Friday, March 22, 2019

4116 - Review #650: Star Wars Battlefront (the old one) (Xbox)


The old one.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

4115 - Smackdown (March 19th, 2019): He's A Loser! Yes, He Is!

Yeah, so I watched Smackdown via DVR. And well, let's just call it one step closer to skipping Wrestlemania.

Was going to post a Slideshow Movie Review, but fuck it, I need to spend the one post on this.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

4114 - About Kurt's Announcement

G. Raffe Added To Protect The Geek
Yeah, so Kurt Angle's final opponent at Mania is going to be GEEK CORBIN.

The guy who people were sick and tired of to the point of TUNING OUT OF YOUR FUCKING TELEVISION SHOW is getting a high-profile Wrestlemania main match and might even be the one who ends up winning that match.

You know... I've never skipped a Wrestlemania in twenty years. This may very well be the first time.

As the man in the black hat would say, underwhelming.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

4113 - Might As Well Announce It... Earth Week, Everyone!

Precisely as it says on the tin; a bunch of old reviews recycled and repurposed for new games. I was pleasantly surprised by how many of these reviews could be recycled and reused that I was able to fit a whole week for that purpose alone.

Fun fact: These recycled reviews were intended to be the April Fools' gag... but then I got a better idea for the ONE video.

Monday, March 18, 2019

4112 - The Update Post

Sorry about the dry spell, but it's gonna get a little dryer this week... now that the weather is getting a little warmer, the spring cleaning season is about to dawn upon us, and taxes are waiting to be collected. Despite this, the first two weeks of April will still be plentiful with video material... and not much else.

For those who read yesterday's post, I was going to do a Ramble video on the Doom movie announcement, but opted against it and might not even include the recorded audio in the next DTM-Cast for this coming Sunday. The Rambles will be coming back in some form or fashion; I'm just stumped on what I want to talk about first... but who knows?

Youtube subscribers will be getting the Neo Geo Pocket Color game reviews this week up until Friday, where Review #650 will debut. A couple more reviews should follow next week before the shitstorm of reviews first couple weeks of April. As to what #650 implies... it's a battlefront and that's all I will say.

On the text front, no new Power Rangers Reflections this week... but you'll be getting TWO next week. By that same token, no wrestling musings for this AND next week, since you'll be getting a whole bunch that first April week.

Remember... the end will eventually be nigh... according to the countdown...


Sunday, March 17, 2019

4111 - My Reaction To A New Doom Movie Coming Out

You know... I had this Ramble video planned out and the audio recorded... but because it's a video game movie starring a female protagonist... and apparently, played by one of those tiny actresses and not one with a more imposing physique so as to not completely obliterate my suspension of disbelief... but I guess getting an actual badass MMA woman was out of the movie budget... sorry, I'm going off on a tangent, am I?

Listen, if anything, I'll include the audio onto the next DTM-Cast, but as far as the movie goes... anyone remember the last video game movie that had "annihilation" in its title?

4110 - Playstation Old Stuff Was On Sale For $39.99


Well, add another ten for the Canadian price, but for those who have been hesitant in picking one up, it's a bit cheaper now.

I'm still holding out for an even cheaper price. Perhaps even second hand.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

4107 - Review #649: Fatal Fury: F(irst) Contact (NGPC)

4106 - WWE Fastlane 2019

So here's the deal... I watched this show over a span of three days because I no longer have the patience to sit through a ten-hour PPV. Wrestlemania might be the one sole exception if there is a party I can attend, but even that might be a stretch. So I watch this show and it feels like a complete waste of time. This isn't a knock of the quality of the show, but rather just the "nothing happened" atmosphere that resonated throughout the show.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

4104 - WWF Fully Loaded 2000

Bit of a heads-up before we begin: the weekly Classic Wrestling Musings are going to take a break for a couple weeks. Reason being there's going to be a week's worth of the things before Mania hits and I'd much rather focus on those than anything. After that, it'll resume around mid-April.

With that said, let's dwell into WWF Fully Loaded 2000, from the month of July 2000, during the peak years of the Attitude Era when things got really, REALLY good. I don't know why I picked this show above all others; all I know is that I just felt like it and that's how we're rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin... wait, we're not at that point yet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

4103 - DTM BLOG Classic Is Now Closed FOREVER

This doesn't mean anything to anyone since it hasn't been touched for a good long while, but I recently closed my original DTM BLOG Classic and left the following notice on the page:

I started this webspace back in 1999, back when it was called Dave's Webpage. It underwent an number of other names - The Twisted Realm Of DTM, DTM Webstation, and a couple others... but when I discovered Tripod's blogging feature in 2004, the website became a secondary hub to the blog that would be dubbed DTM Blog. And for the better part of five years, it was my main web presence for better or worse. And then I discovered the Blogger service in 2009 and migrate my main presence there, with this sticking around for a few years as something of a historical archive. I kept the page up mostly for myself, but keep a link to the site for those interested.

But there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. And as I take a huge step forward in 2019, it eventually means having to let go a few things. Some of those things could be trivial, while others have been a major part of your life. This would fall under the latter category. And so it is with a heavy heart that I announce that DTM Blog Classic has officially been shut down. This page will stay online until an undetermined date, by which point, any and all traces of this webspace that has been a part of my life since 1999 will be gone for good.

Six years ago, I wrote the final page of this original DTM Blog. Today, I close the book. Tomorrow, I bury it in the grave.

The Tripod space, in general, has been a sticking point in my early life. While the Webstation had migrated over to various web services that have proven futile, this Tripod space held firm, being the place where my main blog took place. Again, the DTM Blog represents something of a transitional phase in my web presence, for lack of a better term. It was originally supposed to be a companion piece to my old website, the DTM Webstation. But somewhere along the way, the Blog ended up getting more of my attention than the Webstation. Maybe it was the ease of use. Maybe it was the lack of hassle in updating templates and uploading pages upon pages worth of content and hope all the links worked properly. All I know is that somewhere along the way, the Webstation eventually went the way of the doo-doo and my focus was on this blog.

Of course, it eventually got to a point where the Tripod blogging software wasn't going to suffice given the slightly more ambitious plans I was going for. I was about to post videos around 2009 and the cumbersome editor wasn't going to cut it. Someone had suggested the Blogger site and I made an account there. The end result is two blogs; The Twisted Realm of DTM and the DTM Review Archive.

With those blogs, I could do a lot more than I could on the Tripod space... and it was also much easier and bearable to embed videos there than here. For a while, I managed both Twisted Blog (as it was known at the time) and this blog, but the Twisted Blog eventually took precedence and in April 2010, I formally retired the DTM Blog, relegated it to an archive of older works. In 2013, I made that retirement of the whole space more permanent. And while I initially resisted and flat out rejected the notion of shutting this space down, I eventually realized that I needed to consolidate all my web presence to one singular platform. That eventually means getting rid of the excess stuff.

And so, in a few short months, I aim to clear the room... for good.

While this blog and this space is done for good, my excessive ramblings and depressing memoirs continue over at, which is due to undergo a major change in the coming months. And so, to everyone who has ever taken the time to check out some of my written ramblings and whatnots, I thank you for your time and your indulgence. I sincerely hope that you've gotten a little something out of these ramblings because I've certainly got something far more substantial than anything imaginable. It's been a thrill and a hell of a ride, but now we've come to our last stop.

The book is closed. Thanks for stopping by.

4102 - How To Kill Interest In Your Mania Main Event

Indulge me for a moment because I need to get this brief blurb off my chest.