Tuesday, May 15, 2012

875 - Oy Vey...

Some quick notes and observations from last night's RAW:

- How are we building towards this Brock Lesnar/HHH match that apparently everyone wants to see? By having Lesnar sue HHH... this feud is already starting to suck, isn't it? Especially with HHH's opening 20-minute-too-long promo basically belittling Lesnar's UFC career. I understand Lesnar's signed for a couple dates per month and I actually would very much like to see Brock and HHH go at it since it's a relatively new match that nobody's ever seen before... but if this is how they're going to be build towards that match, then it's pretty weak sauce. Which means expectations for the eventual encounter will be quite low.

- Actually, you know what match I would rather be seeing? Paul Heyman vs. Puppet HHH in a No-Holds-Stupid match. I'm totally convince that the combined promo ability of both characters would be far more entertaining television than whatever HHH can pull out of his promo depository of boredom.

- There was a decent tag-match between CM Punk/Santino Marella and Daniel Bryan/Cody Rhodes; I seemed to enjoy that one. I'm actually kinda glad that Punk/Bryan are getting a main event at the PPV and hopefully, the internet geeks that are always singing their praises will put their money where their mouths are and buy this goddamn PPV.

- Big Show is apparently fired and reduced to begging for his job... prelude to a heel turn, maybe? Who knows? I'm not so sure if it's such a good idea, though. People seem to like his character now; you really want to kill it with an ill-advised heel turn that would benefit jack shit?

- Speaking of which, Johnny Ace is upset that the board has declared that if he loses to Cena at the PPV, he is fired... so I guess Cena's losing here. Isn't he? Oh yeah, and Green Bean? Your ex says hi.

This is a pretty shit show, folks. I've got nothing...

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