Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Review #719 - Metroid (NES)

Was going to save these for a later time, but no time like the present, it seems.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Thirty Years Ago

It's hard to believe it's been thirty years.

I recall first hearing about this back in the day and I was surprised. Never got to see this one in theaters; the closest I could get to experiencing the film were through the few commercials and preview clips they'd show on TV... as well as the comic book adaptation that was quite excellent. Once I got to see the film, it was probably the greatest thing I've seen.

And you know what? Thirty years later, it still holds up.

Other Turtle movies have come along the way and the quality varies... but at the end of the day, I always go back to this one. It's a great take on the material and a nice amalgamation of the popular versions of these characters. Honestly, if someone were to ask me the best introduction to Turtle lore, I'd go with this movie. All the good bits, none of the bad ones.

I can't ever go back to the old cartoon... never had the guts... but the movie is fine. Better than fine. It's great.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Depressed Doggy... Also Depressed Me...

So a week has passed since I stayed at home. Spent more time with the dog indoors keeping me company, but only got to take her out for a walk once or twice this past week. Not necessarily in the mood for the great outdoors... honestly can't blame her.

For my part, I've been doing alright. Other than a nagging cough that has been with me since the dawn of time - or so it seems - I'm weathering this whole thing fairly fine and I've been able to run a few errands here and there while taking care of the folks. I have to be honest, though; I dread stepping outside these days. Not just because of the pandemic, but also because the general atmosphere is a little worse for wear.

Being on an island that makes up for half of Quebec's cases is bad enough to warrant certain crowd control methods to maintain physical distancing and some places have proven to do a good job of this. Other places, like the groceries and larger department stores selling essentials, still need work. For my part, I try to keep my distance. If I see a crowded lane, I avoid it completely and look for an opening, or wait for one to clear... I try to keep my distance and yet nobody else cares.

Montreal, as of this writing, is in a state of emergency. A great majority of public spaces are closed off until further notice. Places where I would go for a walk to clear my head and just get away from people are no longer accessible. I am barely holding it together and it scares me shitless... especially considering that nobody has bothered to explain which parts of Montreal I should avoid going to since this is a fairly sizable chunk of land.

All of a sudden... this one island, one city bullshit people were pushing a decade or so back.... nah, it was stupid back then even. Dumb fucks.

All you folks on the front lines - the health care workers, the store employees, and likewise - you have my utmost respect for dealing with this shit and putting on a brave face while doing it. I honestly couldn't do what you do daily and if anything, you are much more courageous than I could ever hope to be.

Yeah, I think I've said enough now. I'm off to bed.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Disqus Comment Added... Old Comments Gone... Oops

So a bit of a minor update and more of an experiment... but I installed the Disqus comment system gimmick that everyone seems to be using these days. It's a "basic" module, which means ads galore. But if it gets some interactivity, I might toss a couple bucks. So, we'll give this a try.

Unfortunately, in my spring cleaning of removing some stuff, I may have gone a bit "delete crazy" and killed all the comments... oops.

I feel bad, because there was this nice chap who left comments on the Summerslam posts I did last year. And it turns out I could've imported all the old comments onto the new system... and now it'll look like nobody comes here if I decide the Disqus thing isn't for me... which isn't that far off from the truth, to be honest.

Anyway, this is a thing I thought I'd try out.

Need a little more time to cook the review, so instead, you're getting a Wily Challenge a day early and maybe the review will be up on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

WWF In Your House #8 - Beware Of Dog (May 1996 PPV)

Fun little story behind this one; while this PPV took place on Sunday night, there was a nasty storm that killed the power in the arena, which meant lots of problems in the arena (everyone wrestled in the dark) as well as out (some PPV feed issues.) So the WWF did something special for their Tuesday replay, in which they replay the two matches from the Sunday show, but they'd also air a new set of matches from the arena live.

In all honesty, I thought that was a pretty cool move. At any other time, they could've went with half a PPV showing and be done with it... but they offered a make-up show and earned a bit of good will. In any event, how was this Beware Of Dog show?

Let's find out.

Monday, March 23, 2020

YouTube Embeds Not Working

So the old YouTube Embeds aren't working for some reason. Whenever I try to run a video, I end up getting an error message. However, the video itself works fine when you're watching it off the Youtube page itself or appropriate YouTube app.

It's not just my stuff, either. I've tried other video embeds on other sites and I got the same problem.

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I updated my video drivers and that I'd need to restart. Who knows?

But then, if that's the case, why are the Dailymotion embeds working fine?

Anyway, I'll let you folks know if anything changes on that front. In the meantime, I've got reviews to finalize and prep for the next little bit. With any luck, the first review should up tomorrow.

UPDATE 3:02 P.M.
The embeds work now... not so much this morning, but whatever the issue was seems to have been resolved. Thank goodness for small favors.

New review tomorrow.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Quick Updates, Free Time, No Drive

So... I'm gonna have quite a bit of free time for the next couple weeks... and let's just leave it at that until I feel compelled to share more. In the meantime, that might mean an uptake in worthwhile material... but I suspect time will be spent tending to others in the family and walking the dog.

In any event, I've got some reviews to put together. No clue as to when they'll be ready to go, but it'll be something to keep me occupied.

The DTM-Cast is on indefinite hiatus. Quite honestly, not in the mood at the moment.

The Mega Man Maker weekly video will presumably resume next Saturday as I restore my NSF replacements.

Classic Wrestling PPV musings will resume. No word on when other written features will resume.

That's about it for now.

Be safe and keep clean.


Friday, March 20, 2020

AEW Dynamite (March 18th, 2020): The Empty Arena

So earlier this week, I saw WWE attempt to produce a three-hour RAW from their Performance Center with no crowd; the end result being a rather awkward and uncomfortably boring that had a replay of this year's Rumble, a quick match, and a bunch of promos. And while I gave credit for their trying, I kinda wish they just did replays and I dread how they're going to pull off an empty arena Wrestlemania... for two nights no less!

And then there's All Elite Wrestling; a few months into the television business, lacking the backlog or the experience to deal with a crisis of this sort... and also emanating from an empty arena; in this case, the site where two of their prior events took place. And I will admit that a part of me was dreading this... because these guys and gals were taking a huge risk given the current atmosphere. And, if I would be completely honest, I'd much rather they just took some time off, focused on keeping safe, and pick things up when we're at a point where things can be picked up. I didn't want to have that awkward feeling that I got watching RAW.

That having been said, the lack of a crowd and having to work around the current coronavirus world that we presently live in did not deter All Elite Wrestling from putting on another outstanding episode of Dynamite. Opening with a heartfelt promo from Cody about standing together while standing apart, about not living in fear, and parlaying that into a promo for next episode's Blood & Guts match between the Elite and the Inner Circle.

Even though there are no fans, there is an "audience" of sort comprising all the heels on one side of the ring (MJF, Shawn Spears, and a couple others who gamble on the matches and even invites ol' Tony Schiavone for a cut) and some faces on the other side (Colt Cobana and others). This gives us some background noise to give the illusion of a crowd cheering or jeering the action in the ring. What also helps is the "hard cam" set up in front of the main entrance set, so that we can hide the fact that the arena is empty. It works pretty damn well for the most part as a set-up and does a fair enough job of making an empty arena show more lively than usual.

By the way, this company has done television since October last year... and they were able to make an empty arena set up look good. Meanwhile, the company that's been around for over five decades can't be bothered to make their empty gym look better than usual.

So... quickly running down the undercard, the Lucha Bros beat the Best Friends in a pretty good tag-team match, which caused the Friends to challenge the Bros to a literal street fight in a parking lot. Then we have a women's four way featuring Hikaru Shida, Kris Statlander, Penelope Ford, and RIHO... a pretty decent little match won by Shida. And then the Jurassic Express beat the Butcher And The Blade (with The Bunny) in a fun little match that seems less so with no girls crying for Jumping Jungle Jack Hammer Perry Boy.

Main event featured a six-man tag match between the Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz, and the Spanish God Sammy Guevara) and the Elite (Cody, Hangman Page, and Matt Jackson) with the man advantage for next Dynamite's Blood & Guts match (it's Wargames with the serial number filed off) on the line. Pretty fun match with Jericho on commentary, which makes it all the more fun... certainly better than Asuka screaming and raving on RAW (sorry, Kanachan). Match ends with Santana rolling up Matt for the win and the advantage.

Jericho then cuts a promo, banning all fans from future events, and taunting the Elite for their lack of teamwork and being down a man. Then the flying drone of Broken Matt Hardy shows up and we get the big debut of Broken Matt Hardy in AEW, which would've been a nice spectacle had there been a crowd... still, the lack of a crowd didn't mitigate the moment and I can't wait to see how Matt fares in AEW,

Speaking of debuts, the Dark Order's Exalted One was revealed to be Brodie Lee - the former Luke Harper - who proceeds to beat up on Christopher Daniels, who refused to believe in an exalted one. Also, this Brodie fellow is a pretty good talker for the role he's given. Wonder why he's not allowed to talk in his former place of employ.

There's also a quick interview with AEW champ Jon Moxley as well as a filmed vignette of Jake The Snake's new charge, Lance Archer, beating up a bunch of nobodies in a backyard wrestling ring. Kudos to the short for featuring a Cheatum-like ring announcer... nobody is going to get that, are they?

So if this ends up being the last episode of Dynamite for a good while, this was a strong showing to end it on until the foreseeable future. And for what it's worth, the board has been set for next time with the debuts of Brodie Lee as the Exalted One and Matt Hardy as part of the Elite team, the announcement of matches for the next episode of Dynamite - which they have been particular of saying "the next Dynamite" and not "next week's Dynamite." It also amazes me that AEW was able to put on a more entertaining empty arena show than WWE did that I was almost able to forget the current coronavirus world we live in.


Like I said, I'd have no problem with a suspension of live wrestling for the foreseeable future if it meant the folks could stay safe. But if they're able to pull this off for as long as they can while staying safe, then I can only wish them all the best.

Be safe.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

VIDEO - The Intellivision Amico Pre-Order Gameplay Trailer

So Intellivision just put out a new pre-order trailer, featuring gameplay footage from some of the games for the system. A lot of these games look to be remakes of older Intellivision and Atari games from the 1980s and others seem like the kind of games you'd find on Steam or your mobile phone. It's not the type of thing that appeals to me - I've got more than enough legacy titles on a variety of legacy systems to keep me occupied and the one Intellivision Lives compilation seems to satisfy the INTV itch just fine.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

WWF In Your House #7: Good Friends, Better Enemies (April 1996 PPV)

Yeah, we're doing another one of these In Your House shows... I want to cover the 1996 batch for the next few weeks before we move on to something else, expect a few more of these until May...

In any event, this is a notable event because it's the last major appearance of two big names who will be soon hold a curtain call and be outsiders in a rival promotion... but that is then. This is now. Let's get on with it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

RAW (March 16th, 2020): If You Thought This Was Awkward, Wait Until Mania

So I broke my WWE moratorium by watching this three-hour RAW from an empty Performance Center... which will end up being the new site of Wrestlemania 36.

You know... I'm not surprised in the slightest that this is what they would do. Really, they could either try and run an empty stadium, they could postpone the show to the summer, or they could outright cancel. Now, honestly, if I were in that position, I would have held the show off, but certainly, one has to consider the logistics of such a move. As such, I don't know whether I should applaud WWE for this decision or condemn them... but I will say this much; all of a sudden, Wrestlemania had piqued my curiosity. Not for anything on the card, but for the annual tradition that has taken place in packed stadiums with tens of thousands of fans cheering loudly to emanate from an empty Performance Center with no fans. It'll certainly be unique, if nothing else.

And that brings me to RAW... a show that featured mostly talking segments as well as a replay of this year's men's Rumble match, which was greatly appreciated because I needed to see the whole match. (And I might get around to watching it when I get some downtime in a couple days.) From what they showed (due to commercial breaks), looks to be a pretty fun 1st half with Brock tossing dudes before Drew comes along and knocks him out of the match.

Aside from that, there's only one match on the show, which saw Rey Mysterio beat Andrade in a short match while Asuka rambled on commentary. The rest of the show is a bunch of talking bits. Edge cuts a promo on Randy Orton and challenges him to a Last Man Standing match, Becky Lynch cuts a promo on Shayna Baszler to further that feud, AJ Styles and Undertaker (with doorag) has a contract signing that ends badly, and Steve Austin cutting an empty arena promo for the first time since his Sportatorium days.

This is a very weird show. Mostly promos, one short match, and the rest of the show was bloated with a replay of a Rumble match that took up the majority of the show... I missed out on Smackdown, but I heard that was a fun show with HHH and Cole doing commentary and making a mockery of the whole thing. I regret missing Smackdown, because then I wouldn't have had to watch RAW, which was largely boring.

Yes, they did the best they could given the circumstances, but RAW hasn't been a good show before the world went to shit and if this is what we have to look forward to for the foreseeable future, then maybe I should stick with Smackdown... or AEW, which is also doing empty arena shows... because, sure, why not?