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447 - MMPR: Plague - Part 6

Originally Published On FF.Net: May 2004 to August 2004

That's it...

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

The four materialized in a seemingly endless grassland, the dark skies with constant thunder and occasional bolts of lightning completing the environment. Goldar looked ahead while the three Rangers attempted communications and teleportation, but to no avail. From the distance, Goldar could see a small flicker of purplish light that grew closer and closer.

"Today, we fight this enemy together," Goldar said, almost sounding like a command, "but when this is over, so is our alliance."

Red Ranger nodded, while the Blue and White Rangers looked at each other, not wondering what's going on.

"Who is this Kain, Goldar?" Jason asked.

"Ethan Kain was the only human aide Rita had." the Titan answered, "Months ago when Rita was still in charge, he had somehow gained access to her database of magic. He was caught by Rita, but rather than destroy the human, she took him in as an apprentice, sharing her vast scientific and knowledge for. He had been rewarded with more alchemy knowledge than any other human on this planet."

He turned to the White Ranger. "Kain was the one responsible for the creation of the Green Candle which drained you of the Green Ranger powers. He was also the one responsible for infecting our Minotaur monster, which in turn infected some of you."

"Why are you telling us all this?" Red Ranger asked.

"Although my lord Zedd would want you all destroyed," the Titan mused, "he would rather have it done by a loyal soldier whom he knows has no other agenda than to serve him. Kain does not serve Zedd, which makes him our enemy."

White Ranger grunted. "Figures."

Before Goldar could respond, the small speck of purple suddenly grew large. The Rangers were able to make out the face of Ethan Kane, but with a large horn sticking out of his forehead; his once short hair replaced with waist-length purple hair, the armored skin and beastly innards of the creature Plaghe completing the form of this being of which birth at the cost of two.

"I'll give you a choice." the Kain/Plaghe hybrid said with a cold, beastly voice, "Surrender or die by the Plaguemaster's hand."

"Plaguemaster?" Goldar repeated mockingly, "You call yourself a master, Kain?"

As Goldar and Kain were in a war of words, White Ranger noticed Blue Ranger looking at his communicator.

"What is it, Billy?" he asked.

"Tommy," the Blue Ranger answer, "I'm getting a teleport signal, but it's brief."

"Good. Teleport back to the Command Center and brief Zordon on our current situation." White Ranger said, "If the others are recovered, on the next teleport signal you might get, get back here."

Blue Ranger nodded and teleported away. Almost at that moment, White Ranger turned to see Goldar taking a battle position. He and Red Ranger did the same. The battle had begun.

White Ranger was the first to attack the monster. He managed to dodge each of Kain's attacks and lands a kick to the monster's sternum, following that blow up with a swipe to the chest from Saba. Kain managed to regain momentum and punched White Ranger off the ground. Soon, Red Ranger jumped in and slashes the monster's shoulderpad with his Blade Blaster, but the monster managed a quick kick that launched Red Ranger into the air and smashing to the ground in a sickening thud.

Even in their morphed state, the Rangers were clearly no match for the Kain/Plaghe hybrid, as evident by his purple bolts that sent each one flying and crashing on the ground. Kain turned his attention towards Goldar, whom was slowly walking away. In an instant, the monster blinked out of existence and popped over the Titan, who became aware of his foe and instinctively swung his sword across the hybrid's chest. The blow caused several sparks to fly from the impacted area, but the monster was unphased. Goldar attempted several more slashes across the same area, but none of them were able to produce results. Tommy, still dazed, slowly brought himself to his feet and saw Kain slowly approach Goldar, who was throwing this enemy everything he knew at him and nothing worked.

I know I'm going to regret this in the morning, Tommy thought.

Starting off at a maddening speed, White Ranger forcefully leapt to the air and extended Saba to the sky overhead. When he came down from behind Kain, he thrust the saber downward, which the blade managed to penetrate the outer skin of the monster's upper back, plunging deeper into the creature. Kain screamed in agony and whacked White Ranger a good mile away from him, but turned around to receive a bone-crunching headbutt from Goldar. The attack had caused Kain to stagger for a moment, giving Goldar the opening he needed. With a quick motion, he shot several beams from his eyes at Kain, who felt the pain from each blow.

Kain felt the pain get to him and retaliated by firing a massive purple beam at Goldar, which struck the titan in the chest and sent him flying. He shot a similar beam to the Red Ranger, who narrowly managed to move out of the way but was in much pain to launch a counter attack. Soon White Ranger found himself the only one left standing, much to his disappointment.

Oh crap, Tommy thought.

Kain charged his energies. Just when it seemed to be ready to launch the killing blow, a green bolt of energy disrupted Kain's charge, causing him more pain than intended. White Ranger wondered from a distance and turned to the Red Ranger, who was clutching on his chest.


"Not me, bro." Red Ranger assured, slowly regaining his strength.

White Ranger got a clearer look at the figure and was almost surprised (and relieved) to see the Black Ranger holding his Power Axe in a cannon position, smoke creeping up from the barrel. Kain, also noticing the Black Ranger, dashed at him, but failed to notice the three other Rangers standing behind Zack.

"Did anyone call for a vaccine? 'Cause we have that right here!" Black Ranger called from a distance as green balls of energy fired from the Power Axe's cannon, each blast staggering Kain heavily.

"Ooh! Target Practice!" Pink Ranger giggled as she shot Flaming Arrows from her Power Bow that impaled the outer skin of Kain, forcing purple liquid to bleed from the wounds.

"I haven't anything nonsensical to add," Blue Ranger muttered as he fired energy beams from his Blade/Pulse Blaster combo, mostly striking Kain in various points of his body.

"Don't worry, Billy. Neither do I." Yellow Ranger responded, tossing her Power Daggers at Kain. The daggers flew straight through the hybrid's chest and out of his back, forming two sizable holes in his body.

"Good to see you guys in one piece." Red Ranger said in relief as he joined up with his friends, "Now let's bring them together!"

The five Rangers summoned and unified their individual Power Weapons to form their Power Blaster, their best offensive weapon which had been instrumental in destroying several of Rita and Zedd's monsters of the past. With the Blaster formed, the five Rangers aimed at Kain, who was just shaking off the pain caused by the barrage of weapons. Behind him, on opposite sides, stood White Ranger and a recovering Goldar, who were going to witness the final killing blow delivered.


Five continuous beams of colored energy fired from the Power Cannon and struck Kain in the chest (or rather, what's left of his chest), who staggered in pain. However, despite smoke forming from the struck areas of his body, it wasn't enough to finish him off.

"Hit him again!" White Ranger called, "He's almost finished!"

"Right," Red Ranger replied, "FIRE AGAIN!"

Five more beams from the Power Cannon struck Kain, who groaned in pain. For a brief moment, the Rangers and Goldar could visibly see the human form of Ethan Kain screaming in pain, only to quickly dissolve in a purplish mist. Soon after, the hybrid form shifted back into Plaghe before its merging with Kain. The creature staggered for a moment before tipping over and exploding in a brilliant blast. Such was the end for the creature Plaghe and the human Ethan Kain.

The Rangers celebrated their victory and as Goldar looked on, his mind shifted. He had thought of attacking the victorious Power Rangers; most certainly, the White Ranger was watching him and an attack would not be surprising to him in any way. Instead, the Titan relented and teleported back to the moon. For the moment, the day was theirs.


The following week had been relatively calm, for the most part. Even though they showed no signs of the infection remaining, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy were told to stop by the Command Center daily for routine physicals to ensure that they no longer carried any traces of the disease. All in all, everything was smoothly returning to normal. Or rather, as normal as this town can be.

In any case, Jason was glad that things have been resolved quickly, because now he, Zack, and Trini can concentrate on their attempts to be accepted in the peace process in Switzerland. According to the news, they're going to be announcing the candidates chosen from Angel Grove. No doubt things will be interesting if they were to be chosen, as they would have to stand down from their Ranger duties and pass the responsibilities to others.

But that's another story in itself...


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