Monday, June 26, 2017

3202 - Minor Blog Notes

Just thought I'd mention here (more as a mental note to myself than anything) that the DTM-Cast page now includes links to all of the 2016 episodes. Eventually, I'll get around to adding links to the remaining episodes sooner than later, but I just thought it'd be worth mentioning.

In other news, Poochie died on his way to his home planet. That is all.

3201 - SNES Classic Edition Announced... And Includes StarFox 2!


In a move that everyone saw coming, Nintendo has announced the SNES Classic Edition, which is essentially a miniature SNES-looking Plug-N-Play system with twenty one built-in SNES classics as well as TWO SNES controllers - the original NES Classic Edition only included one controller.

What makes this system a sweet deal is what's on the console. Twenty-one games might not seem like a whole lot, but this is truly a matter of quality over quantity and the game selection is top-notch stuff indeed. Not only are you getting the usual Nintendo classics such as Super Mario World/Kart/RPG, Super Metroid, and even Kirby Super Stars, not only are you getting some of the finest third-party offerings such as Contra III, Super Castlevania IV, and Final Fantasy III (VI), but you're also getting the never-before-released StarFox 2.

For those in the emulation and homebrew scene, you might've already played that one... but for many gamers who have never dabbled in that scene, this will be the first time they'd experience the game in any real official capacity. That alone adds value to the SNES Classic Edition, which is looking to be a solid offering indeed.

Let's just hope Nintendo makes more than five copies worldwide.

The SNES Classic Edition hits stores September 29th.

The full list can be seen after the break.

3200 Posts... And This Is All I Have To Show For It

Yeah, that's all I got, kids.

3199 - One Game, Two Flavors

Forgot I even had the boxes, but there you go.

Tomorrow sees a game review (none of the above, mind you) and Friday sees a pick-up video to close out the month. Tonight will see something additional posted... also an announcement this week regarding the immediate future of this blog.

Let's just call it a change of plans as it were.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

3198 - Benoit

Warning: This post focuses on a series of events in the wrestling industry whose effects are still being felt to this day and may contain material that may be unsettling for some readers. Given how people will feel or have felt about the subject matter of this post, it's only fair to me to suggest that discretion is advised and if you choose to comment on this post, I implore to keep it clean and keep it respectful. Thanks.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

3197 - Mighty Numb... Er, Nine

In celebration of Mighty No. 9's one-year anniversary... here's a rambling of my perspective on this whole Mighty No. 9 thing. I was going to do this as a video, but time constraints (mostly dedicated to more important matters and material) made this an unreality. A review of the game itself will be coming up in December... maybe.

Friday, June 23, 2017

3196 - Mauro Ranallo Doing The NXT


Well, the best show in WWE deserves the best voice. Glad to see Mauro back in action in the McWrestling and that there's (supposedly) no bad blood between both parties.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Why is it that every time I go to a website to read an article, there's always a video that plays automatically? More often than not, that video has nothing to do with the article in question. This isn't a convenience. It's a waste of time to have to scroll on a video and tell it to stop. This is especially trying when a page has multiple videos and they all play at the same time.

Or even worse; the video will still play and appear in the corner. Yeah, because if I don't want to watch the video in a big format, SURELY I'll want to watch the same thing in a much smaller screen tucked away in the corner.

Here's some free advice to websites with video supplements to their articles; don't set your videos on autoplay. If I want to watch your shitty videos, I'll click on them myself and watch them. If I want to read the articles, then I don't want some idiot blasting into my ears unless it's something I'm playing on my own volition.

Goddamn, kid. I need a stiff drink.

Or fifty.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3194 - Lost Masterclass Commentary

To celebrate the occasion of Mighty No. 9's one year anniversary, here's an old commentary video on that rather infamous Masterclass trailer that has anime fans crying on prom night or something. A "proper video review" of sorts will be up and running around Christmas season.

3193 - I Tap Out

So you have this historic Women's Money In The bank ladder match on your $9.99 WWE Network PPV event. Give it this nice little video package pushing the supposed Women's Revolution gimmick that you're trying to convince people is a real thing... and then you end the match by having a chinless dude climb the ladder, grab the briefcase, and toss it to one of the women and she "wins" the match. Ooh, controversy! Conversation!

So what do you do when you have this situation? Easy; you book the exact same for next week's episode of Smackdown. The same match, the same stipulation... only this time, it's on FREE TV.

On top of that, you remember that Naomi vs. Lana match from the PPV? Apparently, people "loved" that match so much that we're getting a rematch next week... ON FREE TV!

Yeah, I am done, kids. This whole thing broke my brain.