Saturday, February 24, 2018

3337 - This Monday Begins The Road To 600

Five reviews this week...
Five reviews next week...
Then three weeks of Daily Reviews until March 30 when we eventually hit 600.

Cross them diodes this comes to play.

Friday, February 23, 2018

3336 - Royal Ramble: 2018

Yeah, this is going up a bit late and to be fair, that's sort of the plan here.

I didn't have a whole lot to say about the Rumble. The most I did was a brief results write-up and mentioned a more complete musings will be posted the following year. Well, it turns out you only needed to wait a month or so, but better late than never, I suppose.

Anyway, on with the late show...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

3335 - Beast Morphers

So, if you haven't heard the news lately, here's a brief summation.

After 25 years of a long, fruitful partnership that is Power Rangers, Saban Brands and Bandai have parted ways and the license has been acquired by Hasbro Toys. Apparently, this new partnership is so special that it has presented the franchise with a fresh new logo. And it looks okay; more "modern" or something and much more straightforward. Clearly, a new era indeed.

Not only that, but 2019's iteration of Power Rangers will be entitled Beast Morphers and will adapted the 2012 series Sentai Go-Busters... the one that was skipped over a few years back in favor or whatever series Dino Charge was adapting. This intrigues me somewhat; not because I was desperately wanting Go-Busters or something, but because Saban is now tasked with crafting a new series that is several years old and trying to make it seem hip and fresh.

Because the series is several years old, there are no surprises to be had here. Producers will know precisely what to expect and how to use the series to tell their new vision, which has something of an interesting premise; a computer virus striking at the Morphing Grid itself is something that feels interesting.

As for the Hasbro thing? I don't know what to expect since I'm not a toy collector, but it's Hasbro; they know toys, so I'm sure they'll do some cool stuff with the franchise.

So, yeah. Color me somewhat intrigued by what's coming... even if I'm just setting myself up for disappointment.

Friday, February 16, 2018

3334 - WWE To Produce Four Hour PPVs From Now On?

I'd go for a Corny face... but this suits my mood more.

Can't they just make their shows more INTERESTING and NOT LONGER?

Maybe then people will actually buy tickets to go to the shows.

Fucking morons.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

3333 - Getting Things Rolling

So after what seems like a many false starts, things are finally getting up to speed. The delays have basically boiled down to two things beyond real life stuff.

First off, I wanted to give myself some time in getting some much needed bits for some of the reviews, whether it was little bits of footage or some slight redubs along the way. As much as I want to say that I do this as a late-night activity that wears out my insomnia, I also want some of the bigger videos to come out with some semblance of quality, whatever that entails. So if nothing else, the four "main attraction" reviews that have been on-an-off in the works since last summer should feel like something of a big deal. Whether they come off as that is another story, but from what I've seen thus far, they seem alright.

Second off, plans change and now that there's a sense of direction in the horizon and a bit of a focus for the coming months, it seems like things are going to be moving about in an orderly fashion. Long term, daily postings will resume with a tight schedule that will be adhered to as far as text entries is concerned. Short term... I'd like to make it to 600 before Wrestlemania hits.

I'll be posting the schedule of video uploads in a week or so, but for the most part... here we go.

Monday, January 29, 2018

3332 - Pick Ups

3331 - Quick Rumble Results

WWE Champion AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to retain the title... even though he pinned the illegal man in Owens.

Smackdown tag champs The Usos defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable in a best-of-three-falls match (2-0) to retain the titles.

Shinsuke Nakamura wins the 2018 Royal Rumble and challenges AJ Styles to a title match, thus giving Wrestlemania its first true dream match of the modern age... that is, unless we get that Cena/Taker match.

The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) defeated Raw tag team champions Seth Rollins and that other guy to win the titles.

Brock Lesnar showed up, tossed a bunch of suplexes, and won whatever match he was in because he needs to drop the belt to Roman at some point in Orlando or wherever Mania is taking place this year.

And then Stephanie showed up and I stopped watching... but apparently, Asuka won the thing... and then former UFC Diva Ronda Rousey showed up to the surprise of absolutely no one and did nothing of note. But of course, that's enough to get press from the media who normally wouldn't touch this shit with a two-story pole, but it's Rousey and she's celebrity vaporware, so... yay?

I'll save the write-up for next year. Too busy at the moment... however, I will say that the two Rumble matches were actually fun to watch and having two Japanese wrestlers win their respective Rumbles was a pleasant surprise... even though none of them will get to main event Mania because THIS TIME FOR SURE, people will like Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar DAMMIT!

But hey, if this year's Wrestlemania main event ends up involving Rousey or Stephanie in some kind of match, then I'll be very happy since I'll get to sleep in early that night.

Friday, January 26, 2018

3330 - Royal Ramble: 2000

We end the string of Royal Rambles by taking a trip back to 2000, where we go from Rocky winning the WWE championship to build to a needless Mania rematch to Rocky winning the Royal Rumble in controversial fashion and never getting that one-on-one title match at Wrestlemania 2000... sorry if I spoiled the movie for you.

In any event, this was a return to form after the rather abysmal 1999 iteration that saw Vince McMahon win the Rumble and a whole lot of bullshit follow. Not only is this a better show, it is perhaps one of the best Royal Rumbles in a long time - either in terms of the Rumble itself  as well as the overall show.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

3329 - RAW 25

I only had two twits on my little seen Twitter thing that I almost considered ditching because it's pretty pointless... but since I use it as a quick scribblepad more than anything, it allows for quick thoughts that would otherwise be a waste of space on the blog, which I try (and fail) to keep to worthwhile material.

In any event, one Twit referred to a exclusive interview where Stone Cold Steve Austin, after having given Vince and Shane McMahon Stunners on TV, ripped into one of the interviewers for only having one question. It was Austin in classic form; perhaps a little more rapsy due to age, but still a compelling promo if there ever was one.

Favorite line of the bit? "My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I actually drew money."

The other twit that I wrote was sitting down to watch the show and then turning off the TV when Stephanie McMahon showed up on screen... because nothing gives me a headache more than another long-ass promo from the Queen of Ear Rape.

However, skipping that bit, I was able to watch the show. Not all of it, but some of it. And I can decipher five points from that show.

3328 - Royal Ramble: 2013

I was going to touch on a much older Rumble, but in looking back at the older blog posts, I found that I never did do a "proper" musings on the 2013 Royal Rumble. And then I did a little digging as to why and that's when I remembered why I didn't do it... because it was the build-up to the most needless rematch in the history of anything and I never bought the show. So I didn't watch it and proceeded to not watch it for years because it was needless, given what the end game was going to be.

But then I came across a curious post that I did around that time, which involved a man nearly losing an eye during a robbery. A traumatic event to anyone, but in his mind, the worst thing to happen to him that week wasn't the robbery or even the eye injury, but the fact that The Rock ended CM Punk's year-plus long reign as WWE Champion. And that did put a smile on my face.

For curious parties, said post can be seen here with a Youtube embed. Now if that doesn't inspire you, then I don't know what will.

But anyway, it's time to give this show a proper write-up... whatever that means.