Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The 800th Post - The FINAL Bite Commentary

There used to be a time on the original DTM Blog when the number of posts hit a new hundred, I'd do this extra special post of stuff, whether it'd be additional plans and updates or a special project. It's a tradition that's been lost during the transition from that blog to the Twisted Realms... primarily due to the fact that posts come about more frequently here than there. Don't believe me? This blog only hit 700 posts close to the beginning of February less than two months ago. As a result, nothing feels special when the moment comes along. And considering the rate at which posts are made, it won't be long before this blog hits its one-thousandth post... and you can be absolutely sure that I will treat that with great reverence.

In the meantime, I want to use the 800th post to put up an extensive Bite commentary... possibly the last one that I'm ever going to do pending rare circumstances. While I have nothing planned for this event, I would like to take the time to shoot out a couple ideas for possible future projects and plans that I've been considering. They may or may not come to fruition and they're not planned - they're just ideas I've been floating around for some time.

Some might recall some time ago that I brought up the updating of the old Tripod space (where the original DTM Blog resides) with a page that I didn't know about until a friend told me he'd put it there. While I had no intention of "restoring" anything on the space (and promptly left a notice on the old blog saying so), I would be lying if the thought hadn't crossed my mind a couple times here and there. Specifically, I've been looking towards finishing off archiving the old Bite commentaries from 2002-2010 from the old DTM Webstation and consolidating them all onto one spot rather than here and there. It's an idea I've been considering in order to get some mileage out of the old Tripod space beyond being merely for the old blog.

For anyone who is curious about the older Bite commentaries, the page is here. It's far from complete; as it's still missing the 2003 commentaries (which are hosted elsewhere) as well as the last couple commentaries written back in 2010 (which you can find here.)

Now with the possibility of the Bite commentaries looking to be finally archived together, the question now is whether there will be future Bite commentaries. The answer to that - as if the title above wasn't indication enough - would be a resounding NO. Simply put, the Bite commentaries served as a rambling board of things that came to mind and was something that was not only quick and easy to get into, but was also something that subsequently kept me leveled during trying times. This was especially true during 2002-2004 when blogging was a limited concept. When the original DTM Blog was established, the Bite commentaries sort of faded away, only to be brought back in 2006 as content for the DTM Webstation site that was being maintained. With the Webstation long retired and the Twisted Realm blog in full swing, the Bite commentaries are sort of obsolete and rather pointless... and take much more work than they're worth. Sometimes, I like just going on the blog and posting a quickie or two without having to save it on a webpage hoping to come across more quickie thoughts to post alongside that other one.

The Bite commentaries was a great sounding board when I needed it... but now I have a better sounding board that's much more flexible and suitable for my current needs and threshold. Suffice it to say that I no longer have the patience to compile a mega written commentary these days. That's why there's few of them present here as of late outside of the occasional oddball project. I'll still post long commentaries when I feel the need, but they won't be Bite commentaries like before. More like "regular" commentaries.

HOWEVER... I might consider doing more VIDEO Bites; those might be fun to toss out once in a while. I did one a couple years ago and never went back, but to whip one of these out every couple months? Yeah, I could go with that. It's generally easier to

So I guess that covers that. What else?

Revenge of Juan Cena - a project that was started over a year ago and just subsequently abandoned on a cliffhanger of sorts. I have one other episode ready to go, but no longer have any of the notes that would result in the conclusion of the show. (On a nice day, it would have been twelve chapters long with the final chapter featuring the blow-off of the match.) I had considered remaking the story in the more recent WWE 12 - since it has the most recent roster and a proper Daniel Bryan Danielson - but a couple test episodes turned out badly on paper and quite frankly, I didn't feel too comfortable trying to remake a story that wasn't even finished and didn't really dwell much interest to begin with.

Still, if there's enough of an interest (either on my part or whoever), then I might very well continue the feud... perhaps even continue it in WWE 12 and adapt what I can of "actual" events into the narrative. The style differences might be a bit jarring, but on the other hand, the two games aren't fundamentally different aside from some poorer quality aspects. Again, it's an idea that is being considered, but not at all planned. And if I do go through with this, the end result would be a drastically different affair from what I had originally planned. We'll see.

As far as other Storyline Creator videos go? That's quite the kicker, isn't it? I had considered doing one of these a year (long narrative types), but the simple truth is that while I'm quite content with the Universe mode and the freedom I have booking matches (especially with everything unlocked), I'm not a fan of fumbling with the Classic Controller to type text. Would have been nice if the Wii version had some semblance of keyboard support, but I guess that's too much to ask. Again, I wouldn't mind doing another one of these, but the text input interface is what really puts me off more than anything. Editing the video wouldn't be an issue.

That's about it... let down for an 800th post. Let down for the last(?) ever Bite commentary... but then again, the last time I "retired" the Bite commentary, it pretty much just happened. So while I am gutted that something that had been a good part of my life and sanity is finally coming to an end, I can take solace in the fact that the blog will still be around to infect the world with my ramblings. And I can do so at much quicker paces than before.

So yeah, it ain't so bad after all.


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