Monday, December 11, 2017

3303 - Oh... Speaking Of Which

Because we needed to give Street Fighter some (more) love, I guess...

Capcom will be releasing a Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection of most of the 2D Street Fighters for a total of twelve games. This includes the original Street Fighter game, the first five iterations of Street Fighter II (Original, Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, Super SF2, and Super Turbo), the three Street Fighter Alpha games (but no Alpha 2 Gold or Alpha 3 Upper - unless those are "hidden" games), and all three iterations of Street Fighter III (New Generation, Second Impact, and Third Strike).

Despite whatever half-hearted pot-shots that I might toss towards the series' current direction, this is actually not a bad deal. Would've been nice if they had included something like HD Remix (though I could understand why they wouldn't; it might take away from the specialness of Ultra SF2) or maybe a version of Street Fighter I that isn't total shit, but this isn't too bad, either. And four of the games even have online play for those who care for that sort of thing.

Expect fists to fly in May.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

3302 - WWF In Your House: D-Generation X (December 1997)

No image for this one... it doesn't deserve one.

DX is so awesome they have an In Your House PPV named after them. And I completely forgot about it, which is why people had to read an incomplete write-up for a day before I got around to fixing it... Sorry about that.

I suppose it makes sense; considering the nWo had their own PPV and THAT was certainly a unique experiment... that failed miserably, but points for effort, I suppose; WCW were willing to try something different with a PPV based on their hottest heel faction. 

On the flip side of the coin, DX got an In Your House show with a rather shitty looking entrance ramp. And for those who decided to ride the WWF train to find out the aftermath of that whole Montreal business the previous month,

I've never seen this show before; I've seen most of the other '97 WWF PPVs, but not this one. I've heard pretty bad things about it, so I prepared myself for the worse with a case of beer in case I need it... okay, that is a complete lie. However, I'm hoping this ultra-strong black coffee will keep me awake in anticipation of the worst.

3301 - The Deal With Tarantino And Star Trek Movie...

Source article here.

I'll just leave this here for folks to read for themselves the current developments on this "great idea" film director Quentin Tarantino has for a Star Trek movie that people are considering. But for now, only two things come to mind.

Firstly, the idea of an R-rated Star Trek movie (that isn't a porn parody or anything like that) is interesting and might be worth visiting. Whether it ends up being this "great idea" or not is an entirely different story, but it's something different for Star Trek and something that could give the film franchise another boost, so to speak.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, if Tarantino persuades Paramount that they need to give Samuel L. Jackson a role in the movie, here's hoping they give him a part more suited to his particular talents than George Lucas did with the incredibly lame Mace Windu. (No, fuck off with that expanded universe crap that makes him "badass" or anything. I wanted a Jedi that was loud, bolsterous, and swears a lot... that kind of SLJ character.)

Oh, one more thing... this would be a perfect opportunity to bring back Bill Shatner to play a role, whose sole purpose for existing is to get killed. You can even call the movie Star Trek: Kill Bill.

I don't know. Just a thought... but let's see where this goes. If it goes anywhere at all.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

3298 - Pushing Back Today's Intended Review To Saturday

The catch-up of Dailymotion uploads hits a snag as I'm forced to wait a day in order to resume uploads. Which gives me time to finish editing and start dubbing the next couple reviews.

First one up is Saturday, with another one possibly coming up on Sunday.

Next week will see a couple Star Wars related game reviews on the 8-bit side. If time and circumstances were on my side, I'd have more, but there's at least something Star Wars related. For the week...

Saturday, December 2, 2017

3297 - Yeah, About The Past Year's Worth Of Videos

In a couple weeks, all the Vidme embedded videos will be over and out. That includes most of last year's output as well as a couple additional bits. This will hit the Review Archive harder, however, because I had been in the process of re-upping older material with slight tweaks.

The plan is to eventually replace all the videos here with alternative means - possibly just link the old Youtube videos for now, but maybe just go straight to Dailymotion from hereon out. Will let you know in a short while.

For now, at least... I've got work to do... on top of the other work I've got to do.

3296 - Oh Wait... There Is...

Let's give this Dailymotion thing another try... for the realz, that is.

Unfortunately, creating playlists on Dailymotion is a bitch now because I can't re-organize the videos like I could on Youtube... or the old Vidme... or the old Zippcast... or, oh I don't know... THE OLD DAILYMOTION!

Still, worth giving another shot...

Expect... something on the matter soon.

3295 - The Loss Of Vidme...

Well, shit.

First Zippcast... now Vidme...

Fucking hell, guys. Can't you give me a video platform that isn't Youtube?