Friday, April 1, 2011

349 - If You Can't Think Of A Good April Fools' Joke, Do An Irate Gamer Parody!

Guru Larry did a jokie video about Irate Gamer joining Blistered Thumbs... which was promptly removed from the BT site. Probably the first smart thing that Joe has done... maybe he isn't that big of an idiot, after all.

Meanwhile, Linkara throws not ONE, but THREE jokey videos.

The first is a review of One More Day... which is just a minute of his bear sitting on a couch. Already, that bear is a far better reviewer than Linkara is these days.

The second review is on an issue of Titans. Here's a summary; opening credits, short pause, IT SUCKS, end credits. Quite possibly the BEST Linkara video I've seen in years.

Finally, the main event joke, where he reviews the first issue of Hamilton Comics' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic... oh wait, he's doing an Irate Gamer parody. How droll.

What? Was Gamedude too sophisticated for you chuckleheads?

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