Tuesday, June 7, 2011

432 - Suburban Knights... the new TGWTG project...

In case the video doesn't load or you just want to read, the text is after the break.

So I just recently saw the teaser for the 3rd Anniversary Project of the That Guy With The Glasses website, which is apparently called Suburban Knights, and apparently from the gist of it, they're on a quest and they're wearing costumes... you don't get to see a whole lot, but... yeah.

You know, just watching the teaser alone, I have a feeling that this is going to be on par with Kickassia as far as the overall quality goes and anyone who has read or watched my little review of Kickassia will know that this is not a good thing. With that having been said, however, I am actually cautiously curious to see how this one turns out... maybe this one will actually be good, for once... or maybe this will turn out to be a steaming pile of paper... who knows until the final product comes out?

All I know that I'm coming into this with very low expectations... that is, I'm willing to give a chance to entertain me and validate investing my time watching this project, but I am not going to buy into the hype or hold it in high regard. I think that was my mistake with Kickassia - I was expecting something amazing and ended up with paper... by the way, you can substitute paper with your expletive of choice... and yet the first anniversary project, which involved a bunch of people playfighting, was much more entertaining to me because I had no real expectations. It wasn't any good, but it was pure stupid fun. And that's what I liked.

So Suburban Knights... when it comes out... I will most definitely be watching, but I will coming in expecting this to be fall apart... I'm not saying it will, I'm not saying it won't, I'm not saying anything that implies that I'm going to like or dislike this movie before I even watch it. I'm just saying that I have very low expectations as to how this turns out, which means if I get at least ONE good laugh out of this for the right reason or maybe even the wrong reason - because that certainly wasn't the case with Kickassia - then it's a step up from my vantage point.

So, Doug Walker and all you folks at TGWTG... please don't fuck this up. It's all I ask.

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