Friday, October 9, 2015

2649 - Akumajo Dracula (FDS)

Review - Akumajo Dracula (FDS) by TheTwistedRealmOfDTM

The first of the Dailymotion exclusive reviews of somewhat decent quality... I hope.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2647 - Huntin' For Ghosts Ya'll

2646 - TNA Bound For Glory 2015

Whatever you want to say about this year's Bound For Glory event, it is bound to be better than last year's edition of what was once TNA's flagship PPV.

For those who missed it, Bound For Glory 2014 was essentially a cross-promotional vehicle with Japanese promotion Wrestle-1, featuring a bunch of Japanese wrestlers that no one in their right mind would give two shits about unless they were extremely well-versed in Japanese wrestling or Wrestle-1 in particular. It was a telling sign of TNA's woes when their flagship PPV event - something that's supposed to be on par with a Wrestlemania or a Starrcade or other major event that's touted as the promotion's biggest show ever - is treated with about as much pomp and circumstance as an episode of Sunday Night Heat. It became something that you didn't need to see because it wouldn't affect the narrative taking place on the Impact Wrestling show.

So the good news is that a little more effort was put in making this year's edition a far stronger showing in that, hey, something is bound to happen here that will affect the promotion... at least in terms of the narrative and not necessarily in terms of the state of the company. For example, we actually have a World Title match, something last year's edition lacked completely and utterly. The bad news is that, in light of TNA's latest woes and impending cancellation from Destination America, Bound for Glory 2015 was treated as something of an afterthought with only two weeks worth of build.

Certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture when the main event had a last-minute change from a one-on-one World title match between champion Ethan Carter III and challenger Drew Galloway to a triple threat match also featuring Matt Hardy. And when I say last minute, I literally mean last minute as the stipulation was added in the closing minutes to the go-home edition of Impact Wrestling.

Monday, October 5, 2015


"Hey! Look, kids!
Marty Jannetty FINALLY won a World Title!"
- My buddy after last night's TNA PPV

Sunday, October 4, 2015

2644 - Wrestle-1 Bound For Glory 2014 (Also Featuring The TNA Superstars)

(EDIT: Due to technical fuck-ups, I had to rewrite a portion of this post. Sorry, my bad.)

TNA Bound For Glory 2014 has no real, viable purpose for existing. It is simply there.

Bound for Glory is essentially supposed to be the TNA equivalent of a Wrestlemania or a Starrcade, the biggest event in the promotion, as it were. While nowhere near the pedigree of the aforementioned granddads of them all, Bound For Glory is oftened touted as TNA's biggest show, where things end and begin here and there... I guess. Diehard TNA fans would probably do a better job of giving Bound For Glory's legacy that hard sell that I just can't see myself. Whatever importance Bound For Glory had in the past was quickly exised for its 2014 iteration, which became less of a turning point in the TNA narrative and more of a "one night only" affair where TNA would team up with Japanese promotion Wrestle-1.

So instead of TNA's biggest event showcasing the best they have to offer... they're showing a Wrestle-One promotion with TNA guys in it... and on top of that, nothing that happens on this show has any baring on the TNA narrative going forward, as the episodes for Impact Wrestling set to air AFTER the event were already taped beforehand. What a way to spend fifty bucks... on a wrestling show that has no reason to exist.

So I haven't seen this show when it was new - mostly due to the fact that I wasn't following TNA beyond reading online taping results as well as following the company's woes and their ill-conceived efforts in making people believe otherwise, but a friend of mine managed to tape a copy of the show and offered to lend me said copy for the sake of a musings on the blog. I didn't really see the point since I had little to no familiarity with TNA beyond what I've read online and even less so with Wrestle-1, but eventually I caved and said, "Fine. As long as you get this year's BFG event."

So here we are. Looking at last year's Bound For Glory event scant moments before this year's iteration takes place. The write-up on THAT event will take place much later... but that's another story.

2643 - Live From MSG... Not This Match Again.

Just finished watching one of the replays.

So it's a WWE Network exclusive show where we showcase a house show from Madison Square Garden, the Mecca of WWE. Why is this house show airing on the Network? Because it features Brock Lesnar, of course! And who is his latest, greatest opponent to send to Suplex City, Bitch?

Big Show.

Really? This is what we're going with?

Say, remember back in 2002 when they had that one match on Smackdown and the ring broke? WOW, that was amazing. Back when Big Show was a bit of a threat and back when Brock Lesnar was interesting and not just the modern-day equivalent of 2003 Scott Steiner.

2642 - Power Rangers Reflections #11: Cyborg Rangers (Lightspeed Rescue)

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue is a series that, for a period of time that I can recall, not a whole lot of people like to hold in high regard and at one point in time, I was one of those folks. It wasn't that it was a bad season, but rather a season that I lacked any real interest in and only followed because it was Power Rangers. I never really cared for the more militaristic nature of the show or the fact that it was something of a departure from what came before; a team of people with other jobs drafted into this Ranger team as a superpowered emergency force, equipped with weapons and tech designed by normal humans rather than enchanted items devised by alien sorcerers. I didn't downright hate Lightspeed, but it was never something high on my list of memorable PR seasons.

As years progressed and lesser incarnations came about, PRLR had started to grow on me somewhat. While the overall story isn't all that great, there were some decent ideas in there that I kinda dug. Having a Ranger team as public servants and with a public face is a nice concept that would get revisited in SPD (not so much Time Force) and the team of Rangers had eventually grown on me somewhat since they acted more like young adults rather than adult actors trying to be teenagers. The series' most notable contribution would be the Titanium Ranger, the first home-grown Power Ranger that isn't a carryover from a pre-existing Super Sentai show. And while he didn't have much of a role in the series (a missed opportunity if there ever was one), I thought it was a pretty cool add on.

Lightspeed Rescue has a number of episodes that might be worth revisiting in some form or another, but today, I want to look at Cyborg Rangers, the 7th episode in the series. Part of the reason stemmed from a viewing of Once A Ranger, which almost reminded me of this episode. Another reason was the need to go away from MMPR for a while.

2641 - Game Gear Collection Up Next