Friday, June 22, 2018

3587 - Power Rangers Reflection Redux #09: Lost And Found In Translation

This episode is an interesting "concept" episode and probably the closest thing we'd be getting to something resembling a crossover between Power Rangers and its original Super Sentai source material. At the time of airing, there had been quite a bit of controversy surrounding it due to the way it presented the original material here. Some didn't mind it, others were outraged, and the rest either didn't know the difference between one or the other or they simply didn't care.

To be perfectly honest, I don't recall my reactions to this episode back in the day. It's never been mentioned or eluded to in any of the commentaries or the old blog. I know I watched it and I'd imagine an opportunity to see any semblance of seemingly unaltered Abaranger without going through unofficial channels... but nonetheless, my initial impressions from fourteen-ish years ago are largely forgotten.

So, I'm going into this with something of a clean slate of sorts. And yes, it'll be fairly brief for the moment.

3586 - Autodesk Sketchbook #11: Random Peoples Gets Doodles

The last one for the week, I promise.
I screwed up on two of the caricactures because I used the wrong black pen and by the time I realized it, it was too late.
Oh well...

3585 - Weekend Plans

I recently went back to watch an old WCW PPV with the recently departed Big Van Vader in the main event against Sting. I ended up writing a quick musings afterwards and that's the closest thing to a "proper" tribute that I can provide in regards to the man and his career. It does relate to a rather infamous piece of WCW television business, but it's also one of the better matches I've seen and also one of the better PPVs.

That'll be up this coming later on.

As previously mentioned a couple posts ago, there is also going to be a DTM House Show where I play a bit of Atari Vault and talk about the whole Ataribox thing and where I stand on that. There may be a second House Show on Sunday where I showcase.

Next week might see a quick review or two along the way and then come July, we kick off the Oddball Fighters, where we look at a couple bootleg fighting games as well as a couple Master System ports. Should be great fun.

3584 - End Of The World This Sunday... Yes... Again...

So according to this Express.Co.Uk article, the world is supposed to end on June 24. Because we've all heard this crap before. Then again, this same article claims that a mythical being was supposed to show up on April 23rd and I've heard nothing regarding any sort of alien creature appearing in the skies.

Who knows? Maybe June 24th is the day Thanos collects all the Infinity Gems/Stones/Whatevers and uses them to wipe out half of all life in the universe or something.

So is it worth making a silly video out of this whole mess?

Probably not.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

3583 - Ataribox After-Action Report: Atari Strikes Back At THE REGISTER!


Satirical news site The Register had posted a couple hilarious yet revealing articles in regards to the Ataribox device that people are apparently raving over. Well, this didn't sit well with Atari, who accused those dastardly Brits of publishing FAKE NEWS!

The Register shot back by releasing the audio interview they did with Ataribox cheif Michael Artz and well... I haven't heard it yet, but I'm assuming they're on the up and up and Atari is just being flaky at this point.

Look, whatever thoughts I have on this thing will be somewhat expressed on the House Show this weekend. In the meantime, however, your lovely Ataribox campaign has thus far amassed a grand total of $2,922,310 as of three minutes ago.

I would like to remind folks that the Ouya collected $8.5 million in their campaign.

Just a thought.

3582 - DTM-Cast: Episode 76

Don't mind me. I'm just testing the headset. And playing... stuff.

As always, click the image above to download the MP3.

3581 - Order 64 Coming Soon...

After what seems like a long time coming, I finally fired up TIE Fighter and it still kicks ass.

And then I dig up an old custom battle (that's what we called campaigns back in the day, kids) called Order 64. Very few folks who are long frequent visitors of this blog will recall the above image. It is not a joke image. It is an in-game image and the first thing that greets you when you're selecting this custom battle, which is built around the eradication of the Gungan race.

Clearly, this has no place in current canon... even the old Expanded Universe would shiver at the thought of the Empire killing all the Gungans because they represent a grave biological threat to the galaxy.

So we're going to be playing this one sooner or later... and who knows? I may even make this available as a download if you want to try the game for yourself.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

3580 - Top Gear Pocket 2 (GBC)

Top Gear. In Your Pocket. For game Boy color. Yaaarrrrrr....

3579 - WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004

We're jumping ahead a year here because I don't want to wait until months down the line to replace an old slot.

In 2004, WWE attempted an "innovative new" formula for their PPV offerings; Taboo Tuesday, a PPV that would air on a Tuesday instead of the traditional Sunday and also give the audience (we didn't have a WWE Universe at the time, whatever that is) some control over the booking of the match.

I posted my votes and subsequent thoughts on the show back in the old blog and those have been reposted here. The choice of words is unfortunate, as is the overall tone, but it does give you an idea of what I thought of this show at the time. It's been years since then and I've opted to give this show another look, if for no other reason than this give this show a proper write-up circa 2018.

3578 - Mega Man Maker Level 226351 - The Best MM Intro Stage By Spiffy

I debate the "Best" portion of the title... but regardless.

3577 - Sting To Write Forward To Hellblazer: 30th Anniversary Collection


Legendary musician and former frontman of The Police STING will be writing the forward to the upcoming Hellblazer: 30th Anniversary Collection from DC Comics. Sting served as the inspiration for the visual look of the John Constantine character, so it seems somewhat appropriate that the man himself should have a hand in the celebration.

And this is where Joe Jabroni Wrestling Fan jumps in and asks when he's going to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

3576 - Last Sunday Really Pissed Me Off

Well, no, not really... had a wonderful Sunday.

For those who are wondering - that would be about three of you - I haven't seen the PPV beyond a couple matches that happened to be on as background noise during the week. The matches turned out to be the Daniel Bryan Danielson vs. Consensual Penis/Big Cass and later on, the Ronda match, where Jonathan Coachman said the stupidest line on commentary that prompted the Quotable reaction that was posted a couple days ago. Anything I know about Asuka being turned into Just Another Geek, I've seen via online clips.

I'm not planning a write-up on the show nor do I plan on sitting down and watching it; the show's simply too damn long and there wasn't much to look forward to. I will say that of the two matches I've seen, it was... fine. Bryan's match with Big Cass was better than their previous outing, but nothing to write home about. And as far as Rousey is concerned, I thought her match with Nia Jax was fine. I'm not the biggest Rousey fan in the world and didn't care for her UFC stuff or her bored expressions that people are passing off as "death glares" or whatever, but from what I've seen, she's made the transition rather nicely and, provided the booking doesn't go to shit, she might actually do well in WWE.

Let's just hope she doesn't become the next Roman Reigns.

So while that show was taking place on Sunday, I was playing an old NES game called Faria, which is a hybrid role-playing game combined with Zelda-style overhead action bits. It's a slow start and for anyone who wants to complain about how Dragon Warrior I has long grind sessions, play this game, where virtually every enemy you kill is worth one point. This may change as the game progresses, but still... bah.

The planned thing that I have on Friday that would've been used for a Power Rangers Reflections Redux is on hold for now... on the bright side, I can push BACK the PRRR and it'll be featured this coming Friday. It's not as wholesome as other entries as it covers a gimmick episode, but it is a new entry, for whatever that's worth.

Once I get back from real life stuff, I'll be testing out the new headsets by recording a quick House Show. I did some quick recordings here and there beforehand and things sound rather promising once all the drivers and set-up doohickies were set-up. This isn't going to replace the Yeti when it comes to the heavy stuff like reviews and stuff, but it could be work with commentaries, house shows, and possibly even a certain audio program that has been long dormant.

Fingers crossed.

3575 - CBS To Produce MOAR Star Trek Shows In The Future


So with Discovery being a hit of sorts, CBS is going to maximum warp on Star Trek and plans on shooting out multiple series based on different settings. Some of these include one based on Starfleet Academy, a Khan limited series, an animated series of sorts, and one that might bring back the bald captain who controls the skies.

Now whether all this comes to fruition or not is another story, but it's nice to see that there's some semblance of Star Trek to look forward to in the future. Out of all these ideas, I wouldn't mind seeing another animated series, since we really haven't had one since the 70s. If we do go that route, may I suggest you stick with a traditional animated style and stay away from the CG stuff? That style of animation is usually hit or miss and I don't want a CG series that looks worse than the cutscenes in the old Elite Forces computer games.

3574 - New Headset: The DS502

Ordered this headset off Amazon after Rich The ReviewTechUSA Guy did a couple videos with these and they sounded wonderful. This might not be my go-to headset for everyday purposes that I do on the computer front, but they might serve me well on the video or possible audio front.

Will do a couple quick tests before I head off, but I might record a full House show later tonight. We'll see how this goes.

3573 - How Does Transformers Fight A Long Road Trip In Space?


IDW announced a four-issue mini-series starting in September that will featuring a crossover between the Star Trek animated series from the 70s with the original 80s Transformers, which is precisely the sort of ridiculous crossover concept you've come to expect from IDW, considering their crossovers with Doctor Who and Planet Of The Apes.

I'm sure this'll be good fun. IDW has been consistently been putting out some really good Trek comics these past few years and those other crossovers were fun reads if nothing else.