Sunday, April 10, 2011

362 - Future SvR2007 Matches To Be Featured

Late night post before I go to sleep...

I'll be uploading a number of old matches from a DVD I found. It comprises several old, pre-recorded SvR2007 (PS2) from a couple years back. The match-ups themselves aren't necessarily anything remarkable, but one of the matches does feature Jerry Lawler in a WWE Championship match... several years before WWE would give the King such a match. A total coincidence, I promise.

The only reason I'd bring up matches from an old game is because of the bat-shit commentary, which is pretty bad even by the standards of wrestling games released in recent years. So... yeah. Stay tuned for that stuff.

Presently ripping the SvR2007 matches from the DVD and will dub some quick commentary tracks regarding these matches. I am most likely delaying the next Juan Cena episode for another week in favor of getting these matches prepped and ready.

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