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113 - Classic Bite Commentary - August 2, 2002

(2014 Update: Originally part of a multipart video that has since been uploaded as a single piece. In its place, we present this Classic Bite Commentary from August 2, 2002. As per usual, recent reflections are in bold brackets.)

See the picture above? This was taken from Toonzone.Net. According to that site, the Red Ranger Reunion episodes (yes, this is a two-parter) will air in October (the 12th and 19th respectively). During that whole week is supposed to be a "Red Ranger Marathon" which will feature classic Power Rangers focusing on the Red Ranger.

Although I would rather have a longer storyline (3 to 4 episodes sounds about right), at least it isn't some single episode tribute... I just hope that it's as good as Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai... nah, that would never happen...

Time Force, meet Wild Force Part Deux
This coming Saturday will see the second part of the team-up between the current Wild Force Power Rangers and last year's Time Force Rangers. The interesting thing about this is the fact that the episode was written by the guy who use to run the Power Rangers Online Archives site. Also can you recognize some names from the fandom mentioned in this episode?... well?

By the way, this is a pretty good start to a good team-up. Does it make up for the Lightspeed Rescue/Time Force travesty? Not really, but then again, nothing is...

NWA-TNA, get a F'n network already!
For perhaps the third straight week in a row, I did not catch NWA-TNA. Am I no longer interested in this federation? I would like to be, since the first few shows I did catch were well done and better than half the stuff WWE is putting out. However, the only thing discouraging me from this fed is the fact that I have to pay ten bucks to watch the show. Hopefully, TNA will eventually get a television deal that may very well get them to the same level as WWE, but they shouldn't be riding on weekly Pay-per-view shows forever. From what I have heard, some of the production value might have diminished a bit. Eventually, staying on this road will eventually discourage more potential fans from a great product, kill TNA, and once again throw the National Wrestling Alliance into obscurity. And considering there are no signs of seeing XWF or any other potential wrestling show on the horizon soon, that would be a real shame. (Twelve years later, this statement somehow remains valid.)

Vince McMahon now makes movies!
World Wrestling Entertainment recently unveiled a new film division aptly named WWE Films. Supposedly, they're into making movies now. Now Vince can make that home movie he always wanted...

I give it about two months... or at least longer than the XFL... OUCH! Do us all a favor and just stick to wrestling.

Funaki should lead the Un-Americans!
Come on, we have to give the poor guy something. Let's face it: Lance Storm is dated, Test is dull, Christian doesn't have leadership material, Chris Jericho [since he doesn't care about any Internet comments, I won't bother holding back] is abandoned, and potential new member William Regal is boring. Funaki should lead this bunch and elevate both the group and his career. (No.)

Hulk Hogan should retire!
Let's face it. The guy can't wrestle. His act is getting stale real fast. He moves slower than the Iron Sheik did at Wrestlemania 17. My advice for the former World champion: retire while you still have some dignity left in you. (Well, it took a while, but that came true... for the most part.)

The Rock should retire!
As much as I enjoy the Rock's witty interviews, the guy can't wrestle. He should pretty much stick to making movies and retire from wrestling while he's still a hot commodity. (Well, that came true for the most part.)

Ric Flair should win the World Title for the 17th time!
Hey, why not? He could beat Vince McMahon in the record books for being the oldest man to hold the WW(F) championship... AND AT LEAST HE KNOWS HOW TO WRESTLE! (Replace the words "Ric Flair should" with "John Cena will" and you've got the most prophetic commentary every conceived.)

WWE Films could do Tough Enough: The Movie!
Okay... okay... I'm getting a little overboard... (They did eventually revive the Tough Enough show, whose winner never went beyond the developmental level.)

The Hulkamania Workout Set
While browsing through X-Entertainment.Com, I noticed a peculiar article covering the old Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Workout Set... mind you, X-E covers a lot of old stuff, but this has got to be the cream of the crop... to be able to cover a Hulk Hogan product from 1904 (just kidding - it is probably vintage-1985) is worth not much celebrating... oh, by the way, why is "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff promoting a Hulk Hogan product? What - all of a sudden he's an honorary friend of Hulk Hogan?! The poor guy deserved better than that... he deserved his own "Wonderful" Workout Set!
Click here to view the article. It's very informative... and while you're at it, check out the article on the Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Gear set, which you can access from X-E. (X-E is long since kaput, since Matt has migrated over to his new site, Dinosaur Dracula.)

How long does it take to emulate a bunch of Nintendo Games?
As some of you know, Konami was supposed to release Konami Collectors Series: Castlevania and Contra on July 23. Now the release date's been pushed back to August. What the F?! How much time do you really need to port a bunch of Nintendo games and slap them on a CD? I mean, honestly, a monkey could get the job done in half the time!
[LAST MINUTE UPDATE!!! Apparently, according to the official site of this compilation, it's already out. And yet EBGames.Com has it listed for August 19th. Could somebody please shed some light on the situation?!] (It eventually came out and I eventually bought it... and eventually, I did a little video review of it here.)

No more Austin!
Seeing as we are now in the month of August, the WWE Fanatic Series of PPV showings of WWE home videos are no longer showing the last of the Stone Cold Steve Austin videos, appropriately titled "What?!" It is surprising at best that they would go on to show it even after Austin walked.

Now I can play as Pal... er, I mean Zero on my PC
For an early birthday present, a friend from down south managed to purchase a copy of Megaman X4 for PC... yes, that game is old, but considering I don't have a Playstation or other console like that, it's good enough. (Funny thing is that I don't recall ever owning a copy of X4... I'm wondering if I meant to say Mega Man X5, which I do have on PC.)

You know the funny thing? Every time my buddies play X1 (the game I got on SNES), they always refer to Zero as Pal... to this day, the reasoning for that is almost as inconclusive as why gamma radiation would turn any clothing worn by the victim into a pair of raggy purple pants. (Maybe the new Hulk movie will explain, but I doubt even Marvel could come up with even marginally believable reasoning).

That's it for this week. If you're into that cosplay stuff, here's some advice from Matt of X-Entertainment: be a panda, be your grandmother, be a drug dealer, or even a serial killer. But for Christ's sake...don't be the Ultimate Warrior!!! (If only I had the link to the original X-Entertainment article to give this line some semblance of context... and also, too soon?)

Until then, folks...

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