Monday, May 14, 2012

870 - Turtles In Time

I've been rewatching the third TMNT movie... for no reason other than that I was bored and watching terrible sequels to great movies seems to give me some kind of kick that I am unfamiliar with. However, it is not without its chucky-worthy moments, even if it's at the movie's expense. I kinda like the Casey Jones scenes with the out-of-time samurais and their exposure to the strange then-present time; those were kinda funny. I suspect that if the entire movie was based on that rather than the horrible past sequences with the feudal rebellion and not-Clint, it probably would have been far better.

But as I'm watching this movie, a sudden realization dawned on me; I actually gotten more laughs and enjoyments out of this one horrible Ninja Turtles than I did out of either TGWTG anniversary special... I guess I know what I'm watching this year...

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