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396 - Fanfic REPOST - The Adventures Of Captain Wesley Crusher (PILOT Episode)

Originally posted some time in 2005

It should be noted that the few people who read this thought that I was an obvious hater of the Wesley Crusher character. They figured this out because I made him the captain and an over-exaggerated caricature. People seemed to have overlooked that it was intended to be over-exaggerated. It says so in the disclaimer as stated below.

And no, I don't dislike the Wesley character. If I hated him, he would have died by the end of this story.

Intended to be the first in a series of Captain Crusher Adventures, but the rather "passionate" and quick-to-react backlash killed those plans... maybe I might revisit such a project in the future.

Disclaimer: The author would like to inform that Star Trek is owned by Paramount/Viacom and not by the author. Please note that the story features characters that are out of character... for a very simple reason that will be revealed at the end of this story! Enjoy!

First Officer’s Log. Supplemental.
Our recent attack on the Rubix cubeship has had no damaging effect on the ship and resulted in the premature death of Captain Picard, who was held captive on the alien vessel. To make matters worse, we have completely exhausted our warp capability and the Rubix cubeship are currently continuing their approach towards Earth. The senior staff are currently reconvening in the briefing room where Admiral Hammond will appoint a new captain.

“Gee, Commander Riker!" a young adolescent voice squealed. "I’m so glad I got to listen in to your log entry!”

Riker groaned. He hated having to put up with the antics of Wesley Crusher, especially now that he was a fully promoted ensign. Although he'll admit that Crusher had improved in attitude and has become less annoying, he couldn't help but have urges to smack the kid across the head whenever he became annoying.

“Maybe someday, you’ll get to record log entries of your own.” It wasn't such a good thing to say to a fellow officer - even if it was Wesley Crusher - but it was the only comment he could think of on short notice.
Some time later, the senior staff was assembled and conferred with Admiral Hammond, who quickly offered condolences for the loss of Captain Picard, as well as commending them for delaying the Rubix long enough for Starfleet to assemble a massive strike force to engage the enemy.

“We’re going to assemble the fleet at Loupe 935,” the admiral said, "It's far off from any habitable planets and the area's unique properties might prove to be a danger to the Rubix."

"Unfortunately," Riker said, "we’ve suffered damage to our warp engines and estimates show that we’ll regain warp capability within a few hours.”

“We’ll miss you at the party,” Hammond said, “And as for Picard, a great man has been lost. Now it’s up to us to finish what he started.”

There was a momentary silence in the briefing room as they recalled the wasted death of their former captain. Their tactic shouldn’t have killed him, nor should the enemy have repelled it. Now isn’t the time for grieving, Riker thought as he waited for the eventual naming of the ship’s new captain… a role he would accept with grace and humility. He would take over for Picard, but he could never replace him. As far as Riker was concerned, he needn’t try.

“Now, to appoint the new captain of the ship.” Hanson fiddled with a datapad off-screen before turning his attention to the crew. "Ensign Crusher, as of this moment, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain. The Enterprise is your ship now."

Wesley’s eyes widened in shock. His surprise was eclipsed by the shock and disbelief of the senior staff, all of whom thought that the Admiral was somehow pulling their leg and the joke would be over soon. However, when Riker saw the look of worry and sorrow on Troi's face and Hammond may no further comment, he knew that this was no joke and that frightened him, more than he was willing to admit.

"With all due respect, sir," Riker said, trying his best to keep his voice from reaching higher-than-tolerable levels. "Ensign Crusher is inexperienced to be given such a prestigious position. Perhaps I should be given command since I have more experience with the way the Enterprise is run."

Hammond shook his head in disagreement, much to Riker's chagrin and everyone else's subsequent disappointment. "No, the top Starfleet officials believe Mr. Crusher is qualified for this assignment. His ability to outperform you all and his youthful good looks are essential requirements for command of an Enterprise." Hammond shot a brief grin. "Besides, Riker, you've passed up command so many times that quite frankly, we don't trust you to command the flagship."

Riker wanted to argue that point, but decided against it. Despite his lack of judgment, the admiral was right about Riker's stock having gone down slightly due to his repeated declinations of command positions. It was obvious that if he couldn't get himself to command a less glamorous vessel, then he wasn't worth consideration for the flagship.

"Congratulations, Captain Wesley Crusher," Hammond said with a grin, "I have no doubt that you won't let us down."

Wesley smiled. "Gee whiz, Admiral! Thanks!"

Hammond nodded and just as quickly, the screen flickered off. There was a moment of silence among the rest of the crew, as none of them were willing to accept this or get themselves to congratulate Wesley. Riker was frankly disbelieving at what has transpired and glancing at the crew confirm his suspicious that they weren't happy with this decision either. What's done is done, Riker thought, and we have to make the most of it.

"What are your orders?" Riker asked, later adding in an obviously strained "sir."

"Gee, I don't know, Commander," Wesley said with a goofy smile as though he was completely oblivious to the disgruntled composures of the crew. "Let's all have an all-ship party to celebrate my promotion."

"Captain," the Klingon Worf snorted, although he couldn't believe he referred to the boy as a captain. "Should we not be pursuing the Rubix cubeship or join the assault fleet at Loupe 935? We must stop them from taking more lives."

"Not really," Wesley said, "I'm too scared right now. Maybe later. Let's all have a party for the next twenty-four hours to celebrate my rise to the top of the ranks."

Laforge raised an open hand. "I'll pass, Wes... er, Captain. I need to head up work on the engines.”

"Okay, Geordi,” Wesley said, disappointed but understanding. “Dismissed."

Everyone left the briefing room with disgruntled looks on their faces. Even Data, the emotionless android, seemed somewhat uncomfortable with the prospect of this kid being captain. Nonetheless, he knew that the crew would just have to deal with it. Of all the disgruntled members of the crew, only William Riker came out happy. In his mind, if Wesley screws up, he gets a court-martial and Riker would get that promotion. This thought comforted Riker to a point.

But it didn't change the fact that for the moment, Wesley Crusher was a full-fledged Starfleet captain. And that scared him.


Captain's Log, Stardate... actually, I don't know the stardate, but it is Tuesday. Anyway, after a full day of partying all over the ship to promote my promotion to captain of the ship, we decided to engage the Rubix cubeship. Therefore, we’re joining the fleet. I tell you what; I've always said it's hard to get bored on this ship and here we are once again, proving me right on that count.

"We're approaching the Loupe system... Captain Crusher." Commander Riker noticed Worf's displeasure as the Klingon spoke those words and in some sense, couldn't really blame him... since he felt the same thing.

"On screen."

On command, the main viewscreen shifted from a plain space field to the Loupe battlefield, which was sent chills down everyone's spine... except for Data, because he felt no emotion. Before them was hundreds of floating debris that were part of a Starfleet assault force to take out the cube. Not one single vessel survived the assault and not one single vessel was left intact.

"What happened?" Wesley screamed in horror. "Where's the Rubix cube? Where's the fleet?"

"It seems the Rubix survived the assault and have resumed their course towards Earth."

"Where are they now?" Wesley asked nervously. Riker suspects the young man to be on the verge of losing his cool.

"They are in Earth orbit," Worf reported, "The planet will be completely assimilated in one hour."

Wesley pounded on the hand rest of the captain's chair. How could the fleet be defeated so easily and the Earth only has one hour before the Federation is destroyed, he thought. But now was not the time for second guessing. He was the captain, he needed a plan and he needed one quickly.

"How long to pursue?" he asked.

Data did his android-speed calculations before answering. "At maximum warp, it will take us 48 minutes and twelve seconds... sir."

Wesley waved his hand at Data. "Forget maximum warp, we'll have to go faster."

Riker rolled his eyes in disbelief. "What could be faster than maximum warp?" Riker said, rolling his eyes in disbelief. To which Wesley replied with great enthusiasm, "LUDICROUS SPEED!"

Riker's eyes looked as though they would pop out of their sockets at the mention of such an absurdity. Not only was he surprised by Wesley Crusher's knowledge of the most top-secret speed factor in Starfleet, but he was also shocked, awed, and appalled that he would suggest such a tactic. Riker thought of arguing, but knew it would be pointless to argue with Wesley. And so he tapped on his combadge and gave the order.
"Geordi, prep the engines for..." Riker sighed deeply, hardly believing the order he was giving to LaForge. "Ludicrous speed."


Meanwhile, down in engineering, LaForge was surrounded by some of his best crewmen and assistant engineers as he details the plans to engage the extremely experimental (okay, it’s a last-minute experimental) ludicrous drive engine.

"Okay, people. We're going to have to power down the warp engine so we can shunt the energy to the ludicrous speed engine."

"Actually, sir, I've already completed the necessary tinting of the engine core," one of the crewmen said in reference to the warp core, which was now glowing red instead of the usual blue. "We now have ludicrous speed capability."

"Great job, Ensign. Let's do it!" Geordi declared and soon everyone returned to their respective stations. "LaForge to bridge, ready to go to ludicrous speed at your command." In a slightly lower voice, he added, "And try not to make it a long run. Some of these cadets get sick easily."


On the main bridge, everyone was bracing themselves for what could be considered a bumpy ride. After all, this would be the Enterprise's first attempt at flying in ludicrous speed. Nonetheless, Wesley was determined to go through with this and when he got word that everyone was set to go, he knew it was truly on.

"ENGAGE!" Wesley said, waving his finger Picard-style.

The ship’s engines shifted color from a comforting blue to a warm red blur. Slowly, the viewer showed the starfield shifting to the standard warp jump, but was quickly followed by a very unsettling plaid starburst effect that caught the crew off-guard. Various display panels went into debug mode while the main lighting was dimming down, leaving the crimson glow of the plaid effect emanating from the viewer. Everyone had contorted expressions on their faces and the screeching of the active engines were eardrum-shattering loud. At that point, it seemed very clear that the ludicrous engines needed work and Wesley had made a mistake. Fortunately, he had enough sense and time to reverse that fatal mistake.

"DISENGAGE! DISENGAGE!" Wesley managed to shout out loud.

Just as quickly as they had gone to ludicrous speed, the Enterprise instantly dropped out of that amazing speed. As per routine, Data began a quick scan of the nearby planet, which looked almost like Earth, but the colors were all wrong. Instead of a blue-green planet, there was a dirty brownish world with various yellow streaks. And the moon of that world was nowhere to be seen.

Wesley couldn't panic now. He maintained what little remained of his composure and turned to Data. "Report!"

"Sensors detect over one point three billion Rubix lifeforms on planet Earth." Data turned to face the captain and first officer, both of whom had their jaws hanging in disbelief. "It appears we are too late, sir."

"Congratulations, Wesley," Riker grumbled, anger consuming his calm demeanor. "Your stupidity has destroyed the Federation!"

Wesley slumped down even further down his chair, covering his face in shame. "B-But, that can't be possible! I'm a boy genius! I'm the son of a courage Starfleet officer! I'm the captain of the Starship-"

"Get off my chair, boy!"

 A very familiar, very commanding voice shattered Wesley Crusher's distraught emotional state and he felt different. No longer was he the misfortunate starship captain who had ordered ludicrous speeds and caused the downfall of humanity; he was just a kid and son of the ship's doctor. And standing before Wesley was a bald yet intimidating captain; the true captain of this ship.

"Captain Picard?" said Wesley in shock and awe. "You're alive?"

"I most certainly am, young man," Picard said, humorless as ever and, from the look of things, not amused by Wesley Crusher's antics. "You, on the other hand, won't be if you don't get off my chair and out of my this instant!"

"Uh, yes sir!” And with that said, young Wesley Crusher jumped out of the Captain’s chair and ran towards the Turbolift, leaving behind a fairly frustrated Jean-Luc Picard, who turned to see first-officer William Riker smiling with delight.

“What’s so damned funny, Number One?” the captain asked.

Riker's smile grew even wider. “Just the thought of a Captain Wesley Crusher running the ship seems awfully interesting, sir. Not to mention highly amusing.”

Picard shook his head in disbelief. “You’ve certainly have an interesting imagination, Commander Riker. The day Wesley Crusher takes command of this vessel, I'll be spinning in my torpedo coffin in space.”

And so, the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and NOT Captain Wesley Crusher, continues her mission to boldly go where no one has gone before...

Meanwhile, within another continuum of existence, an omniscient being laughs at the events he had witnessed. For once, he had to agree with Riker: the thought of a young child in command of their primitive vessels, much less a child Picard couldn't really care for, was rather amusing. Then again, for a creature of limited capability, Riker had surprised the being. Perhaps he should offer Riker the opportunity to join the...

Nah, Q thought to himself, I don't think so.

THE END......

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