Monday, April 23, 2012

850 - Before there were the Hunger Games, there was Battle Royale.

Yeah, so last week, I picked up the Battle Royale Complete Collection. Have yet to see the second film or the first film's theatrical cut, but the Director's Cut was pretty damn brutal... in a good way. I've been wanting to see this film for ages (even settling for the manga at one point) due to its somewhat controversial nature and I'm pleased to say that it's been worth the wait. Tremendously enjoyable with students killing each other in many brutal ways and I'm generally not into gory stuff in general. I'm not going to say a whole lot here; only that there's a good story in there, there's an insightful message if you're willing to look deep, and it is a powerful haunting depiction of a future that could have been... and perhaps can still be.

Will shed some thoughts on the second movie when I get the chance to watch, but the original Battle Royale is definitely one that met my expectations and worth the long anticipated wait.

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