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373 - Classic Bite Commentaries: November 14th, 2002

(2016 Update: Another old video removed and replaced with a classic Bite commentaries from November 2002. There were four commentaries written in 2002,  There were two other "commentaries" in November, but one was a gimmick that falls flat and the other is a mere "update" page that went nowhere. You miss nothing with their omission.)

Sorry about the late post, guys. Not much happened in the past week so I'll stick with some basic material.

I'm kinda bored today. Two weeks since I took the old shell down and I am still left with a new site that is not even holding together. Could you imagine that? I've managed to upload some of the pages, mainly the important ones like a main page, update page, and links page, but not much else. I will probably get on that for the week-end. Unless anything else distacts me.

My brother got the Attack of the Clones (Star Wars) DVD. Besides the movie, there are a lot of other nifty things I see here, including a "Making of" documentary.

The Spider-Man DVD was last week's evident purchase for Bro. Movie is good. Then I saw the Disc 2 stuff, which included a short doc on the Spidey comic. You had guys like Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, and other Marvel-us losers talking about ol' web-head... did I mention best hero movie ever? No? Well, best hero movie ever! There! I said it!

Oh look. has done something I thought I would never see happen: it has a Power Rangers episode review. I just found it right now as I clicked on the site on my Favorites list of links. Matt, Matt, Matt... um, I don't know what's worse: the fact that I just found this out now or the fact that I found this out while having the urge to go to the bathroom and take a major crap... ugh! I can't hold it!!!

[goes to the bathroom and slams the door. Orgasms can be heard followed by a couple of droopy splashes. Fifteen minutes later, the door opens and a stench this side of Hulk Hogan fills the living room.]

Ahh.. much better.

Speaking of Hogan, he's got a book coming out soon or it probably is already out. I don't look into these things because I don't really give a rat's ass about Hogan and the speed of light.

I know what you're thinking - last week, I said that I would restrain from adding wrestling-related material... that it would be reserved for my other wrestling rant... um, but that rant isn't up yet. Now is it?

I have attempt to create Video CDs to play on DVD players. My first experiment: Tommy Is A Pansie. The project was fine on computer, but on the player, the screen was choppy and distorted. This has forced me to produce another version for VCD. Yeah, I'll keep the other one. No, I won't distribute it. And no, the VCD isn't for sale. I don't need any more headaches.

I've opened Media Player for the first time in months and have started editing a new version of my Action Figure movie. Basically, it's some redubbing that has to be done, some scenes I want to remove, new music tracks to implement, etc. The project is going to take longer than expected.

I am also working with ROM hacking. Specifically, I'm trying to screw around with some Megaman levels or something.

Hold on a minute, the phone is ringing.

[one minute, ten seconds later]

Just some hick. Do you ever get a call from some questionaire people that do nothing but bombard you with stupid questions? One time, I agreed to a short survey over the phone. Relatively nonsense questions concerning alcohol consumption and shit like that. One of the questions the questioneer (for lack of a better term) asked was my prefered brand of beer. I told her I had no preference. Then she asks if I drink. I say no. Then she asks what kind of alcohol I drink. I kindly say I don't drink. Then she asks what occassion I would drink, how I drink, blah blah fucking blah. This goes on for ten fucking minutes! Then I hang-up and she doesn't call again. Maybe it's automated. But even automated calls should get a clue. This hellhore was surely clueless.

Moral of the story, kids: if you answer the phone and someone wants to ask you questions about alcohol and other stupid related things, HANG UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY! MANNERS BE DAMNED!

There. I feel much better with that off my chest.

I feel like I should reveal some stuff I know about the ELIMINATION CHAMBER. There is no one on Earth that can stop me. I will spoil everything to you and unveil the winner. The winner of the match and the---

DNN BREAKING NEWS! Dave has recently found another WCW pay-per-view in his collection of tapes! More on this as we progress after this. ---

There! I've said it and I'm not repeating myself!

Okay, maybe one more time. The winner of the match and the ---

DNN BREAKING NEWS! Dave was wrong. It was just a squirrel. We return you to your regularly scheduled program. ---

Happy? Good.

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