Sunday, September 23, 2018

3771 - DTM-Cast: Episode 77

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Another long-winded, rambly, and incoherent episode of the DTM-Cast recorded from a car late midnight in the middle of a parking lot. Various topics touched on and none of it clear.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

3770 - WildSnake (Super NES)

There are no snakes on any plane.

3769 - Batman: The Damned Features Bat-Weiner



So yeah... Batman's dong is in the print version that's probably going to get censored in digitized versions as well as all future printings going forward. Get these first printings while they're hot, folks. I know I've got them. Though to be fair, it is a "mature" product, so I don't get the controversy... but I guess neither did Peter Parker.

For those wanting to see the wang in question, click the link above. Suffice it to say, NSFW.

3768 - ATGames No Longer Making Sega Genesis Clones


So if this article is to be believed, Sega's upcoming Mega Drive Mini is no longer going to be developed by ATGames, but rather a domestic developer. The device is said to be released worldwide sometime in 2019.

The divorce has finally come through and this is a good move. For close to a decade, ATGames have been producing plug-and-play Sega Genesis clone systems and the results have always been less than stellar due to poor sound quality and frame rate issues. And while their most recent iteration, the Sega Genesis Flashback, has seen some improvements, it is still well below the standards expected from fans, especially during an age where Nintendo have been releasing their own plug-and-play retro consoles to much greater success.

So... yeah. Let's see where this goes.

Friday, September 21, 2018

3767 - Pro Wrestling (NES)

The first of three quick reviews for the weekend.

3766 - Order 64 House Show Date Locked For December 9th

DTM House Show: TIE Fighter Custom Battle - ORDER 64
Will Land On Sunday, December xx, 2018.

3765 - Playstation Classic! Because sure, why not?


Yes, revel in the irony of breaking news from a Nintendo news site covering a Playstation product.

In any event, we have a unit that comes with two full-sized PSX (non-Dualshock) controllers and will come with 20 built-in games; five of which include Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type-4, Jumping Flash, Wild Arms, and Tekken 3. The device will retail for $99 USD and will be released December 3rd.

Well, it'd be interesting to see how well this ends up performing. At the moment, this doesn't scream "must-buy" for me personally; I'd have to wait until they announce the rest of the games and even then, I already have a Playstation product to play these games... as well as another where I can pay less for some of the games I'm missing.

As for the rest of the games included? I'd imagine they'd want to include a Gran Turismo and/or Twisted Metal in there... possibly nudge Konami into including Metal Gear Solid and/or Symphony in there. Maybe Crash? Spyro? Bubsy... wait, scratch that last one.

So this should be interesting. I'm on wait and see for this one. Though if they were to announce the inclusion of DOOM, then this would be an insta-purchase.

Just sayin'.

3764 - Flammable Repros of Cheap Mega Man Games Available For Pre-Order


So, once again, Capcom and IAm8bit have joined forces to produce a limited quantity of highly overpriced reproduction copies of two video games you can already get in the wild for relatively cheap. Both Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X have limited copies and those who order will either a standard blue cartridge or one that glows in the dark. Each will cost a hundred bucks a pop.

No wonder on whether these repros will set your NES on fire if you actually want to play them.

Interested parties can click here to order.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

3763 - Daily Haul In December 2018, DTM-Cast This Sunday

So, it's a little early to tell now, but at the moment, I think it's safe to announce that December will be a Daily Haul of videos on both the Youtube and Dailymotion channels. Monday To Friday will be reviews - both shared on the same channels - while there will be unique videos for both channels. Not much else to say on that front and I don't want to jinx anything so that it ends up not happening, but if I've got something worth mentioning on the subject, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I've recently recorded another episode of the DTM-Cast from my card. It's gone a little longer than anticipated and contains a lot of rambling. Hence, why I  don't doing things on the fly and without prior preparation. Regardless, that episode should be up this Sunday and maybe if things go well, I might sit down and record an episode at home. I even have a plan for one episode that needs to be done at home.

That's it for the updates. Later.

3762 - We Have A Big Star On Suspension... Let's Reduce It...


Jon Jones' suspension reduced from whatever it was before to a mere fifteen months... which means he's back in action next month. And by the way, wasn't Brock's suspension originally supposed to be two years, but now he's done in 2019?

Jesus Christ... I thought this UFC shit was supposed to be real... turns out it's faker than pro wrestling. At least with pro wrestling, you KNOW it's all an act and all the fights are choreographed spectacles with 'roided bastards. When did UFC become sports-entertainment?

Oh yeah...

3761 - Mega Man Maker Videos Moved To Next Sunday

I've yet to upload the stages in question due to some last-minute changes I've been making here and there... and I don't want to upload test level footage for the sake of it. So I'm going to hold off until next Sunday to upload the videos and end September on a high count.

I've got something else in the works for the weekend, so it's not a total lost.

3760 - I Wonder...

Did anyone ask the former
NWA World's Champion Nick Aldis
if he owns any Global Force Gold?

3759 - Doggy Looking Thoughtful

There isn't enough doggy stuff on this blog, so here's a doggy pic.

Nine years old and still a pain in the ass.

But we love her.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

3758 - NBA 2K19... WTF

I took this shot from the EB Games (Gamestop) store close to home. I don't know if this is the regular version or the deluxe version, but I do know that EB Games is selling new, unopened copies of NBA 2K19 for Nintendo Switch at a price of approximately $129.99 CDN plus tax. Which probably adds up to 140-ish.

A hundred and forty dollars for a video game... and then you have the stupid gambling mechanic that was barred by the Belgian government recently. And these fuckers at 2K Games want Belgian players to convince their government that these loot crate gimmicks aren't gambling.

Yeah, good luck with that, dipshits.

It's one thing when mobile games pull this shit because they're usually free to play and that mechanic is where mobile game makers make their money, but for full-priced games that cost 60, 70, 80, or even 90 dollars... with Deluxe Editions that typically cost way the fuck more...

My brain hurts.

Look, I know the gut instinct would be to cheer Belgium for adopting an anti-loot thing to their video games and treating infractions as criminal... but the last time I checked, Belgium is part of the European Union; a union that recently signed off on an ANTI-MEME LAW.


And you thought North America had dumbfucks running their governments.

"Jean Phillipe... Ban the loot boxes, you Belgian twat."

3757 - TNA Bound For Glory 2006

With the Bound for Glory PPV from TNA Impact Wrestling around the corner, I'd figure it would be a good opportunity to shoot out a few TNA PPV musings for old times sake. Some of these, such as today's subject matter, I have on DVD while others I was able to watch through the Global Wrestling Network thing. We're getting a headstart by covering the 2006 iteration of the Bound For Glory PPV today, but for the month of October, it'll be all TNA, all the time, and whether that amounts to good shows or not... is an entirely different story.

So let's go with Bound for Glory 2006... since it's the only BFG show I have on DVD. We might look at one more along the way, but for now...