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403 - Classic Bite Commentary - September 19th, 2002

(2015 Update: Another replacement post, another "classic" commentary.)

Hey folks, how's it going? Today, I'm only going to touch up on a couple of things and add brief snippets for everything else. Yeah, it's a short one today.

If you haven't heard by now, Fanfiction.Net is banning and removing any NC-17 stories, as well as stories related in several other categories... for example, if your story had hardcore sex, it won't be allowed. A story featuring N'Sync scrapping it with the Backstreet Boys? Nope. Chat-room type stories? Sorry...

While I don't care much about the NC-17 or chat-room scenarios, I am a little confused as to why stories featuring non-fictional characters in a fictional position is no longer allowed. Fanfiction.Net has claimed that they are doing this in response to needs. Needs? Needs for what?! The need to expand?! What does real people in fiction have to do with expansion?! Jesus, everyone puts in a disclaimer before starting a story about this being purely fiction! What's next?! Are they going to ban fanfiction altogether?! Because it sure looks like it from my vantage point.

I rarely show up at Fanfiction.Net to view stuff, but I enjoy some of it. I even have an account there, although there is nothing there at the moment. But now I can't upload anything if I wanted to, because I am restricted to use all my tools. Therefore, my account there is just there... never to be touched ever again... until it gets removed, but quite frankly I don't care.

(Of course, I'll probably eat my words when I do upload something there...)

Word is that our good friends (sarcasm) at World Wrestling Entertainment will be producing "Hot Lesbian Action" T-shirts! Okay...

The Gays are Coming!
Apparently, our good friends (sarcasm) at GLAAD, the gay and lesbian union organization, was a little pissed off about last week's Smackdown ripping off customers because they promoted a gay wedding... which turned out to be a publicity stunt. Quite frankly, I have no idea what they're bitching about. Billy and Chuck are two straight wrestlers who portrayed "gay" guys. Besides, haven't these guys seen previous WW(F) marriages that never fall through?! Lighten up, people!

Syxx-Pack in NWA-TNA. Yeah, I know...
The guy everyone hates (no, I am not using sarcasm. I really mean it) was recently fired by World Wrestling Entertainment. The wrestler formerly known as the Kid, the 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, Syxx-Pac, and X-Pac is now in NWA-TNA competing as... Syxx-Pac. Okay, I don't care how many times he changes his name; bottom line is you STILL suck.

Also in the card, Brian James returns (most familiar to WWF fans as the Road Dog) and so is Scott Hall... for those who didn't know, Hall initially signed a short-term deal with NWA-TNA during its inception. Apparently, now he's back... or at least until this short deal expires too.

Also, you know that guy who played "Screech" on that NBC show? He was in another "boxing" match again... as much as I don't want an actor to go out and wrestle, I don't have much of a problem with it. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GIVE SCREECH THE NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! YOU HEAR ME, RUSSO?! I DON'T WANT NO HALF-ASSED IDIOT LIKE DAVID ARQUETTE BEING WORLD CHAMPION JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE SOME MEDIA COVERAGE! YOU GOT IT?!

By the way, I don't mean to diss Mr. Arquette. After all, he is a talented actor and his work is top-notch. (yeah, even an idiot could see that last bit was sarcasm!)

Um... Is Something Missing?
You're probably wondering why I am not putting up an predictions sheet for the upcoming WWE pay-per-view. Well, I still have to watch Smackdown... yeah, I know you can check spoilers. But I really can't trust the spoilers, especially after one incident...

Almost there...
According to Superman Homepage, former Superman star Christopher Reeve is finally feeling some sensation in his hands and feet. For those who don't know, Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down in a horse-riding accident.
It seems like Reeve is able to move his toes on both feet and his left fingers. Kudos to you, my man. And by the way, Happy Birthday... To celebrate, I would like to take a quote from his book, "Still Me."

"The less said about Superman IV the better."


No fair
You know there are times when I wish I was living in the States... my ABC affliate, WVNY-22, didn't play Power Rangers Wild Force on Saturday... in fact, all I got was a stupid "Home Shopping" network skit that lasted the whole morning. I hate CTV.

Okay, that's it. I'm kinda stink right now and need to take a shower... if you want my lousy predictions, I'll post them up in a new Bite commentary Sunday Morning. Until then...

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