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576 - Classic Bite Commentary - January 13, 2004

(2013 Update: Picked this one out at random, which is probably how I'll bother with the Classic Bite commentary remasterings. 2004 would also be the same year that I'd start up the DTM Blog over at the Tripod space, although that would only be in July and this commentary was written long before that.

Only minor reflections here - once again noted in bold. Nothing to add to this other than pointing obvious promises made to be broken. Five years later and it seems very little has changed other than my peripheral scope... nice to know.)

Another year, another Bite commentary, more headaches for all those involve; me and my two middle fingers that do all the typing in order to resume my projects after a 2-week hiatus that involved playing my new Final Fantasy Origins game and keeping my new Klingon action figure company. Brace yourselves; this will be a long pisser tonight. (No, it won't.)

I had to take the hiatus. Classes had really burnt me out and unfortunately, the full site overhaul that I had planned had to be cut down and I had to postpone any fanfic updates I had planned. That's why it seems a little rushed (although personally, it's not bad - it's generally not much of a hassle as it used to be.) The holidays hadn't made it any better, but were even out by nightly rounds of Final Fantasy games, so my mind is now refreshed. It will take a while before I resume work on [fanfic Shadow of The Dragon], but last time I checked, I didn't need much. I'll hopefully be able to do a double-post and post two chapters to hopefully make up for the missing time.

(I wonder how much stuff I might have to post to make up for the missing years without FF updates.)

Because of the hiatus, any planned Christmas parodies had to be scrapped. I was hoping to get them up at least during the New Year's holiday, but come on... I can't be bothered with that at the time. Oh well... maybe next year.

Nothing major happened in terms of the past couple of weeks. The holiday season was the usual snorefest that happens every year. As I write this, the city is about to get snowed. But if any amount of snow will create walkable surfaces over the dreaded layer of ice, I welcome it. Yeah, I get nervous when I have to walk on ice... I guess you could say I'm a bit scared at the prospect and wonder how I survive each day.

(Sadly, that still holds true today.)

So as stated, I picked up Final Fantasy Origins during the holidays and my old-school juices got going playing. For those who don't know, FFO is another "anthology" set that includes  remake versions of the original Final Fantasy game (on Nintendo) and the never-released-in- North-America Final Fantasy II (before you say anything, our FF2 was their FF4). My thoughts? For anyone who enjoys the old-school Final Fantasy more than the FMV-populated fluff that they try to pass off as an "RPG" these day, this set is a pipe dream. Visuals are beautiful, music and sound is well done, and most of all, the Loading Time is minimal; you'll probably never even notice it at all while playing the game.

Just a couple days ago, I purchased the other anthology set, Final Fantasy Chronicles, which included Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. While I have never played the original Chrono Trigger release, I did play FFIV (or rather, FF2 - dang, this is confusing) and I'd say that it's a good port. Although I've heard that this was the original version (ours was a dumbed-down version, but not the Easytype that everyone claims you believe), I find there isn't much difference. Even the difficulty seems the same. Loading time, despite what you hear, is minimal, although saving a game will take a while. I haven't played the Chrono, so I can't comment on it.

Also, I picked up a retro-style controller a.k.a. the RetroCon. This is a standard PS controller that can be used with either PS1 or PS2, but is shaped to look like the old NES controller. It's a very comfortable controller for me, as I could never get used to the regular Playstation controller. So this was worth the forty bucks I spent.

(I actually still have that RetroCon controller. I might make a video out of it one day. Also, I find it interesting that I'd be excited over PSX titles and particularly remade versions of older Final Fantasy titles because it sort of shows my trend of being behind the modern generation of gaming. By the end of 2004, I'd get an Xbox (no 360) for Christmas and ending the new year playing intense rounds of Knights Of The Old Republic, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and Mortal Kombat: Deception.)

I also picked up a copy of Wrestlecrap: The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling. If you know about the website, you'll know that the guy who runs it, R.D. Reynolds, wrote the book. My thoughts on the book? It's a very good read that manages to touch on many horrible gimmicks while give an abbreviated look back at the wrestling industry of the past few years. If you got a few bucks to spend, I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys wrestling and even non-wrestling fans can snag it to see what the fuck these idiots were thinking when they came up with these horrid ideas.

So writing a short gib on a book about wrestling would lead into the usual WWE bashing right? Not this time.

Right now, I'm working on a FINAL cut for Evilution, which is far from what I came up with last year when it was early in production. This final cut will only include a good twenty percent of what I had planned, which means that I'm pretty much starting this whole business from scratch. I'm looking at releasing this thing around March and hope that no other intriguing ideas pass me up. As for Dragon, I've restarted work on it and hope to get two chapters up this coming Sunday. This is all assuming my reboot work goes well. My comp is getting slow again and it needs a good whack job. Anyway...

Now, I'm officially done. Later.

UPDATE: Just when the onslaught of old-school Final Fantasy purchases was finally over, I find myself forking over thirty bucks for Final Fantasy Anthology, which contains Final Fantasy V (a game that never got released here in the SNES heyday) and Final Fantasy VI (a game that was released as Final Fantasy III). I haven't had the chance to play them yet, as this little notice is being written late at night, but next commentary I'll have my thoughts.

(That's all I got. Later.)

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