Friday, March 16, 2018

3361 - WWF No Way Out (Of Texas)

So here's a musing that's been hanging around for a couple years now and I may as well get it up there as a bit of a bonus to be published at precisely 3:16 P.M. Nobody is going to get that.

Fun Fact: The event was originally known as simply WWF No Way Out, but someone wisely saw that the initials for the event were very similar to WCW's very popular and very profitable stable (as demonstrated in the banner above), prompting the addition of "Of Texas" to the title. Funny how they didn't have that issue when No Way Out became the name of a February 2000 Pay Per View event. In any event, I bought the VHS tape of this thing when it was on sale at that HMV store (yes, kids. Canada has HMV stores) and long after it still bore any relevance. This was probably late-98 or 99 when I bought it. I honestly don't recall.

In retrospect, I doubt there was any need to actually watch this since the February WWF/WWE PPV was/is typically the filler show between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania... but I guess I really needed to see that big eight-man tag-team match or something. I don't know.

3360 - WWF Survivor Series 1996

A buddy of mine suggested I do a musings on the 1996 Survivor Series since it features Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart. At the moment, the current crop of Wrestling Wednesday features is filled for the next couple months, but a quick musings done on March 16th (3/16. Get it? Of course you don't.) shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

This is the first of two PPVs that I'm posting today. The next one will be posted twelve hours later.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

3359 - Someone's Life In Gaming Spotlights The Wii Shop

A video from My Life In Game showcasing the Wii Shop and offering some suggestions on what to buy before the shop closes in 2019 and before Wii points become unattainable in a week or so.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

3358 - Loosening Up The Schedule

Another change of plans, but this is a good thing.

So I've got 30 videos to get rendered and try to release in time to land Review #600 on April 8th, which coincides with Review A Great Game Day and the plan, obviously, is to review a great game for that landmark review. Things have been hectic to the point where it's been overwhelming.

However, after a particularly nasty snowstorm hit and I spent an hour or so shoveling snow out of the way, I was hit with a realization; what the fuck am I doing bum rushing all these videos within a short amount of time?

Here's the dream scenario: I throw out 30 videos in March, then I throw out another 30-ish videos in June as part of the 100-Post Challenge, and then on top of that, there's ANOTHER set of daily videos in October. And I'm thinking... what the hell, man? Slow down before you suffer a panic attack or something.

So that's what I'm doing.

Rather than bumrush everything and have the quality suffer, I'm going to keep it lowkey and slow. Two videos a week... maybe three if I'm feeling a bit good... and then save the "bulk" uploads for the scheduled times. Clearly, it's the better way to go about it rather than just "Boom. Boom. BOMB!"

That and it's a bit easier for me to sit back and gather my thoughts because as of late, so much shit is going on on my personal end that it's starting to drive me nuts.

Anyway, that's where we're headed. Slow and steady... and while videos take a bit longer, I'm prepping and scheduling the text based stuff for the next couple months and all this stuff is good and ready to go. The text stuff is easier to assemble and simply becomes a matter of giving it the occasional check for any last minute changes and then I can forget about it.

This decompressed, slower approach also means I can start thinking about other regular features to fill the week, which may slowly but surely bring back daily posts.

So... yeah. That's the thing, now. Will catch you all later.

3357 - WWE Vengeance 2002 (New Musings!)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, back in 2000, I did a quaint little website called DTM Webstation... it was online, but rarely untouched until about a couple years later when I had regular internet access. Around that time, I started doing a series of commentaries quaintly titled "The Bite." Essentially my own rambling blog before such blogging ease was available to the masses or at least any that I was remotely aware. The Bite commentaries covered whatever came to mind, but one of the things I did in those commentaries was do quick predictions for then-upcoming WWE PPV shows, from time to time. Once I started up the DTM Blog, those predictions became a regular feature and the Bite commentaries became... well, obsolete. This was a regular thing even during the early years of this blog before I eventually just went with straight up random ramblings on the various shows.

Those early predictions (along with some updated thoughts) were what I reposted onto the blog early on and subsequently linked to the Wrestling Stuff page. The problem with including those on that page is people who only read the recent musings will assume I've done similar write-ups in the past when it simply isn't the case. As such, there's been this massive disconnect between the current format and this older, antiquated format that was posted purely for archival purposes and does not necessarily reflect my current thought.

So what I've gone ahead and done is pull out most of my old DVD-Rs that hosted these PPV recordings and decided to give them a nice rewatch and I'd figure it make for a nice weekly segment here on the blog. And that's what we're going to do from here on out; every Wednesday, we'll be looking at an older wrestling card from years ago and while the current format is to do the old WWE PPVs from 2002 to whenever I stopped doing the old format, sometimes I might veer off course and do another "old" show. (Newer PPVs, should I feel inclined to cover them, will not be part of this weekly package.)

So enough waffle; let's watch Vengeance 2002 for the first time in sixteen years and live to regret it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3356 - Mega Man V (Game Boy)

Shock of shocks, a new video cometh. And so far so good.

A video review of Mega Man V for Game Boy. Big props to my friend Ralphie for loaning me his copy of Mega Man V, along with a bunch of other stuff for future reviews. Much appreciated, man!

Monday, March 12, 2018

3355 - Depressed...

So yeah, I'm pushing the reviews back to Friday and hopefully, we'll work from there. One is technical issues which I'm trying to resolve, as the rendered videos have some issues with them. At the same time, I'm also working on some text posts for the future and prepping those for release at the appropriate time.

The good news is that unlike the videos, the text stuff is fairly easy to put together and put on the backburner. Once they're done, I can set them to publish on the appropriate dates. And if I can get the necessary text stuff for the next couple months covered, then I'm good to go.

I know I'm lagging on the videos and for those looking forward to that stuff, I am truly sorry about that. But once I get the text stuff out of the way and the issues resolved, I hope to get up to speed and back on track. After all, I have something resembling a schedule to maintain and I still need to get stuff out to keep in line.


3354 - Power Rangers Reflections Redux To Continue April 6th

Power Rangers Reflections Redux, the rebooted series of personal summaries on various episodes of the long running franchise that started a couple months ago and abruptedly stopped, will be making a return to the main stage starting Friday, April 6th, 2018. This will start off as a bi-weekly feature (every other Friday), but the hope is to eventually get enough in the backlog that I can start turning this into a regular feature.

Some of these will be edited reposts of older material, but there will be new material. For example, the first NEW posting is coming on April 6th and will cover the missing pilot.

3353 - WWE Fastlane 2018

Note to WWE Creative; If I'm going on a fast lane, it's not so I can make stops along the way. But I guess I should expect this sort of incompetence from people who confuse the 25th iteration as an anniversary, but I digress.

Despite being on the "Fastlane" to the Road To Wrestlemania, we have another 3-hour digress featuring a bunch of matches that will do nothing to set up the upcoming Showcase Of The Immortals and will instead waste plenty of time to reach their foregone conclusions. I will be perfectly honest; I had no real intention of watching this show, but a trip to the Amerindian Museum in southern Quebec left me a bit queasy and I found myself lying on my bed watching the show to pass the time... which meant no work done on stuff that needed to get done, but I digress. (On that note, either expect videos to resume again on Wednesday, or maybe I'll hold off until Friday and resume the daily stream from there.)

Anyway, Fastlane is otherwise significant as it is the final brand-specific PPV, as from this point forward, we'll be getting monthly dual-brand PPVs that will last for ten hours and then we'll wonder why nobody is watching their PPVs any more. Yes, I'm sure Network number will jump up because Wrestlemania is right around the corner, but how many of those folks are going to stick around after the fact?

Anyway... again... on with the show.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

3352 - Cap'n Picard Controls The Sky, Dog!