Tuesday, January 24, 2017

3038 - Go Go Pee In That Cup

Yeah, so I'm holding off restarting YouTube stuff until Friday. That way, I only have to worry about a "quick" DTM Rambles video and a pick-up video before starting reviews in February again.

Instead of a video for today, here's the new trailer for that upcoming Power Rangers movie due in March. Where we get to see the suits in action for a brief instance... and they look okay. Nothing more, nothing less.

This looks somewhat promising, which is surprising to me considering how lukewarm I was to the idea initially. This has upgraded those feelings to somewhat cautiously optimistic. I may very well see this in the cinema - might as well since I saw the other two flicks and may as well keep that tradition going. If nothing else, the cup gag earned a chuckle, so that has to be worth something.

Power Rangers is due March 23.

Monday, January 23, 2017

3037 - So I Have A Vid.Me Thing...

So I decided to give the new Vid.Me thing a shot and started a channel under the dtm666 username, though it'll appear as DTM Rambles when you reach the actual page. There's a good chance that this whole venture could be a possible bust like the Zippcast thing, but you know what? Let's give this thing a shot; it actually looks promising. (Though if there is one nitpick to be had, it's that you can't create playlists... yet.)

Despite the addition of a "new" video channel that isn't actually new since it's been a couple weeks, this isn't going to affect the overall schedule; no weekly Vid.Me stuff or anything of the sort. Right now, the deal is to do upload some older videos with minor edits (or in some cases, experimental re-dubs), but somewhere down the road, there might be the exclusive video here or there. One of them might be an update to an older video comparison... but that's jumping too far ahead now.

I've added the link to the sidebar of "stuff" so you can click on that. Or you can reach that here if you like.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

3036 - Welp... We're Back... A Rambler's Story... Or Something

After a three week long hiatus, DTM Rambles... again.

Not only are we back, but the daily set-up thing that fumbled and mumbled is.

The current daily set-up is almost similar to the last time we did it, but with some minute changes.

Youtube videos will, as always, upload almost every Tuesday and Friday, barring sudden real-life commitments and health related things. Sometimes, there'll be the occasional break from the routine that includes a week's worth of videos, but for the most part, it'll be two videos a week. First Youtube video from hiatus will be uploaded on Friday, as I've got something else planned for Tuesday and saves me the trouble of filling a spot. Please note that this applies to the DTM Rambles main channel and not the alternative DTM Archives page, which still maintains a somewhat loose schedule.

Dailymotion videos will upload every Wednesday for the first couple months before downgrading to every-other-Wednesday. First video will be an update video, but the following week will be the first part of an overview featuring... something. That is all I will say.

Written posts will occur on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The contents will be somewhat random, though there will be month-long periods where "themed" content will occur on a weekly basis, such as the Weakly Wrestling Musings on Thursdays.

Sunday will be wild card posts. Either a video or a written post or a random bit in general. Sundays is where you'll be seeing the DTM-Cast audio project uploaded on a tri-weekly basis come February.

So... let's try this again. Once more... with feeling.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

3035 - DTM-Cast: Episode 67, featuring 2016 In Review

Click the image to download the MP3. Click the break to read the list.

Happy New Year, everybody. See you in three weeks!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

3033 - Bit Of A Programming Change

Everything is moving up a day. So Fire Pro will be up Saturday while the "last" episode of the
DTM-Cast in 2016 will now be the first episode of 2017 as it will be uploaded on Saturday. The post will also include the written Winners And Losers Of 2016 and believe me, this list has more than its fair share of losers. (Only six winners, no middle grounders... this was a truly horrible year.)

Also, after this weekend, the blog goes on hiatus and will resume daily posting on Sunday, January 22nd, 2017. And this time, we're better prepared to cope.

Until then...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

3032 - ECW Anarchy Rulz

3031 - Double Dragon IV... and it looks awful.

A couple thoughts, actually...

1) Very smart idea to call this Double Dragon IV... so we could try and forget about the Double Dragon V game that was released in 1994. That was the subpar fighting game based on the subpar animated series for anyone who is wondering... I have a review on said game that I did a few years back. Also, if this is Double Dragon IV then where does that leave Super Double Dragon?

2) Goddamn does this look shit. I mean, I get what they're trying to go for here with the whole 8-bit throwback style that's been beaten to death over the years, but this looks like somebody stuck ancient NES sprites onto ill-fitting backgrounds, much like a lot of older fangames made in Multimedia Fusion way back when. This feels like amateur hour.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

3030 - DTM's Generic Christmas Special

Warning: Not much Christmas, just a bunch of crap.

Happy holidays, folks.