Friday, May 20, 2011

407 - Which of these shows feature MOAR wrestling?

So according to Mick Foley, wrestling matters at Impact Wrestling. So that means there should be more wrestling, right? Right?

You know what? Let's try an little experiment here, shall we? Why don't we compare Impact Wrestling's matches to RAW's matches; not necessarily in regards to quality, but in terms of wrestling time. This is going to be very easy to conduct since both shows featured five wrestling matches... and yes, I will still refer to them as wrestling matches even if the geniuses at WWE do not.

And just to make it clear, this is not a review of both shows, nor is it a recap. The main focus, perhaps the only focus, is match time. Although I will add thoughts here and there, but the quality is not the main focus, it's the match time.

CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston lasted 3:51
Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella lasted 1:51
Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio lasted 9:25.
Big Show & Kane vs New Nexus lasted 4:45
John Cena vs Jack Swagger lasted 11:21


Mickie James & co. vs. Madison Rayne & co. lasted 4:20
Abyss vs. Kazarian lasted 5:02
Samoa Joe squashes Amazing Red in 0:47
Generation Me vs Matt Hardy/Eric Bischoff (FTS) lasted 6:07
Angelina Love & Winter vs. Velvet Sky lasted 4:30


So apparently, in order to emphasis WRESTLING and making sure that WRESTLING MATTERS, Impact Wrestling decides to feature less WRESTLING than the show that wants nothing to do WITH wrestling. As a matter of fact, if I didn't know any better, there was actually more TALKING in Impact than there was ACTUAL wrestling...... well, actually, that is the case... now that I think about it. Mind you, it's the same thing with RAW, but they have more wrestling. The numbers do not lie, folks.

Of course, it's only the first week... so I might do this again next week (new LABEL! Hooray!)... but so far, TNA's new direction looks an awful lot like the old direction with a fresh coat of paint. That is not good.

Raw Recap by Michael Bradley:
Impact Recap by Michael Bradley:

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