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356 - Classic Bite Commentary - October 24th, 2002

(2015 Update: Another replacement post, another "classic" commentary.)

How are we doing today? Do you notice something different in this edition?... Just a font change. But who cares? Also, I am trying to cut down on the swearing, but that is no guarantee.

Dubba-ya Dubba-ya Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yeah, I saw No Mercy. Yeah, I saw RAW. And yeah, RAW sucked as usual. But that could all change with the introduction of the most feared, dangerous, and most innovative gimmick ever: THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!!!!!!!

You've got to be fucking kidding me: the Elimination Chamber? What kind of stupid name is that? And what the heck is it anyway?!

By the way, for what it's worth, the Tag-Team tournament finals was the shit. The rest of the PPV was shit. Yeah, I stole that from some smark, but that's how I feel... Hell in a Cell? Forget it. The only major injury in this major is massive blood loss. That's it. Nobody falls off the cage, nobody falls through the cage... JC, even F'n Bossman got hanged in 'Mania 15 for Pete's sake! I remember a time when a fat guy fell 20 feet off the roof and down to the Spanish Announce Team's table or fell through the cage. I remember when that same fat guy fell through the cage again and caused a freakin' hole in the ring. I remember when Taker threw another fat guy off the roof and onto a pile of hay. Those were a hell-in-a-cell of a good time.

While we're on the subject of WWE, I would like to bring up the current "Katie Vick" angle on RAW. Why are they dragging this and forcing this shit down our throats? Furthermore, why is WWE screwing with canon? What am I saying? Consider this: when Kane was first introduced, he was a guy who didn't talk except through use of a voice box and was a guy stuck in a looney bin for the better part of his life. Years later, Kane claims that 10 years ago he screwed a dead girl. What the f***?! And that ending? Has The Big Red Freak become the Big Red Homo?! Tune in to RAW next week ONLY ON THE NEW TNN!... Yeah right...

Don't get me started on Smackdown! Yes, the wrestling is good, but something is still missing.

(Last minute update: I just found Big Show wants a shot at Lesnar... Booking! PPV Buyrates! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We lost him!)

Enn Dubba-Ya Ey - Tee Enn Ey 
To think I was bitching on these guys' PPV option...

Just a couple days ago, my cousin taped the latest NWA-TNA show. I saw it. Surprisingly, despite the crap matches that was presented to me, I found myself enjoying it more than I did the last WWE show... even the crap matches... good lord, what is wrong with me?

You know what's even worse? I actually purchased the NWO: Back In Black DVD... yes, I said DVD. Why in the blue hell did I do that?... For the extra matches, which are nothing spectacular; the Hogan heel turn at Bash 96, the Wargames 96, the first loss of Bill Goldberg, and a RAW match. The bonus ads are also nothing special. Still, just for the historical value I guess... now if only I can get the DVD on the pretentious prick with the three-letter name...

The World of Video Editing 
For the past several months, when I'm not dealing with school, this site, or life, I am going through my library of tapes and am trying to organize them. You see, when I tape something, I don't tape it on a specified tape. I just take any tape and it stays there for who knows how long.

Now that I have a second VCR, I can start shunting crap over to other tapes and organize my shit properly. I'm doing mostly the PR stuff (since that is easier and I have a good idea on where they are kept... imagine that!), and then I'll do some of the wrestling stuff I have buried somewhere.

Script Work 
While we're on the subject of videos, I have two Movie Maker projects: the PR mocumentary mentionned some time ago and a short film with action figures. Neither project has a script. Oh well.

Hockey Pool 
Just to show anything can happen, two days ago I was in first place in the hockey pool. Next day, I dropped to forth with two injuries to boot. And then people wonder why I don't do this shit often.

Okay, that's it. Expect more stuff this Sunday.

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