Saturday, July 21, 2018

3665 - WWE Extreme Rules 2018

So here's the deal. I skipped out on this PPV recently and only caught a couple snippets that convinced me that this show wasn't worth the effort. And then I wrote this piece on Monday that you can read on there if you want.

Anyway, while doing a clean-up around Wednesday or Thursday, I ended up loading up a replay of the show at the behest of a friend who suggested I give the show a watch; mostly the main event, which he claimed was the best thing he ever saw. And... well, I'm only half-glad I saw the show; in hindsight, I should've stuck with the main even, but regardless, let us begin this journey into the lack of extreme in this Extreme Rules PPV.

Friday, July 20, 2018

3664 - Bionic Commando (NES)

This game is thirty years old...

My only gripe was that this could've been a little better, but as a last-minute birthday thing and despite a strong bout of insomnia, it turned out alright.

3663 - Power Rangers Reflections Redux #11: Carlos On Call

A repeat of sorts...

Hey, kids. Guess what? It's time for another Power Rangers Retrospective!

So, in order to deviate from the norm, today's subject matter will NOT be an episode of Mighty Morphin, but rather an episode of Power Rangers In Space, the season which was supposed to be a grand space epic where the Rangers set out on looking for Zordon... but spend most of their time on Earth. Anyway, today's episode is Carlos on Call, the overall 32nd episode of PRiS.

Fun fact about this episode; this is actually the second episode in the Psycho Ranger saga that would take up a good chunk of In Space (6 episodes along with a couple teases and a final episode that retroactively sets up a future episode the following year) and yet in the VHS release of Power Rangers In Space that supposedly edits the initial Psycho Ranger Saga into one movie, THIS episode was omitted entirely.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

3662 - Black Label Pro's BLP Jam Event (July 14, 2018)

So I had something else planned for tonight, but I've decided to hold it off so I can work on this other video I have planned for tomorrow, so in lieu of that, I want to offer some brief thoughts on the Black Label Pro Wrestling BLP Jam event that took place this past Saturday. It's not something that I would've gone for normally, but this card had a particular hook that piqued my interest; a marquee match between legendary tag-team the Rock N Roll Express and the tag-team of UFC/MMA fighter guy "Filthy" Tom Lawlor (he of the Shockmaster entrance on that one MMA show) and Mr. Minus Five Stars himself, Bryan Alvarez. So I decided, "Huh. This sounds interesting." And thus, I signed up for a Powerbomb.TV subscription that I might keep for the first month at the very least and look for other stuff to talk about. And thus... here we are.

As per usual with these musings, I'm not going into super-detailed recaps or anything like that, nor am I providing anything in terms of "star ratings" or whatver the case may be. A trillion stars for the one match and another trillion or two for the rest is all I can spare and that's about all I will touch on in that matter.

3661 - Autodesk Sketchbook #15: Torch

More experimenting with brushes and stuff.

By the way, would anyone object if I skipped Dark Legend tonight and get the Bionic Commando review planned for tomorrow ready? It's one less video this week, but it'll be more packed next week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

3660 - Kart Fighter (NES)

Alright, so where were we?

3659 - Um...

No, really. Somebody signed Jose Conseco to a pro wrestling contract.

I guess that bat's worth a little more now, eh, Raph?

3658 - WWE King Of The Ring 2002

Spoiler: This show fucking sucks. Who would've guessed?

This is the final King Of The Ring PPV... oh, they'd eventually have other King Of The Ring tournaments every once in a while, but this would take place on TV and it's usually an excuse to give some a royalty gimmick or have them wear a silly crown or something. The subsequent King Of The Rings were so important and so vital that I can hardly remember any of them... I don't even remember the last King Of The Ring winner and that was a couple years ago, I think.

But I digress... let's get on with the show, shall we?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3657 - Fired Up My Old PSN Account & Update For Saturday

Apparently, I still have a Playstation account... and it has all my purchased PSP games in check. And turns out that most of those PSP games that I purchased are also good to go for PS3 if I decide to go in that direction. Just an idea I'm fiddling with... but it's something, I guess.

In blog related news, I've decided to hold the planned BLP Jam musings for this coming Saturday. Not only that, but I'm also tossing in a musings for this past Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules PPV, which I was able to watch in its entirety thanks to a nice dose of insomnia that kept me awake and incapable of getting shit done. The end result of my viewing experience was a pleasant surprise... but still, not a very good show.

3656 - Welp, They Finally Did It...

I guess I'll start that ramble after all.

3655 - Autodesk Sketchbook #14: Planet Baldie

Brushes are used to create the star and nebulae, while an actual bald head is used for the planetery object below with some "cloud" effects painted on for good measure. I'd imagine the whole thing would look slightly nicer without the doodled space object, but alas... it is what it is.

Monday, July 16, 2018

3654 - Marc0'a Decline Of Gaming Video From 20XX

Marc0, the former Armake21, once made a video on the decline of gaming that actually made some very good points. In lieu of a "proper" video upload, I decided to embed said video - hosted on the ArmakeArchive channel - present it here... for as long as it's up until it's no longer there and then I have to replace the video with something else ten years down the line.

I bring this up because I felt like it.

3653 - This Week's Wares

So here's this week's current wares;

Reviews for Kart Fighter, Dark Legend, and Bionic Commando will be up on Wednesday, Thursaday, and Friday respectively. The reason for the delay boils down to giving myself time to finalise any edits needed before rending these videos. I remain hopeful that Review #600 comes out next week before the month is up... which is just as well because I want to start fresh in August... but more on that later.

On the text front, Wednesday will see the usual Classic Wrestling Wednesday entry be posted early on; this time covering the last WWE King Of The Ring PPV event. And if I manage to catch the replay, I'll probably give that BLP Jam a write-up because, holy fuck, I actually enjoyed that show and I want to talk about... (if not Wednesday, then probably the weekend... either way, yep. That'll be fun.)

And then Friday will be your regular scheduled Power Rangers Reflections Redux entry on an episode of In Space where the Black Ranger is held hostage by a twelve-year-old girl... not named Alexa Bliss. Looking ahead - save for one or two entry - we're looking at a couple months worth of reposts with slight edits to make them "hip" and "fresh." I figured we get the old shit out of the way and focus on the slightly newer shit.

Those are the major bits of the week to look forward to.


3652 - Mega Man Walking Simulator

Mega Man goes for a walk... exactly as it says on the tin.

3651 - We Weren't Entertained... Well, I Tried.

My head hurts this morning... and I need to get stuff off my chest for a bit.