Monday, June 13, 2011

438 - RAW 13-June-2011: Stone Cold Lost His Balls... And No Zack Ryder in Long Island RAW?

Been a while since I did one of these... of course, last night was one of those THREE-HOUR Raw deals (with another one coming NEXT Monday) and this was an All-Stars themed edition (complete with footage from the video game of the same name) which meant some old timers showed up... unfortunately, the only old timers of note were Stone Cold and Roddy Piper... who THANKFULLY kept his shirt when he wrestled a match with the Miz.

So here are some thoughts and highlights in no particular order

- So, it's RAW. It's from Long Island... and no Zack Ryder. Are you shitting me? The guy is on a roll with his Internet show and getting lots of steam with his show... and you don't showcase him in front of his home crowd? Are you shitting me? What kind of stupid shit is this? Seriously, bro.

- This is what sucks about Awesome Kong/Kharma taking maternity leave for a year; we're stuck watching the crummy Diva matches. On the bright side, however, it frees up time for a piss break.

- Stone Cold announces a three-hour RAW for next week and it's apparently another one of those Viewers' Choice deals... because that went SO well last year. And on top of that, Stone Cold pours beer over the GM laptop and runs over it with his ATV... yes, ladies and gentlemen, Stone Cold Steve Austin went from stunning Vince McMahon to destroying a computer with beer and an All-Terrain Vehicle... I wonder what Edge is thinking right now...

- I liked the interaction between Austin and CM Punk. Wasn't much, but it was exactly what I expected... somewhat. I read that the live crowd got to see Austin give Punk a stunner after an attempt at a "Diet Pepsi Bash." Would have been nice to see that unfold, but whatever.

- Randy Orton ejected from the arena... he'll go to the papers if he has to...

- Hooray! John Morrison is back... oh wait, no he's not. He's unconscious... again. This was a waste of time that could have benefited someone else... someone from Long Island, perhaps? Maybe?

- Punk beat Cena! PUNK WINS! PUNK WINS! PUNK WINS! Doesn't win the title, but WHO CARES? CENA LOST!

And that's it. No love for Zack Ryder... or Little Jimmy.

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