly through grabbing as much fandubs as possible before it became a hassle for the bandwidth. I think I was up to the point where they introduced that weird girl with the unhealthy obsession with Usagi/Sailor Moon. And for some reason, I decided to revisit this series recently since there were some YouTube uploads. 'Cause I figure... why not?

Let's make one thing clear; I'm not a self-professed Moonie or anything like that. Even though I watched the series and own exactly one Sailor Moon game for the SFC (a puzzle game), I haven't read the manga (though I should probably give it a shot now that it's been re-released), have not seen any of the musicals, and my only recollection of the anime was the dubbed version with changed names and a female Zoisite... or something to that extent, it's been a while.

However, I kinda gave PGSM a shot and I kinda liked it... it's a bit cheesy and perhaps a bit tacky, but I thought it was a nice, well-told story with some good performances  (Miyuu is almost a perfect Usagi in a way, carefree and clumsy, but not obnoxious like in the dubbed anime) and lots of what they call ballet-fu... oh, they love their ballet-fu. I almost prefer ballet-fu than wire-fu. Fighting evil monsters with ballet is awesome stuff.

Oh yeah, and the girls were easy on the eyes. I mean that in a clean way, pervert.

Interesting change made here; all the girls are dark haired when they're not in Sailor suits fighting rubber monsters. I actually like this change because it makes some semblance of sense in distinguishing between the Sailor Soldiers and their civilian counterparts. I always found it pretty stupid that, in other Sailor Moon media, people couldn't tell that Sailor Moon and Usagi, for example, were the same person. The fact that both have the EXACT SAME HAIRSTYLE done in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY should have been a dead giveaway, but I guess Japan is dumber than Angel Grove. Different hair color isn't much to discern difference between sailor and suit (their face is still pretty exposed), but it IS something... even if it cancelled out by the Sailor Soldiers calling each other out by name. But again...

Yeah, that's all I got. Go figure.

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