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586 - Classic Bite Commentary: July 23rd, 2006

(2014 Update: This post originally had a video of New York's snow removal crews haplessly destroying someone's car, earning them the moniker New York's Dumbest. That video has long since been taken down and so the post is replaced with a Classic Bite commentary. As per the case with these things, present-day reflections are written in bold.)

With a new month comes a new commentary. I won't drag with the introductions this time around, so let's get on with it, shall we?

So RVD got caught for carrying weed, eh? Can't say I'm surprised. So now as a result of their Wellness Policy, WWE has made it so RVD loses both his shiny belts; one of Mr. Copeland and the other to Mr. Show. On top of that, he gets suspended for thirty days. Oh yeah, Sabu was also busted too. Could the lack of these two marquee performers do in ECW for good? Not really. After all, Vince is in control now so chances are he'll screw up something with or without them along the way. Never did the phrase "going up in smoke" seem more appropriate than it does now.

Strangely enough, Sabu is still around while RVD sits at home? I find it odd. All that aside, it's really too bad that RVD has struck out after having a career highlight in the last couple weeks. And now, ECW runs the risk of being a failed experiment because of his stupidity. What was he thinking anyway? Just because you're on a show called ECW and you're travelling with your buddies again doesn't mean you can revive old habits. It's already bad enough Vince is running the show, having booked ECW championship matches with Big Show against guys like Ric Flair and Undertaker. While the match with Flair is said to be brutally good (I haven't seen it), I have a feeling that the Undertaker match would pretty much destroy the credibility of ECW being a rebellious promotion if the crowd starts cheering for the Deadman... which gives Vince enough reason to turn ECW into yet another hackneyed WWE brand, if it isn't that already with all the DQs and all that shit.

And while we're talking about hackneyed WWE brands, I've witnessed the utter boredom that is Saturday Night's Main Event. The first time around, it was forgivable because it was the first show in years and it was at least a respectable show, but the second time around did nothing to impress me. I had so wanted to give this show a chance, but it seemed too shallow to truly appreciate. The diva nonsense, title match, and 5-on-2 handicap match weren't all that great. Sadly, it's time to shoot this horse before it sullies the memory of the classic shows.

So enough about that. Let's talk World Cup.

It was a great run by the Portugal team, but unfortunately they fell short of the promised land. Still, to see them go as far as they did was impressive enough and I applaud their efforts. The big story seems to be not Italy's World Cup win, but the supposed controversy surrounding Zidane's headbutt heard 'round the world. Some people support him, some people despise him, but in the end, they're all talking about him... except for me. I just wanted to get that out in the air.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't about time we got That 90s Show running around? We already have That 70s Show, That 80s Show, and a parody threw around That 60s Show somewhere. Shouldn't we be covering the 90s right about now? (And the worst part is that line was so lame I had to make people suffer by posting it on the Blog too!)

(That 90s Show is actually perfect for modern 2014, as enough time has passed that we could go for one that made fun of that era... but instead, bring on more depressing reality programming and pretentiously stupid cop shows.)

So a week ago, around the same weekend as the finals, I had a garage sale with some family and other folks. I manage to sell a few comics, old magazines, and the like. A good, respectable experience even if I didn't make much cash out of it. (We never had another garage sale.)

Also as of recently, I saw the new Superman movie and for the most part, it was a truly good flick that treats the film legacy it follows with respect. All the little nods to the older movies were a nice touch and everyone did a fantastic job bringing this iteration of Superman to life, which is a sigh of relief considering my reservations about the movie as well as the retarded history behind its development involving giant spiders, polar bears, and other stuff. On the other side of things, I have yet to see the new X-Men flick and from what I heard, I probably shouldn't bother with it. Oh well.

(Superman Returns certainly hasn't aged as well as it hopes; lots of plotholes and minor nitpicks ruin what could be perceived as a thinly-veiled tribute to the old Donner films. Nowhere close to being that "perfect" Superman film that eludes us... and, no, idiots. Man Of Steel ain't that picture, either... also, I'm assuming the "new X-Men flick" is referring to X-Men: The Last Stand, the third film in the original X-Men trilogy and the worst of the lot. I shake my fist at Brett Ratner.)

Last weekend, I took a boat tour around the Thousand Islands. A breathtaking experience even to a guy who prefers to keep his feet on solid ground. Fortunately, the heat did little to kill the mood. If you need a quick get-together, you can do a lot worse than a boat tour around the Thousand Islands. If you're lucky, you can even get a tour of the castle, which would have topped the experience.

Speaking of the heat, we've been getting a lot of that recently. Thank god for the fans and air conditioners. I don't think we could have survived the intense heat a couple years back when all we had to rely on were open windows, which did nothing but bring in more heat. Thanks, but no thanks.

It absolutely boggles the mind what you find on some of these message boards these day. A good majority of threads that are produced in an undisclosed message board by an undisclosed frequent poster of this board like to have these long-winded discussions and yet don't really say much in terms of anything, really. Apparently, the same could be said about my commentaries and blog posts... but heck, at least I'll admit that much. This guy gets all defensive when something negative is mentioned towards and shoots out a long-winded, profanity-laced retort that is neither creative or original. And yet some of his dislikes seem to be hypocritical as he tends to pull off some of the same shit. (Again, the same could be said for me, but at least I can admit just as much.)

(I have no clue what I'm talking about here... I just ramble.)

The best source of online entertainment seems to be the blogs that are up and about. Reading about someone's misery or good fortune has proven to be quite a hit. Although the popular saying - no one cares about your blog - seems to be prevalant, it should be accompanied by this other part: it's damn entertaining. Of course, there are certain blogs out there that lack imagination... let's not dwell into details.

That's all for this month. See you in 30 or less...

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