Tuesday, July 12, 2011

462 - Picked Up The WCW Nitro DVD


Kinda sad that they had to condense six years worth of history onto a single 3-disc set, but for the most part, I actually liked this one and thought it was a pretty good compilation. I'll probably go into further detail in a VLOG or something, but there's quite a bit of good stuff here. Some stuff I can recall watching back in the day (the Lex Luger World Title win, the Bret Hart/Goldberg encounter in Toronto, the dreaded Fingerpoke Of Doom being a few examples) and then there's stuff that I missed the first time around that I'm actually surprised they put in, such as the whole "reboot" segment in 2000, the Sting/DDP World title match where Sting would have a one-hour title reign before dropping it back to DDP on the same night, and the other Triple-Decker Cage Match.

If there were any complaints with the content, it's that three discs isn't enough to showcase some of the amazing stuff that WCW Nitro had produced during its tenure, and even during its final, limping days, there was just some good stuff hidden in there.

All in all, this is a nice little set. Here's hoping they do a second set.

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