Friday, April 27, 2012

856 - First IMPACT in months...

So, against my bitter judgment, I decided to forgo my long standing directive to ignore TNA while Hogan's on the air and check out last night's Impact Wrestling episode, where they supposedly introduced new concepts to the show such as Open Fight Night and TV Champion Devon defending his title every week against worthwhile challengers. I've been keeping track of TNA through results and a couple clips here and there, so I figured I give it a shot, especially after RAW's anemic effort.

Honestly, I thought IMPACT was a pretty good show... and I'm not just blowing smoke. I was thoroughly entertained by the show. It had some good moments and the wrestling was actually pretty good. So here are some quick random thoughts;

- Match between Bully Ray and Devon (who retains) was actually pretty good - far better than I would have expected the two to have. But I guess when you team with a guy for as long as these two, you tend to know what your partner is capable of and produce quality stuff. People have been given high praise to Bully Ray these past few months and I can see why. What few clips I've seen of his stuff on YouTube is not that bad and if TNA decided to give him a run with the World Title, I wouldn't be against it because the guy deserves a run on top.

- Liked the fact that Hardy/Anderson ended up being fodder to Joe/Magnus, but otherwise, I thought it was a nice match that was enjoyable. Not much to say on this one...

- Hogan wants Eric Young to be productive. I second that notion... Holy shit on a stick, did I just agree with Hulk Fucking Hogan?!!

- If only he'd say the same thing to Eric's boy... god damnit, man. You make me long for the days when David Arquette was WCW Champion!

- Uncle Eric tossed into a porta-potty filled with shit... and you thought getting dumped into a garbage truck by Mister Mack-Man was an embarrassing way to go.

All in all, pretty good show. If TNA produces more shows like this, then I might actually watch this on a weekly basis... hell, I may even change the TNA tag... again.

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