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420 - Fanfic Repost - Power Rangers Zeo: Shadow Of The Dragon - PART 5

Originally Published on FF.Net: November 2003 to May 2004

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.


The four Zeo Rangers, demorphed through means unknown, stared as they stood before Lord Zedd, who was blocking the door they were going to use to escape. Zedd made the rather bulky blaster he had in his hand disappear and in its place slowly formed a small but growing ball of red and blue energy. Once it reached palm sized, Zedd thrust his hand out, sending the energy bolt hurling towards the Rangers, who seemed almost startled.

"Run!" Rocky called out. And the Rangers did just that, running through the other door that wasn't blocked by Zedd. Zedd's power bolt missed its targets, hitting the side of the door. Disappointed, Zedd thought of giving chase, but decided against it. As far as he was concerned, the whole palace is on full alert and the Rangers wouldn't have a place to hide. So he simply snorted and left the room, closing the door behind him. Standing before him was the winged warrior Goldar.

"The Rangers are rampant throughout the castle, Goldar." he said, "What are you doing standing around here wasting time?"

Goldar noticed the tone of nervousness in Zedd's voice. Knowing that, he didn't hesitate to answer the fleshman's question. "There is an assault on Mondo's colony station."

Zedd paused and thought for a moment before answering. "You came to tell me this? I know about that already."

"A Cog commander is requesting an audience with you. Claims to represent Lord Aradon."

Aradon. he realized, Mondo's arch rival to the leadership.

Behind the metal mask of Lord Zedd, a wide grin formed. He hadn't expected this, but it is a welcomed diversion.

"Take me to him, Goldar."


He felt a chill all over his body as he regained consciousness. He felt out of breath, but didn't have any pain. That was against his expectations, because he could clearly remember getting hit with a major blast of energy. Of course, the fact that he was still alive also went against his expectations, as he believed the blast should have killed him. In any case, he was relieved. After a moment, his eyes opened slowly, briefly squinting in reaction to the bright white light that befallen him.

"I'm awake," he said weakly, "You may deactivate the recuperate drive."

Almost immediately, the light went off, leaving only the illuminating glows of the ocean windows. His eyes having properly adjusted to standard lighting, he lifted himself to a sitting position and looked around. He found himself in a small room with the usual Aquitian properties as well as a couple of light projectors on each wall.

"Looks like a complete success, Cestro." he heard someone say, presumably the surgeon, "Your friend is as good as new."

William Cranston looked over himself and noticed that his skin was perfectly healthy. He couldn't find any oddities or wounds, which almost surprised him considering he received the brunt of a powerful blast. On the other hand, he had heard many good things about this experimental 'recuperate drive' system that managed to repair even the most severe of wounds.

Finally, the surgeon turned to Billy. "How are you feeling, sir?"

"I feel fine, thanks." he answered. "But I am concerned over any potential side-effects."

The surgeon paused for a moment, but Cestro stepped in to answer. "The Recuperate Drive has always had side-effects among our people, but since your human physiology is different from ours, we can't be too certain. At most, you will probably have a headache, but you should be fine."

Billy smiled. "Great, so I can get back to my friends."

"I would advise against it." the doctor warned. "Your body needs time to regain its strength."

"They need me." Billy countered.

It took a second before Cestro spoke hesitantly. "We have an unmarked fighter in the hangar bay. It should take you to your world in a short time."

Billy nodded and stood on the cold floor. At first, he took a couple of steps, but as he felt more comfortable, he picked up a bit of speed and headed towards a small capsule chamber. Once he stepped in, the capsule flashed momentarily and soon Billy found himself wearing a gray flannel shirt, white tank top, and blue jeans. Billy sighed a breath of relief before stepping out of the capsule and headed towards the hangar bay.


Zedd entered the throne room where he noticed a rather bulkier version of the typical Cog footsoldier donning a red cape and an Earth army general's hat, presumably the Cog commander that Goldar had spoken of, peering out the balcony. When the commander noticed the fleshman's presence, he turned to face him.

"Lord Zedd, I presume." His voice sounded natural, but bore not emotion.

Zedd nodded. "No Cog outside of Aradon's army has a normal voice. So I will assume you work for Aradon."

"Correct," the Cog answered, confirming Zedd's thoughts.

"I am rather quite busy at the moment," Zedd said, brushing his hand towards the two putties in the back, sending them away, "I have Power Rangers running amok in my palace and an unknown element on Earth that I would like to keep track of."

The Cog merely stood his ground. "My commander have no need of an extended dialogue with you, sir." he said, "You have your scenarios as do my commander. However, my commander wishes for a piece of information that only you know."

Zedd twitched his head slightly. What could Aradon want from me of all evil beings?

"The remains of the royal house of gadgetry." the Cog elaborated, "Where are they?"

"Oh right. That." Zedd said, the disappointment in his voice evident. He took a short walk towards the balcony overseeing Earth and most of the moon surface. It took a moment before he answered. "Since I'm in such a uncharacteristically good mood today, I'll give you what you want and even go as far as let you live and leave. The remains are about 5 meta-kliks north-west of this palace. I'm sure you'll find your way."

The Cog bowed his head. "Lord Aradon appreciates your help, Lord Zedd." he said. He turned towards the exit and began to walk away.

"Make no mistake, Cog." the fleshman called as the Cog continued towards the door, "I'm not helping your master. I'm ridding myself of the wretched Machine monarchy that have delayed my plans of dominance."

Indeed, the Cog thought, but elected not to answer. He merely left the room, leaving Zedd alone.


"We just got word from Aquitar while you were gone." Alpha said as Tommy walked into the Power Chamber. "Billy's fully healed and is on his way."

Tommy couldn't help but be surprised. "That fast?"

"Aquitians have advanced technology which enable them to treat wounds much more quickly." Zordon said, "With Billy healed and on his way, we can concentrate on the situation at hand."

As soon as Zordon finished speaking, the warning klaxon sounded loudly and the alarm lights blared brightly. Tommy looked towards the viewing globe as Alpha went through the consoles and operated the scanning equipment. After a second, Alpha looked up to the others.

"The Dragonzord's attacking again." he said, panicked.

"Where?" the Ranger asked.

Almost suddenly, Tommy got his answer, as the entire wall with the Ranger Gallery suddenly exploded, pieces of debris and heavy metal bars flying all over the place. Alpha managed to dodge a couple of smaller pieces, but would be decapitated with a bigger piece. Tommy dodged most of the flying debris, save for a couple of small rocks in which he managed to knock away with a couple of roundhouses. While the debris weren't able to shatter Zordon's transmission tube, one of the pieces did hit the master energy converters close to him, which shut off all the main lights and activated the blue emergency lights. When the rumbling stopped, Tommy approached for one of the consoles and activate the fire systems to control some of the fires here and there. He turned towards what was left of the Ranger Gallery, where he saw a strangely familiar silhouette.

"It's outside." he mumbled angrily, "He's firing at the Power Chamber!"

Plucking his helmet from the ground and placing it over his head, Tommy ran out out of the Power Chamber and made his way up the steps until he reached the main floor, which was where the Command Center room used to be, but is now blocked off by an impenetrable blast wall. However, when he finally ran out of the structure, he saw that there was no one there, nor was there any sign of the Dragonzord.

"This is starting to piss me off!" Tommy said angrily as he stormed back into the Chamber below. "We need to do something about this guy before he goes too far."


It took five minutes for the massive Machine skybase to land on the barren surface of the moon, the "directions" that Zedd had referred to. Almost a minute after contact was made, the surface was soon filled with Cog search teams, scouring the surface with scanners and special radar equipment. It took all of two minutes for the entire ship's worth of search teams to pour out, thus enabling them to cover more terrain at a much quicker speed.

"Commander!" one of them called, "I found them!"

The Cog Commander, the one that had met Zedd earlier, approached the source of the call, a silver-plated Cog digger who was standing next to several piles of robot parts and metal pieces. The soldier stepped aside and allowed the commander to inspect the heaps of metal parts before turning to the soldier.

"Is everything there?" he asked.

"Yes, Commander." the Cog soldier answered proudly (or rather as proud as a Cog Soldier could be capable of), "every piece and bolt has been accounted for."

The commander nodded his approval. "Lord Aradon wants the king to be rebuilt as soon as we clear orbit. From the brig."

"Yes sir." the Cog soldier said, almost sounding pleased. With that, he returned to his troops and assisted with the collection of parts.


The alien fighter was nothing like the Aquitian shuttlepod that Billy flew the last time he went on a return trip to Earth. The controls were somewhat similar to a typical Terran fighter jet and even had some of the same mechanisms. The similarities ended there, as Billy was also able to get accustomed to the new jump drive that was capable of sending the ship at high velocities without use of warp tunnels or wormholes. Billy's moment of amazement ended when the jump drive shut down and the fighter was running on normal speed. That's when Billy realized he's home.

Using specialized stealth equipment to prevent any orbiting satellites from detecting his arrival, Billy plotted a course for the Power Chamber at the fighter's top speed. When the chamber was in plain sight, Billy noticed a smoke cloud emanating from it and was worried. Soon enough, he landed his fighter on the ground, no more than three miles from the Power Chamber as to keep from any enemies noticing him. Billy wasn't worried about the hike.

It took Billy no more than five minutes to reach the front door of the outer Command Center structure. It took a minute of overcoming nostalgia for Billy to enter the structure. When Billy reached the entryway to the Power Chamber, he couldn't believe the damage that was done. He turned his attention towards the Red Ranger, who had noticed him just now.

"Wow." Billy gasped. "What happened here?"

"Lots of stuff, man." Tommy said embarrassingly, "Maybe I should fill you in."


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