Wednesday, April 8, 2020

RambleMania 36

So we live in interesting times at the moment. There's a worldwide pandemic that making thousands sick and killing a fraction of that number. Businesses are shutdown for extended periods. Live events and sports have been postponed until further notice. Everyone is being told to stay at home. And we watch as everything around us slowly becomes a police state and who knows when things will be back to normal, if at all.

This naturally affects pro wrestling, as a lot of independent promotions had been forced to cancel events, leaving many independent contractors out of work and unable to make money. However, some have tried to get in as much content as they can in the can before they're forced to shutdown. One of them being WWE, who were supposed to hold Wrestlemania at a big stadium in Tampa, but after some back and forth, cancelled that event and decided to hold it at their Performance Center with no fans... as a pre-taped program... that's too big for one night... or something.

The debate as to whether they should've cancelled or postponed the event until we can have crowds back will be debated until the end of time, but regardless, WWE did their Mania show and whether it turned out to be a complete disaster or an utter miracle, it was going to be unique if nothing else... and as such, I break my modern WWE moratorium with Wrestlemania 36... we'll skip the one week of TV that I watched because those were pretty useless.

A word of warning: much like the Ramblemania entries of the past couple years, this is going to be a very long read, as I've opted to cover both nights in one single entry. Anyone who has followed the PPV Musings over the past couple years will know that I used to watch the longer WWE shows over the course of several nights and those would be noted in the posts, so this isn't any different from what I've done before. However, considering the circumstances, and in an effort to try and make this as timeless as possible, this one is going to be particularly meaty as I try to include some context to the mix. There is a lot to digest here and I want to get down as much as I can.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Quick Change Of Plans

Quick change of plans... or rather, postponing them until it's ready.

So earlier, I had an update post (now deleted) announcing the return of Slideshow Movie Reviews... those are in the works. I also had dates on what to expect this week in terms of content... that is also a bit jumping the gun considering that was an idea I was toying with.

Anyway, Ramblemania will be up tomorrow at noon, while the Review A Great Game Day will be delayed by a day and be up on Thursday. And then maybe there'll be an AEW write-up on Friday. Yep.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Mega Man Maker: Wily Challenges 2020-04-04

Something something stay at hands and wash your home.

By the way, it took a year or so for one of these runs to get a copyright claim. Brilliant.

VIDEO - WWE Dream Match Mania 2020

A bunch of WWE guys watch a bunch of WWE video game matches and react. Hey, if an empty-arena dumpster fire of a Mania doesn't cut it for you, then give this show a shot.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

VIDEO - Pong Quest

So this is a thing that Atari is doing at the moment; a new PONG game with RPG elements and stuff.

The visuals are an automatic turn-off for me and I'm not particularly inspired by the gameplay that they've displayed. It reminds me too much of that one Pong remake from the 90s; too much gimmicky bullshit to make the whole thing worth a damn.

That having been said, though, a part of me is morbidly curious about this will turn out... not enough to actually go out and fork money over for it... but whatever, right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

VIDEO - EmptyMania (April 2020 Special)

Empty arena simulations of four marquee matches from this year's empty-arena Mania courtesy of WWE 2K18 for PC. Also includes a bit of a bonus towards the end.

Sorry, folks. Stringent Dailymotion upload parameters and a bloated file size means this goes up as a simple 480P upload.

FOX To Offer Empty Arena Mania On PPV For $59.99!


So WWE and FOX have signed a deal where FOX will be able to charge folks sixty bucks to watch a taped "Wrestlemania" eminating in various empty arenas. This deal also includes over 20 hours of additional content that you can already check out on the WWE Network for far, far less.

Yeah, this has bad idea written all over it. Bad enough people were questioning the idea when Mania was going to be the usual Mania offering, but doing it under this climate and in this format... which has been a bad idea since day one? I am not entirely optimistic about this going over so well.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Review #719 - Metroid (NES)

Was going to save these for a later time, but no time like the present, it seems.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Thirty Years Ago

It's hard to believe it's been thirty years.

I recall first hearing about this back in the day and I was surprised. Never got to see this one in theaters; the closest I could get to experiencing the film were through the few commercials and preview clips they'd show on TV... as well as the comic book adaptation that was quite excellent. Once I got to see the film, it was probably the greatest thing I've seen.

And you know what? Thirty years later, it still holds up.

Other Turtle movies have come along the way and the quality varies... but at the end of the day, I always go back to this one. It's a great take on the material and a nice amalgamation of the popular versions of these characters. Honestly, if someone were to ask me the best introduction to Turtle lore, I'd go with this movie. All the good bits, none of the bad ones.

I can't ever go back to the old cartoon... never had the guts... but the movie is fine. Better than fine. It's great.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Depressed Doggy... Also Depressed Me...

So a week has passed since I stayed at home. Spent more time with the dog indoors keeping me company, but only got to take her out for a walk once or twice this past week. Not necessarily in the mood for the great outdoors... honestly can't blame her.

For my part, I've been doing alright. Other than a nagging cough that has been with me since the dawn of time - or so it seems - I'm weathering this whole thing fairly fine and I've been able to run a few errands here and there while taking care of the folks. I have to be honest, though; I dread stepping outside these days. Not just because of the pandemic, but also because the general atmosphere is a little worse for wear.

Being on an island that makes up for half of Quebec's cases is bad enough to warrant certain crowd control methods to maintain physical distancing and some places have proven to do a good job of this. Other places, like the groceries and larger department stores selling essentials, still need work. For my part, I try to keep my distance. If I see a crowded lane, I avoid it completely and look for an opening, or wait for one to clear... I try to keep my distance and yet nobody else cares.

Montreal, as of this writing, is in a state of emergency. A great majority of public spaces are closed off until further notice. Places where I would go for a walk to clear my head and just get away from people are no longer accessible. I am barely holding it together and it scares me shitless... especially considering that nobody has bothered to explain which parts of Montreal I should avoid going to since this is a fairly sizable chunk of land.

All of a sudden... this one island, one city bullshit people were pushing a decade or so back.... nah, it was stupid back then even. Dumb fucks.

All you folks on the front lines - the health care workers, the store employees, and likewise - you have my utmost respect for dealing with this shit and putting on a brave face while doing it. I honestly couldn't do what you do daily and if anything, you are much more courageous than I could ever hope to be.

Yeah, I think I've said enough now. I'm off to bed.

Friday, March 27, 2020