Sunday, March 20, 2011

331 - Samurai... meh.

Saw a couple episodes of the newest Power Rangers Samurai and... I'm not particularly impressed with it. They tried to bring it back to basics, did away with the genetic ability crap that seemed to permeate all the Disney seasons in one form or another, and even Paulie's reprisal of Bulk mentoring the Son Of Skull is a rather nice touch for the older folks, but the characters are relatively bland, there's no real substance, and it just seems like they're trying to produce a third-rate Shinkenger in English (no surprise considering who's in charge of the executive production.)

Too early to form an opinion on the series at the moment - I just find it to be pretty meh so far and have a hard time contemplating whether I should keep going or stick with the older stuff.

Although I'll admit...

This was rather cute.

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