Monday, April 25, 2011

376 - RAW 25-April-2011: The Impromptu WWE Draft That Came Too Soon

So because of Edge's sudden retirement, we get the WWE Draft a couple months early. In a rare occassion, I am posting comments and results of tonight's draft as I watch them.

Just as an aside; RAW airs fifteen minutes later in Canada than it does on USA, so please excuse the delay in this regards.

RAW opens with a battle royal in progress, which is apparently worth ONE draft pick. Usually, they have the battle royal for the main event and is worth TWO draft picks. I guess they wanted to get this out of the way. It's your usual battle royal fluff, with a particularly notable bit between Coffee Kingston and Evan Bourne that I liked. In the end, SMACKDOWN wins the match with Big Show and Kingston remaining on the team.

First draft pick: John Cena to Smackdown.

Wait... John Cena's going to Smackdown?!


I will forgo the wall of Yes this time, but this pleases me because I rarely watch Smackdown and this means NO MORE JOHN CENA on my TV! YES!

There's hype for a Jim Ross vs. Sir Michael Cole match later tonight... good god, this is stupid. Do we really need Jim Ross in the ring? It's bad enough he has a PPV match.

R-Truth cuts a promo and then is ambushed by John Morrison. I proceed to not care because it's Ron Killings and I was never sold on what he has to offer in terms of either in-ring or promo ability.

Eve Torres defeats Layla to earn a draft pick for RAW while Michael Cole yaps. Again, I proceed to not care because it's a Divas match.

Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW.

Coffee Kingston defeats United States Champion Sheamus to earn a draft pick for SMACKDOWN.

Randy Orton drafted to SMACKDOWN.

This surprises me, actually. I'd expect ONE of the heavy hitters to be a SMACKDOWN draft, but TWO? Go figure.

Jim Ross defeats Michael Cole via DQ. The tag-match at Extreme Rules is now a Country Whipping Match. Cue the Cornette Face.

Miz cuts a promo. It didn't put me to sleep, so kudos to Miz.

Randy Orton defeats Dolph Ziggler to earn a Double Draft Pick for Smackdown. The Draft Pick is delayed due to a CM Punk promo.

Mark Henry drafted to SMACKDOWN. No loss there, I suppose... but seriously, Smackdown's on a roll this year.

Sin Cara drafted to SMACKDOWN. This could be good for him, since the taped nature means less of his botches will NOT be LIVE!

Rey Mysterio defeats IC Champ Wade Barrett to earn a Double Draft Pick for RAW.

Big Show drafted to RAW.

Alberto Del Rio drafted to RAW.

Six-man tag match announced worth ONE draft pick... what a rip off.

RAW wins the last Draft Pick.

John Cena drafted to RAW... FUCK OFF.

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