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390 - Classic Bite Commentary: December 3rd, 2002

(2015 Update: Another video down the drill. Another hole filled with a Classic Bite Commentary from over a decade ago. As per the case with these things, bold comments reflect modern thoughts.)

Hey kids. The past few days has been uneventful to say the least. Yeah, I know. The past few commentaries haven't been particularly long (and the Jar-Jar thing was absolutely pathetic). Since NS is only going to air in February and since I'm keeping any wrestling-related comments to a minimum, there's not much material for me to use anyway. However, there are some stuff I want to get off my chest and some stuff;

(The "Jar-Jar thing" refers to a period of time when I had used an external gimmick to re-transcribe my website into Jar-Jar speak. In essence, every page would appear as though it was written by Jar Jar. There was even a commentary written in this form, though without said gimmick, the commentary was pretty worthless. It was a rather lousy gimmick that probably would've worked better as an April Fools gag, but then again, maybe not.)

Let's begin with some site news: Last weekend, I put up my first comic review in two months on [REDACTED]. The review hasn't been posted on this site yet because I'm trying to sort out other things on the homefront, things I'd rather not say here. That's why most of the site is in its current state of disarray and why frequent commentaries have been "lacking" and un-interesting. When things finally do calm down, you can expect more stuff to come out of my head.

Right now, people reading that statement above might be thinking, "Man, this guy is going to retire this site." I'll just say this: the site won't be shut off anytime soon. And if I do feel I can't do anymore meaningful updates, I'll post a simple page saying that I quit and leave the archives there for people to see.

(Yep, one of many murmurings behind site developments that more than likely didn't happen. Also, the site that was redacted was for a shop around the neighborhood. The site has long since been changed around and you won't find anything related to me there. It's for the best.)

Oh yeah, the Bite Bible Volume 1, which contains commentaries from June 2002 to October 2002, is up now if you want to check out the old stuff. It's in a Microsoft Word document, but that shouldn't be a problem for most of you, now should it? The next volume will the commentaries from Halloween to the New Year commentary, but will also include some extras currently in the works.

(The "Bite Bible" was more of a personal thing than anything and only a couple folks requested print-outs. I don't believe there was a downloadable version of this ever released and going back to some of those older posts, I can understand why there wouldn't.)

That being said, your more traditional commentary will begin... NOW.

Supposedly Birds of Prey got canned by the WB. I haven't seen much of this series. In any case, I'll stick with the comic book.

I remember from a few years back when they had the Flash TV show on CBS. That show lasted only a season, but it wasn't a bad show, by any means. Then again, you had the Silver-Age Flash, Barry Allen, as the star of the show and not the current snot-nosed punk, Wally West. I can't bother myself to read the comic book. Last year, some network aired the 2-hour pilot episode (I think it was TNT, I'm not sure), but I doubt the series was aired there.

(Sad thing was that just as Wally West started to grow on me... they bring back Barry Allen in the comics... and suddenly I wanted Wally back... by the way, did I mention how good that old Flash series was? You'd figure a show like that would be cheaply made, but they pulled some stops and got a decent show out of it. One of the better looking Flash costumes, too.)

Lois & Clark? That show was alright, even though the effects were crap, but what could you do with a limited television budget?

(I actually got to re-watching Lois & Clark as of late. It's not that bad of a show even the focus being more of that relationship than Superman. Although it's clear by the fourth season, the show was running of fumes.)

IFilm.Com had a 5-minute clip of the tenth Trek movie, Nemesis. Good stuff. I just hope the rest of the movie is good too. Then again, it IS an even-numbered film. (For non-Trekkers, a lot of people believe that the even-numbered Trek movies are the better movies, while the odd-numbered movies are either unspectacular or crap.)

Speaking of Nemesis, (RIP) has an interview with Nemesis writer John Logan, who also wrote Ridley Scott's classic Gladiator and that Time Machine remake. I've read it and thought it was alright.

Speaking of Trek, there's a link at (again, RIP) that leads to a petition where you can convince Paramount to give Bill Shatner the OK to remake Trek V the same way Robert Wise remade the first Trek movie. Apparently, Paramount wants to release the movie on DVD as is, with a few commentaries... who cares? As much as I hate Trek V, if Shatner could make it better, then I'm all for it.

Some people have been wondering about the Lord Bison site which is supposed to feature the Castlevania: Shadow of Darkness fan-game that he and I were collaborating on. This leads me to believe that there are those who actually remember the stuff I say pre-reboot. Well, Don and I have decided to take a little hiatus on the project. We might get together during the holidays and start planning our next steps, but nothing is written in stone yet. Like I said at the beginning, there are some things on the homefront that need to be attended to. I will let you know if anything comes up.

(Never knew what became of that project... I know I did put out a Castlevania fan game that... wasn't very good.)

Since we're on the subject of game-making... yes, I still make games, even though I don't put them on the 'Net anymore. In case you're new, the site used to house some of my own creations using a neat program called "The Games Factory." The program is still very good despite the fact that there is a more advanced program that is designed along the same lines.

(That would be Multimedia Fusion... I'd have to see if I have the raw files for some of those older games. Would be worth revisiting and perhaps update now that I've got the Clickteam Fusion program.)

Christmas is right around the corner. Funny thing is that I've almost finished my gift hunt that started in the beginning of November. I'd always liked to start and finishing my shopping list of gifts before snow hit. Well, snow hit and I got one item left on my list. But fortunately, that won't take long to find.

Have you noticed? No swearing! How very uncharacteristic of me. I told you I had things on my mind.

I'm pretty much done here. I'll probably post up a new commentary in a couple of days.

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