Wednesday, April 18, 2018

3427 - WWE Backlash 2003

So here's a bit of a twist; a fresh new musings some 15 years after the original airing of this PPV took place.

Turns out I never did a predictions on either Backlash or the following month's Judgment Day PPV. I don't recall the reason for this; I'm sure it's mentioned in the old Bite commentaries I used to post, but in any event, that means I get to watch this show with fresh eyes for the first time in years. And I can honestly say that I'm not really looking forward to it.

This is the PPV that would feature the first WWE match of Bill Goldberg as well as the final WWE appearance (for a short while at least) of the Rock. Also, your reigning WWE Champion for Smackdown is Brock Lesnar while your reigning RAW World champion is HHH, otherwise known as McSon-In-Law.

Oh, and Kevin Nash is here too... oh boy, what fun are we about to have.

Fuck me.

3426 - Leg

Hello, everyone.

So I guess an update is in order since the somewhat cryptic posts that I left this past Friday. And that update is that I had a brief stay at the hospital due to a blood clot in my leg that has been causing me some rather sufficient pain. And because pain and me go hand in hand like a Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Main Event and an approving audience, I spent the better part of a Thursday at the emergency ward and another trip on Friday morning to get the necessary treatments, which includes a year's worth of anticoagulants and some light activities.

Since part of that prescription means spending most of my time in bed and nowhere closing to a seating position, I spent the better part of the weekend bed-ridden while making minute efforts in trying to walk under my own power. The good news in this regard is that I'm slowly but surely starting to get enough strength in my leg that I can walk around (with some difficulty, but not too much) on my power for about fifteen minutes several times a day.

The bad news is that I'm still a long ways to go before I can comfortably sit at a desk to get shit done. And that means the period of inactivity here on the blog - save for the few text posts I have in reserve - continues and may very well continue until the end of the month. In fact, I'm sort of sneaking this one post in and my leg isn't holding up very well. So I guess I'll be doing more walking and lying on my back.

On the bright side, however, being incapacitated means I'm able to relax and brainstorm a few ideas. Possibly even getting stuff ready to go when I'm ready to get stuff done. I'm aiming for May to get back to work (both online and in real life) and a week or so later should see videos return in a big way. I've lost a lot of time because of this clot and I want to catch up as much as possible.

So I bid you adieu for now and would like to give a piece of advice; if something seems off, don't wait until the last possible moment before it gets serious. Get it checked out before it becomes something bad.

Anyway, got to go.


Friday, April 13, 2018

3425 - Power Rangers Reflections Redux #04: Day Of The Dumpster (Pilot Episode)

Since this is a reboot of sorts... and the first in a long while... it makes sense that we use this spot to return to the origins of the series. And so, for today's entry, I'll be looking at the original pilot episode of Day Of The Dumpster... or at least, close to it.

For those who need a little primer on what I'm talking about, the original version (or pilot episode) of Day Of The Dumpster is a drastically different entity compared to what would eventually follow. There was a different setting, slightly different names and terminology, and more notably, a different girl playing the Yellow Ranger, who just so happens to be a stark departure from the one we would know and love.

This episode had not seen the light of day in any official capacity nor was it really known to all but the most hardcore of fans. The only way I knew about a pilot episode was when I came across the transcript for the show that was posted on noted fan Joe Rovang's site a few years ago. It wouldn't be until 1999 when it eventually aired (albeit in a slightly edited format) as part of the Power Rangers: Lost episode television special. However, Youtube did have the original, unedited version of the pilot online a few years ago, but has since been taken down. As such, the following text is based on the Lost Episode version which is featured on one of the Power Rangers DVD sets since that's the only version I have on hand.


The pain is neverending.
And so is the struggle.
But be vigilant and true...
And the light shall come through.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

3423 - Inactive

Hello, everyone. I havè bad news.
I am incapacitated with a leg infection and am currently out of action.
Any prepped posts will go up as scheduled, but videos are obviously set back for a time.
And just when I was really getting ready to go along.
anyway, just anted to give the quick heads up.
Sorry about this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

3422 - Potential Video Output

After getting beat up by an old man at Wrestlemania, John Cena refuels.
Just a quick heads up; Friday's video will be a video review or will touch on one of the pick-ups that I held off on mentioning on the recent Pick Ups video. Just thought I'd mention this right off the bat.

3421 - I Don't Even Know...

Just a thing I tossed together. I have no idea what this is supposed to be.
But I guess it's "art" or something.

3420 - Ramblemania 34

Hey, look at this. A timely Ramblemania! Well... almost timely.

So here's the deal; this is a show where I had gotten little interest in and then slowly but surely, my interest piqued... mostly when a guy who hasn't wrestled in three years is about to wrestle for the first time since the last time wrestle, but some of the other stuff were kind of intriguing and there were some interesting match-ups that I was really looking forward to.

Did it live up? Eh... let's find out.

3419 - WWE No Way Out 2003

For those who are following these PPV write-ups on a weekly basis, I had already done the 2003 Royal Rumble a year or so ago. You can read the musings here and assume I feel the same way watching that stupid show here, because I do.

Live from Montreal, the City of Screwjobs, it's No Way Out... okay, that sounded cooler back in 2003... actually, that's a lie. That never sounds cool. Anway, we have the rematch of an iconic Wrestlemania X8 encounter as well as a rematch of a less-than-stellar Royal Rumble encounter... also the return of Steve Austin; his first WWE appearance since his much-publicized walkout in 2002.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

3418 - ExposedTechUSA

For whenever you ever get pissed at the ReviewTechUSA guy for some reason...