Saturday, May 21, 2011

410 - Remembering The Macho Man

I was just getting back from personal business when I got the news that Randy Savage had died. It was a shock to hear about that. And perhaps, it's one that hurts quite a bit... because this was not just a moderately successful superstar wrestler nor is he someone dabbled in the main event scene. This is a legend... one of the true greats in professional wrestling. Someone who was as close to being the Total Package as you can get when it comes to that form of sports entertainment. He had the look, he had the voice, he had the moves, and most importantly, he had the charisma and the personality that really made him stand out and made people take notice... and clearly, a lot of people took notice for him to have gotten the name recognition that he did... and deservingly so.

Whether it was his classic matches or his classic insane rambling promos that half the time we didn't understand what he was saying but who cares because this guy's cool... or whether it was his classic Slim Jim commercials that actually got me to try out Slim Jims for the first and possibly last time... or his three-minute-cameo in the first Spider-Man movie nine years ago... or hell, even his rap album that he tossed out around the same time... it was one of those cases where no matter how good or how bad the final product turned out, you couldn't help but feel that he gave it his all and that he gave it his best shot... and I think that effort and that passion showed in a lot of the stuff he did. For the most part, his stuff never felt phoned in... even during recent years when he was showing off his new action figure at the Comicon or cutting a promo for the WWE All-Stars game.

This is a man who deserved to be in that Hall of Fame of theirs... and the only sad thing is that he never got that chance due to whatever petty politics that held off such a thing.

Thanks for the memories, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. You shall be missed.

Can I get a "Oooooooo Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

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