Saturday, August 29, 2015

2606 - Updates

I'll be going now... goodbye.

2605 - An Interesting Question About Skin Of Evil...

One wonders if the pilot was competent and didn't let Troi drive the shuttle, Tasha Yar would still be alive... Just saying.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2602 - WWF Summerslam 1993

It starts with Wrestlemania IX... where Bret Hart lost the WWF title to Yokozuna... who would then lose the WWF title to Hulk Hogan in an impromptu match... who would then do fuck all with the title before dropping it back to Yokozuna at the King of The Ring PPV, which would signal the final appearance of Hogan in the WWF for eight years. Yokozuna would then hold an open challenge on the U.S.S. Intrepid, where many have tried (and failed) to bodyslam the 500-pound behemoth. Then, when all was said and done, along came Lex Luger to fulfill the deed, earning himself a shot (his "only shot" according to Jim Cornette) at the champ at Summerslam. What followed was a cross-country tour, kissing babies and getting support from the paid extras posing as locals.

And then, we come to the match itself and... well, that's jumping ahead here.

2601 - Tecmo Classic Arcade (Xbox)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2600 - Mission Accomplished.

The overall 101th blog post for the month... Mission Accomplished!

So with the challenge met - sooner than expected, mind you - one has to wonder if the influx of content is coming to an end. Not really... there's still the YouTube Daily Haul to complete, there's still a few wrestling musings to upload, there's the occasional bits of random thoughts, and maybe another live stream or two to keep things interesting.

Once August comes to a close, though, I think things are going to slow down significantly... and yes, there will be plans here and there. More to come, I suppose.

By next week, I should have a full checklist of all the uploaded content ready to go.

2599 - WWF Invasion (July 2001)

It was supposed to be a PPV that would feature WWF Superstars competing against WCW Superstars for the very first time. A cataclysmic encounter that would have been a major moneymaker if done right.

But as history has shown, the Invasion angle that ran throughout 2001 was anything but done right. For you see, it went from being about WWF vs. WCW to being another glorified reinactment of the McMahon family feud that had been beaten to the ground considerably. Vince representing WWF, Shane-O-Mac owning WCW, and because she has nothing to do at the time, let's give Stephanie ECW and have her join forces with Shane for whatever reason and then you had Austin jump ship to that Alliance and... my head hurts.

There have been potshots made prior to the event; the occasional run-in from low-tier WCW guys such as Lance Storm and Mike Awesome to Diamond Dallas Page's stalking of the Undertaker's wife (for reasons that are baffling to anyone with any semblance of common sense) to the eventual WCW matches on WWF programming (kicked off with a horrific Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell match that granted Buff his walking papers shortly thereafter)... and then ECW comes along and joins forces with WCW and... shit.

And then we come to Invasion... I can remember the anticipation of how they're going to pull this off and thinking it might be the greatest thing ever, how could they possibly fuck this up... and then I can also remember the disappointment and utter contempt that I had for this entire feud. Even today, when I look back at that entire angle, it still leaves a really bitter taste in my mouth. There are very few wrestling storylines that really make me sick to my stomach. Many letdowns, but none of them to a sickening level. The Invasion angle was the sole exception. Perhaps the easiest thing to book and they end up fucking it up. If there is one thing that the whole Invasion angle does succeed at, it's cementing WWE's long-standing talent in taking sure-fire wins and turn them into unbelievable failures.

But I digress... anyway, let's sloth through this thing.

2598 - ECW Guilty As Charged 2001

This is the final PPV event produced by the original Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion before going bankrupt and left in relative obscurity until a DVD set revitalized interest in the brand... but that's not part of this story. The story of ECW's final woes is a sad one - no more television deal, no more PPVs, no more money, very few worthwhile talent remaining, even less exposure - and that's the overall environment that we see ourselves in watching this show.

Now a disclaimer and a disclosure, if you will; the individual featured in the above image is the Zombie, a one-time gimmick featured in the first episode of WWE's rebooted ECW series in 2006. While it might seem ill-fitting to feature an image from WWECW on a musing of an original ECW event, in another way, it's perhaps the more fitting... as I will touch on later.

Let's get on with it.

2597 - WWF In Your House: International Incident (July 1996)

Vancouver, BC
July 1996

It's another in a long line of two-hour throwaway In Your House PPVs that nobody in their right mind should care about, except this time it's in CANADA. This is one month after King Of The Ring, where Austin 3:16 was born, Mankind drew first blood (not literally) against the Undertaker, and Ahmed Johnson won the IC title... oh and Shawn Michaels was there too, for some reason.