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113 - Classic Bite Commentary - September 25th, 2002

(2015 Update: Another repost of an old 2002 commentary - bullet point form, unfortunately.)

Wow... it has been 7 days since WWE Unforgiven. Suffice to say that I'm disappointed that WWE would rather have Ric Flair aligned himself with Triple H than give RVD the World Heavyweight Championship... don't they know the last thing this championship needs is more old fogies?!... Okay, sorry I went overboard. I'm just a little disappointed at the happenings of the Pay-Per-View. Let's (officially) begin my rants:

Two Black Eyes couldn't keep the King from HLA
I read an interesting piece on on Monday about Jerry Lawler... a couple of weeks ago, Lawler underwent surgery for his neck. Not because he got hurt or anything, but because, in his words, "it was a droopy neck." The doctor recommended that he also have his eyes done. That left Lawler with two black eyes, and would take him anywhere from a month to three to recover. Despite that, it'll take more than two black eyes and a droopy neck to keep the King away from HLA... or anything else that involve T&A.

No Mercy Commercial
Anyone who has seen the Pay-Per-View on Sunday will also have seen the "trailer" for No Mercy, which is the PPV in October. Basically, it features former baseball "great" Pete Rose being grumpy to various kids dressed as WWE wrestlers, including a Rock, a Kurt Angle, a Jericho, an Undertaker, a Goldust, and a Booker T, sucka! Eventually, Kane comes along and attempts to chokeslam Pete Rose before the scene is cut. The final scene shows Rose knocked out and the rejected kids running out of his house with candy... ah, good ol' Pete. I wonder if he'll show up to Wrestlemania X-9 and get tombstoned again... or maybe another stinkface would suffice.

The WCW Nitro Video Game
A strange peculiar thing happened to me the Monday after Unforgiven. Browsing through the downtown shops, I come across a computer software store called Camelot Info. One of the odd things of noteworthiness was the stack of WCW Nitro games for PC. The even more odder thing is that I actually bought the thing... that's right, I bought a WCW video game. It's bad enough I acquired three WCW tapes during the summer, now I have added a WCW video game into the long list of obscure WCW merchandise. This isn't the first time WCW has landed on my lap. A year or two ago, I had a NWO Wolfpac T-shirt (the red one with the wolf design and NWO logo). That shirt is mysteriously missing, probably since I never wore it... Now I'm regretting that decision. It could have fetched a high price on E-bay!
As for the game itself, it's okay. Since it's based on the PSX game (only with an updated 1998 roster), some people has bashed on it, but I enjoy it to the point where I played a full half-hour. Usually, a shitty game merits only a 2-minute play. Besides, it's the only other wrestling game available to me (seeing as the upcoming WWE RAW port will not be playable because I don't have a 3D card - AND the previous two WW(F) games, Wrestlemania Arcade and In Your House, are amalgamations of wrestling and Mortal Kombat.)

Tommy Is A Pansie
I've been screwing around with Windows Movie Maker ever since I got a WebCam. Right now, I'm currently working on a Power Rangers joke parody called "Tommy Is A Pansie" and it's turning out to be good. I took some clips from the Rangerplex and smashed them together. You'll never see the finished product, but I may upload the trailer... so you may actually get to hear my voice... in the absolute worst dubjob in history! KUNG-POW HAS GOT NOTHING ON ME!!
(Note the only problem with this thing is that it is taking up WAY too much of my hard disk space and it is really pissing me off!)

ABC Take Two - Still No Power Rangers...
This past week, I still have no Power Rangers Wild Force at my local ABC station... one guy on the net says we should boycott ABC Kids and may as well wait an extra week for new episodes to air on ABC Family, which seems to be the much wiser choice, since they know how to air Power Rangers properly (although the same can't be said about "Classic" Power Rangers airings, I'll take what they have.)

Forever Red
There seems to be some confusion as to the airing date of the 10th Anniversary Red Rangers reunion episode. Some say it's the 5th, others say it's the 12th... Somebody help clarify this scenario.

Something strange happened yesterday. My computer mic didn't work anymore and I had to set it up. The thing is that I simply had to plug in the mic and it worked automatically. Anyone has a theory about this?

That's it folks. What? You wanted more?! Well, you're just going to have to wait!

Hoping his fixation with WCW is only temporary...

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