Wednesday, April 13, 2011

366 -

Some guy posted the following on Twitter, which was re-twitted by John Cena himself.

"I hope [John Cena] is dead and in the ground so I can not hate wrestling. Plane crash or car is fine with me. Or murder.

Wow... just wow.

And no, smartass. I'm not the guy who twitted that. I don't have Twitter to begin with.

Look, I'm not the biggest John Cena fan in the world in regards to his character and his wrestling ability... and I don't particularly care for his films, either (I kinda liked 12 Rounds, though)... but I'd never want to wish the guy dead. Why would I? What the fuck would that accomplish?

I hear Cena's a great guy in real life. He makes the Make-A-Wish kids happy. And when he isn't playing a caricature on TV, he seems like a pretty cool guy to hang with.

Seriously? You want a guy like that dead?

Now I hear the guy who posted that twit is getting a backlash. Thus is the power of CeNation, folks. Don't fuck with them.

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