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444 - Fanfiction Repost - MMPR: Plague - Part 3

Originally Published On FF.Net: May 2004 to August 2004

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

"Is this wise, me lady?" the elder monster asked the empress in reference the armored creature that stood before them, "This creature is extremely dangerous. His claws can shatter tough diamond surfaces almost effortlessly and his mind can almost non-existent. Even the micro-controller I shot at him is having a hard time keeping him at bay.

The empress scoffed. "That's right. He's a dangerous creature who has strength and special abilities that are of use to me."

The creature took one step into the pool of green ooze. Slowly, he tipped over slowly and drowned until he was completely submerged within the liquid. The empress then approached the pool and poured the vial of purple liquid onto the surface. It took a minute before the green ooze slowly became a faint purple. When the entire pool was purple, the empress performed a chant that solidified the ooze.

"Plaghe." she muttered, "Such a fitting name for a creature who will bring about death and destruction when the time beckons it."


The creature known as Plaghe had been outnumbered by the two Rangers, but hardly seemed fazed or distracted by the handicap, as its strength was enough to keep Jason and Tommy at bay. White Ranger gave a single to the Red Ranger to summon his sword and just as he did that, he pulled out Saba, his own enchanted saber. Plaghe jumped at the White Ranger, who managed to roll away, swiping the saber across one of the creature's clawed hands to little success. Another swipe from Saba was blocked by Plaghe, who followed up with a quick, but painful backhand that knocked Tommy to the ground. Jason tried his own jump-in attack with Power Sword in hand, but the creature proved too quickly as he sent that same hand slashing across the Red Ranger's chest, causing several sparks to fly from his suit as he tumbled to the dirt ground.

As soon as Plaghe took out both Rangers, Goldar jumped in and attempted various slashes towards the creature's head, but Plaghe was able to block all of them effortless with blinding speed. Goldar continued his flurry of attacks, with Plaghe blocking or dodging every single attack that came his way. A critical miss on Goldar's part left an opening and Plaghe took advantage with one quick clothesline across the Titan's head, knocking him to the ground in thunderous fashion. Standing over the fallen warrior, Plaghe was about to deliver the killing blow, but laser beams stunned him momentarily. He turned his attention towards the Red and White Rangers, who continued fired with their respective weapons. While Saba's energy beams were powerful, they were somewhat slow, but they were more than enough to complement the faster firing rate of Jason's blaster, which had been set on maximum power. Both weapons managed to push back Plaghe further away from Goldar until the titan was able to get back on his feet. While the Rangers dealt with Plaghe, he approached the small human known as Ethan Kain.

"What is going on here, Kane?" the Titan demanded. "Who is this acquaintance of yours?"

"I'm doing what I have always done, master Goldar," Kain said quietly, "I'm serving the empress."

Plaghe staggered back from the ongoing laser blasts of the Rangers until Argo stepped in and fired an burst of energy beam at them. Both Rangers rolled out of the way.

Goldar shook his head in disbelief. "The fallen witch is gone," he told Kain, "Lord Zedd is in command now."

White Ranger leapt at Argo, Saba raised above his head, but Argo blasted him away and watched as Plaghe rushed at the fallen Tommy. Argo's momentary distraction gave Jason the opening he needed as he attempted the same failed jump-in attack. To his amazement, the attack hit Argo in the chest and caused the villain to recoil a step.

Kain shook his head in disagreement. "She isn't fallen, Master. She planned the entire thing."

"What?" the Titan seemed almost shocked.

Jason and Argo fought each other, with Jason using his various repertoire of karate moves while Argo relied on his fists to do the blocking and countering of blows. This incompatibility of fighting style seemed to have caused neither man to get a significant advantage.

Tommy managed to land one blow across the back of Plaghe's head and from there, it was all about dodging the creature's attacks and avoiding its clawed hands. The creature did manage to score a hit on the White Ranger, who seemed stunned as he noticed the claws had caused deep scars across his chest shield. He recovered long enough to dodge Plaghe's other attack.

"She's the one who released the virus onto the Rangers," Kain revealed delightedly, "Don't you remember her genetic plague?"

After two full minutes of blocked moves, Argo raised a knee to Jason's chest. Jason clutched his chest in pain as Argo stood back and began building up mystic energies between his hands. When the energies were built up enough to form a ball, Argo shot it at the Red Ranger, who managed to recover quickly to block the attack with his sword.

"Jason, watch out!" he heard the White Ranger call out.

He turned quickly to see the creature Plaghe leaping at him. Jason managed to knock away the creature with a fierce swipe from his Power sword; the blow sent Plaghe smashing to a tree much to the surprise of Argo.

"You can't do that!" Argo said angrily, "That creature's indestructible!"

Red Ranger smiled. "Nothing's indestructible."

Jason stayed on Plaghe with several swipes, passing by so quickly that the creature was unable to defend against them. For each passing blow landed, several pieces of purple stone chipped off Plaghe's outer skin. Each blow from the Red Ranger proved much more fierce than the last, making them all the more painful for the creature Plaghe. One final upward slash later, Plaghe was flying and smashed into another nearby tree.

"Her genetic plague?" Goldar asked, confused. "How did you know about that?"

Kain shrugged. "She confided in me her greatest secrets while you were getting beaten by them." he said, pointing to the White Ranger.

When Plaghe got back up, he noticed Goldar close to Kain and approached the duo. Goldar, on the corner of his eye, noticed the creature and raised his sword to attempt an attack, but was met with a purple mist that Plaghe had blown out. The mist had gotten to his eyes and caused him groan and crumble in pain. His blood soon started to burn and with one sword stab to the grass, he teleported away.

Argo rushed towards Plaghe and Kain and turned to face the two Rangers, who stood side-by-side away from the trio. Argo crossed his arms together and soon all three vanished into thin air. The instant that happened, the Rangers' communicators chimed.

"Good timing," Jason said, smiling behind his helmet.

Tommy nodded and spoke into his communicator. "Go ahead."

"Are you alright?" It was Zordon.

"A bit tired, but we'll live," Tommy answered, his eyes glancing to the back of his damaged shield, "Any idea who these three freaks are, Zordon?"

"I am not familiar with the two humans you fought against," the sage said, "According to my scans, their monstrous creature looks to be a Druurg, a savage beast with powerful claws and durable outer skinn. But Druurg never showed this much ferocity, which means the two humans have somehow managed to enhance this Druurg's strength."

"That guy, Argo, called it Plagh,." Jason commented, "Could that mean anything, Zordon?"

"I will have to check into it, Rangers," he said, "For now, the only course of action would be to continue with your day. Until we find the last piece of the puzzle, there is not much we can do at the moment."

Tommy sighed. "Sure thing, Zordon."


The Titan limped his way through the dark, hollow halls of the Lunar Palace. Ripping pieces of his armor off his arms, he seemed almost worried to see some of his veins turn a pale purple. Goldar soon quickened his pace as he passed by the throne room without entering. By the corner of his eye, he saw Zedd seated on his throne, staring at what was presumably the Earth over the balcony. He didn't so much as turn his head to see Goldar, which made the Titan somewhat relieved.

Good, he thought, Zedd doesn't notice me.

With his strength and consciousness slowly fading, Goldar limped to Finster's alchemy laboratory, to which he hadn't passed by since Rita was ousted little more than a couple months ago. The titan almost felt relieved when the door to the elder monster-maker's lab was open and promptly crawled his way in, just in time to catch Finster's attention.

"F-Finster... help me." he said just before falling unconscious.


In the pitch blackness of the night, the park seemed desolate. The only source of light came from a white teleport beam. Materializing from the beam was the small robot Alpha 5, who was holding a small handheld scanner. He walked towards the battle area where the Rangers and the Druurg creature fought. Using night vision mode, Alpha searched for the small pieces of outer skin that had been chipped off during the fight. Whenever Alpha found a piece, he aimed the scanner, which emitted a low pulse at the piece and stored it into the scanner's small storage system. When sufficient pieces were collected, Alpha promptly de-activated the scanner and pulled out a disruptor pistol. Pulling the trigger, he made a full circle turn as the disruptor's green beam covered the grassy ground around the robot, destroying whatever remaining pieces of skin was left over. The task done, Alpha teleported back to the Command Center.


"I recognized the Druurg's strength." Goldar said as Finster treated him with a large injection needle, "But I never expected it to have these strange powers."

"A result of the virus Rita created, no doubt." Finster said conclusively, pulling the needle from the Titan's exposed arm, "The virus reacts differently to each being it infects. In the case of Druurgs, it enhances their strength and contaminates their venom so that the virus spreads."

Goldar nodded in agreement but looked up. "I thought the virus causes a reaction with Gamma Tri compound."

"The Druurg is of Gamma Tri origin," Finster stated, "and if I remember correctly, you've had contact with some of the wax when you were cleaning it up after the Green Ranger."

Goldar frowned when Finster mentioned that time, which produced a smile from Rita's former monster maker. His embarrassed frown was quickly replaced with a determined look.

"We must bring this before Lord Zedd." the Titan declared with authority, "He has a right to know about what has transpired."

Finster turned to face the titan, seemingly trying to keep from laughing. "Know what? That Rita was responsible for a creature like that?" he asked, "Do you really expect him to believe that, considering how low in the food chain she's in? Do you know how much he get a laugh out of it? My friend, he doesn't need to know."

Goldar considered it for a moment and saw Finster's point. "Can this... condition be cured?"

Finster took off his eye spectacles before answering. "It will take some time to concoct a permanent solution, as I do not have sufficient resources. However, I can develop a temporary vaccine that can momentary restore your strength, but it will not last long."

The Titan snarled in response. "It will have to do... until I find a more permanent solution."


Tommy sat on the beach looking onward to the sea, his mind trying to make sense of the many events that have happened this past day. With Jason at the Command Center helping out Alpha, Tommy decided he needed some air. Getting cooped up in the small chamber during the creation of White Ranger was too much for him; he couldn't stand staying there again with the four fallen Rangers in biobeds, fighting for their lives against a virus of which they have no knowledge of. His mind wandered as to...

"Going somewhere, Ranger?"

His thoughts interrupted, Tommy jumped to his feet quickly and turned to find the metahuman called Argo standing behind him. How he had figured out Tommy's identity as the White Ranger didn't matter at the moment; what mattered was defeating this enemy in hopes of curing his friends from their current plight.

No time to call Jason, he thought, Have to take him down now!

Tommy reached for his morpher, but Argo was quick to knock it off his hands. Instinctively, Tommy went for a roundhouse kick to the chest, which Argo promptly blocked. Argo threw the leg away and rammed his fist across Tommy's jaw, knocking the teenager out on impact. Argo stared at the fallen Ranger for a moment, looking for any signs of consciousness. When none was found, he picked up Tommy and slumped his body over his shoulder.

"You're coming with me, punk." Argo said, "I'll deal with the Red Ranger later."


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