Saturday, March 19, 2011

325 - No Archie On Fanfiction.Net (DTM Blog #209)

Originally posted January 17, 2006.

No reason why I decided to repost this; I thought it was an interesting observation made.

I tell you. Everytime I visit Fanfiction.Net in an attempt to read some awesome/awful stories or post some of my own, it absolutely amazes me as to what kind of strange stupidities I find there.

Now I've posting stories at FF.Net for roughly a couple years now, despite an earlier Bite posting saying I never would in spite of the fact that I had an account there for a year prior and having done nothing with it. (Still with me? Good.) I've seen my share of awkward moments and have been involved in some puzzling situations. I've even had a story removed for some stupid reasons. So there wasn't anything that surprised me until I've read FF.Net's policy this morning as I was about the first chapter of a new Castlevania story I started over the weekend. Nothing that I haven't read before.

Then I saw the list of restricted works. For the uninitiated, there are a few authors who had expressly forbidden the postings of fanfics based on their works. Some of these names aren't really familiar to me and the ones that are have written stories that I don't particular care for. And in the case of one specific author who I shall not name, it's personally not worth the effort to try and write a story based on lackluster novels that somehow made money and became best-sellers. But just as the list came to an end, I saw one puzzling entry into the list.

Archie Comics.

For some reason, Archie Comics expresses forbids the archiving of Archie fanfics. Actually, there is a small valid reason; Archie Comics and the properties they produce are family-based entertainment. If you go to their website and click on the Note to Parents section, you'll find a detailed article about Archie Comics are clean fun and that's the way they like. This probably stems to their wish to keep unclean Archie fanfics off a large public forum like FF.Net. Still, it seems overly protective. I mean, some of this stuff can't be that bad, right?

And then I read Agony In Pink, a Power Rangers fanfic that, all gruesome depictions aside, isn't terribly well-written.

Apparently, so did Archie.

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