September 15th, 2019 will see the return of regular daily posting.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

For Anyone Curious... My Thoughts On Clash Of Champions 2019

So, in an effort to try and get some sleep, I watched the last WWE PPV and fell asleep right after the Women's tag-title match... so that clearly got the job done. For the most part, the show was boring and sleep-inducing; hence why I preferred to talk about an old WCW PPV that was terrible for my Wednesday PPV musings over a WWE PPV that was boring. Not because it was better, but because the WWE write-up would've been  several lines of  "So-so beat so-so in a match to retain or win some title. Boring."

It's not that the matches were bad or anything; mostly boring. The Sasha/Becky match was pretty much the only match I saw that was close to entertaining before the shitty phantom DQ finish where they tell us Becky is DQ and stuff... the rest of the show was just boring as shit. I mean, when the guy who was champion and made everyone happy he won at Mania is trying to get a crowd going for an eternity and the crowd is either apathetic or reacting outright negatively, it's a sad sight. Hence, no musings.

Oh well... better luck next time, I suppose. I'm actually quite looking forward to the FIX debut of  Smackdown because that could potentially be an interesting trainwreck if nothing else. I would like to look forward to AEW television as well, but the Canadian rights haven't been brought up yet, so that's off the table for now.

Speaking of AEW, I've been able to watch some of the All Out show thanks to a friend. Guess where we're going this Wednesday...

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

WCW Fall Brawl 2000


So after some period of inactivity and revisiting old Summerslam PPVs, we're bringing back the wrestling PPV musings on Wednesday afternoons. And what better show to kick off this new session of weekly incoherent musings on old shows than to check out an old WCW PPV from the year 2000, built on the premise of Goldberg refusing to follow a script.

Good old WCW in the year 2000; an absolute clusterfuck of an era where nothing goes write and every week, a new contender for worst wrestling program on television is crowned.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Power Rangers Reflections #22 - The Mutiny (3-Part Episode)

Wasn't planning on this... but figured it'd be both a worthy tribute of sorts and a way to kick off the series.

So this past weekend, voice actor Robert Axelrod passed away. And in a tribute of sorts, I want to muse on the three-part episode that introduced his most famous portrayal: Lord Zedd.

Axelrod wasn't a stranger to Power Rangers: he had voiced the character of Finster during the show's first season. But most people know him best as the voice of Zedd, the villain introduced in the second season premiere as a replacement for Rita Repulsa in order to change things up.

Even though this is a three-parter, we'll be blowing through these episodes pretty quickly with some bullet points and other bits of observation. This aired in prime time, you know. And it was a pretty big deal at the time to have Prime Time Power Rangers... I have no idea what that meant, but it was indeed a big deal and you knew shit was going down.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

This Blog Is Ten Years Old...

Many welcomes to those who find their idle ways here. There has to be a fairly good reason behind my emerging from the dark shadows of insipidness or something to that extent and the reason so far has eluded me. May it emerge somewhere someday.

All seriousness aside, I would like to welcome you to my new blog. What can you expect from this blog? Well, you did read the title, didn't you? A whole lot of random stuff, ramblings, and all in all, generally uninteresting stuff.

If you're wondering a bit about me, I'll fill out my profile soon enough (I just opened this up yesterday) and will add more details about this blog and what to expect. In any case, I hope that whoever comes by is somewhat entertained (or disdained) by what is eventually featured here and sticks around long enough to follow my hapless adventures in... stuff.

So, in any case, here's to a new blogging experience... that ends up better than my last.

I wrote that bit ten years ago on this very day to officially open up this current blog, situated at this here Blogger space and for what it's worth, the journey that began on this day ten years ago and continues onward has been a thrill. While I would've liked to have prepared something a little more special to befit the occasion, I suppose I could settled for a less than grand tribute in the form of this post.

This comes at what I would consider a somewhat turbulent point in my life. Things have been changing, causing me to set aside the hobby that has given me some semblance of mental stability over the years... but rest assured that despite things been overhauled, there are some big things planned for the future of this blog, the web spaces, and things of that nature.

This is not an end to the road, as was previously teased.

In fact, we may very well be just getting started.


Friday, September 13, 2019

DTM-Cast - Episode #101

Click on the image above to download the MP3.

This weekend celebrates 10 years of this Blogger space... but instead of posting an episode then, I'm posting one now so that I can ramble incoherently about a Rerez video that has taken controversy... also blog talk and some questions of sorts.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Robert Axelrod (May 29, 1949 – September 7, 2019)

Robert Axelrod passed away this past weekend.

Best known for his vocal talents as the villainous Lord Zedd in several seasons worth of Power Rangers, Mr. Axelrod has voiced numerous characters over the course of his career, from Digimon to Robotech and other anime dubs of note. He had also been a guitarist in the 1970s.

Words cannot properly the profound sense of loss that is being felt and I can only offer my thoughts and condolences to his family and friends on this trying time.

Godspeed, Mr. Axelrod. And thanks for the memories.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019

DTM-Cast: Episode #100

Click the image above to download the MP3.

It is the landmark 100th episode of the prestigious program. And there is clearly a ton of shit for us to go through... so let's get to it, kids.

Show opens with a toast of sorts and the audio quality is rather poor compared to the rest of the show. Then we touch on a variety of different things; the "Switch exodus" of sorts, the JDF wankfest that failed to make money, NXT to USA, a couple trailers, and a piece of business that requires resolution.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mega Man Maker: Wily Challenge 2019-08-31

The first level is not indicative of the rest of the run.

WWE Summerslam 2019

I don't think it should surprise anyone that it would take this long for me to post musings on the most recent of Summerslams. In a way, it makes sense because of the whole count-up experience, but generally, this is done because I split the viewing experience over several days. This was one of the easier shows to sit through. It was long, sure, but it didn't feel like a chore and I didn't feel like saving the rest for later. That's a good thing.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Pick-Ups #35 - August 2019

And a bit of a quick update... so quick you'll miss it.

WWE Summerslam 2013

So, here's the deal. I did a VLOG thing on this show when it came out and I seem to recall enjoying the show for the most part. However, it's been six years and with some time passing, I thought it'd be appropriate to revisit

For anyone interested, my thoughts on this show circa 2013 can be found here. Time has certainly changed certain mindsets, so let's get to it.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

WWE Summerslam 2012

Early 2012 saw the return of Brock Lesnar, who decimated John Cena in spectacular fashion in his first WWE match since 2004... and then Cena overcame the odds and beat Brock, because WWE ruins everything. Now it's Summerslam, where Brock faces off against Triple H a.k.a. McSon-In-Law.

Might as well get it over with.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

WWE Summerslam 2009

Another day, another year, another Summerslam, another John Cena vs. Randy Orton match, another reason to use the above image and tagline yet again... joy.